Title: Bleeding Strawberry

By: BloodyTears87

Warning: Yaoi, Violence, Abuse, Language, ATEMPTED RAPE (JUST SO U ALL KNOW)

Summery: After years of abuse from his father Ichigo finally brakes free, only to end up on the streets. Soon he is found and taken in by Byakuya Kuchiki who tried to help the timid teen threw his emotional problems.

Note: This is a rewrite of Shiraihime Fuyuki's fanfic Bleeding Strawberry. Thanks for letting me write this!

Chapter 1: A strawberry's pain

Ichigo Kurosaki opened the door slowly. He was anticipating another one of his father's surprise attacks as he walked in the door late for dinner.

"I'm home," he called out. Out of nowhere he received a kick to the head that sent him flying and landing on his head in a rather odd position.

"You let your guard down," his father told him. "Always stay alert when you enter a room when you're late for dinner again!" Ichigo got to his feet and yelled at his father in annoyance.

"Is that anyway to treat your son after he risked his life to help a spirit find peace!" he yelled. Yes Ichigo Kurosaki could see spirits for as long as he could remember.

"Oh so it's the ghost fault now, is it? I suppose it was ghosts that left your room a mess. When are you gonna show some discipline?" At that they started throwing fists around until Ichigo got tired of it and just retired to his room without bothering with dinner again. Upon entering his room he dropped his school bag on his desk chair and flopped down on his bed with his hands behind his head staring at the ceiling lost in thought.

In front of his sisters their fighting looked like simple playing around. Or as their father called it: training. For what? Ichigo didn't know. It had been going on since his mother died. Ichigo blamed himself and he had a sinking feeling that their father blamed him as well. However the old man would never say it out loud. At first Ichigo had thought that his father wanted him to toughen up so that what happened to his mother wouldn't happen to him, but as the years went by and Ichigo got older his father's attacks became more violent and painful. Ichigo never fought back because he truly believed that he deserved it.

Although it looked friendly in front of his younger sisters, when the twins weren't around is when it was serious. Ichigo would walk away with busted lips and black eyes. Once his father even broke his arm. He had told his sisters that he had gotten it during a school fight since he got in them so often. Ichigo didn't like lying to them but it was the only thing he could do. Sometimes however the teen thought that Karin saw through the whole act. She often kicked their father and dragged him away from her brother, an action that Ichigo was thankful for. Ichigo was brought out of his thoughts by a soft knocking on his door.

"Ichi-nii?" came Karin's voice.

"Come in," Ichigo called out as he sat up on his bed as the door opened.

"Dad went out for a while and says you're in charge," she informed.

"Ok, thanks Karin," he said with a small smile.

"Why don't you come down and have some dinner? Yuzu set some aside for you in the microwave.

"Alright I'm coming," he told her as he got off the bed and followed her to the kitchen.

Ichigo sat at their small table and ate his food while his sisters worked on their home work. Yuzu finished first and left to take her bath. They stayed in silence a little longer before Karin broke it.

"Are you alright Ichi-nii?" she asked with concern.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Ichigo played dumb.

"I know something's wrong, Ichigo," she stated making Ichigo sigh.

"It's nothing I can't handle," the teen assured his sister.

"If you say so… but if you ever need to get away from him Ichi-nii, don't feel guilty about it, just go," Karin said before leaving the table herself. Ichigo contemplated her words. Maybe she knew more then he thought she did.

Ichigo stood at the sink finishing up the dishes. He had already tucked both of his sisters into bed. Humming to himself he barely heard the front door open. However a crash alerted him that his father was home and most likely very drunk. Ichigo put the last dish in the rack before turning to his father who was still laying on the floor.

"Come on goat face you need to get to bed," Ichigo said trying to lift his father off the floor.

"Ichigo! My beautiful son!" he called out drunkenly. "You look just like your mother you know." the old man went on. Ichigo rolled his eyes and tried to pull his father to his room but the old man was heavier then he looked.

"Come on dad put some effort in," Ichigo growled, but it died in his throat when his father grabbed his ass and gave it a hard squeeze. His face turned red and his eye started to twitch. "What do you think you're doing?," the teen grounded out through his teeth.

Isshin said nothing as he threw his son to the ground and straddled his hips. Ichigo struggled and tried to throw the man off of him. In his struggles he could feel his short pants being pulled down.

"What the he-" he was cut off by his father's lips covering his own. He tried to get away but his father had an iron grip on him. When he felt a finger trying to push into him he bit down on his father's lip before delivering a punch to the old man's face then kicking him off of him. Ichigo pulled his clothes on while standing up. He fixed Isshin with a solid glare.

"That's it! I've had it! I let you beat on me because I felt that I probably deserved it but this is going to far! I'm out of here!" the teen yelled before running to his room. His words made Isshin sober a little and realize what he had just tried to do to his own son.

"Oh god," he mumbled and tried to catch Ichigo only to have the boy's bedroom door slammed in his face and locked.

On the other side of the door Ichigo was throwing things into a small duffle bag that he used to use for soccer when he was Karin's age. He put in a couple changes of clothes and his phone charger before zipping it up. Putting his wallet in his pocket, he reached over and grabbed his school bag. He slung it over his shoulder. He picked up his cell phone and opened his door to leave.

"Ichigo I don't know what I was thinking!" his father said the moment he opened the door. Ichigo just pushed past him and headed for the front door.

"I don't care I can't take it anymore," he said as he reached his destination.

"Fine I understand but what will I tell your sisters?"

"Tell them I'm staying with some friends or something, they know my cell phone number if they need to call me," Ichigo said before leaving the place of his torment. Isshin's attempted rape and Karin's words earlier had given him the strength to break free, now the strawberry just had to figure out where he was going to stay for the night.

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