Okay. I really can't do this. I'm REALLY SUPER sorry, but every time I try to write this frickin chapter, I just STOP. Like, NOTHING comes out. So, I'm officially discontinuing the series. If anyone's willing/wanting to continue the story, they may, just PM me to let me know. I'm really sorry still but I can't force myself to write.

~Kylie Max

"Where is he?" I asked urgently. Angel waved me into the room, her eyes anxious and worrying.

When I stepped into the room, I didn't know what I was looking at, at first.

Fang, or at least the creature with Fang's face, was sprawled out on the bed, Fourteen foot wings were draped over the edge of the bed and small feathers were scattered everywhere. His wings were the usual pitch black but in place of Fang's feet were giant bird claws.

"He crash landed on the roof and then rolled off," Angel had said, "Nudge found him and we patched him up... But we can't get him out of this form so we can take him to the hospital..." I nodded to Angel and walks slowly over to Fang. He was still and sleeping, his chest rising slowly with each breath. I knelt next to his bed and slowly and gently rested a hand on his cheek.

Fang had a giant hole in his stomach but it was now wrapped with clean bandages and lots of gauze pads to catch the blood. He was lying on his stomach and I could see why. The base of his wings were bloody and the feathers looked tugged on, looking very painful and raw.

"Oh Fang..." I said softly. "What happened to you?"

When I got the call from Nudge, she'd been crying. It took me a good few moments to calm Nudge down enough for me to make out her words. When they finally clicked, it took a few moments to process before I'd rushed to see Fang. Everyone didn't know what had happened to him but they speculated that someone or something strong and powerful had forced Fang to use this new form of him.

Tentatively and very carefully, I reached to rub a feather between my fingers.

They were not silky like I thought they would be. Instead, if i rubbed the feather one way, they were smooth and a bit shimmery, almost plastic-like. If I rubbed it the other way it was almost needle-like, reminiscent of the way pine needles are. They were different from my feathers, which were soft and silky.

"They're... special," someone said and I looked at the source. Fang opened his eyes slowly and his coal eyes looked at me. "Their main use isn't for flight."

"What are they used for?" I asked. What kind of feathers weren't used for flight?

"Projectiles," Fang winced and tried sitting up, gathering his limbs underneath him but stayed down still, groaning at the pain. I stayed silent and watched him. Part of me wondered what he had to use projectiles for and the other part was relieved he was awake. I stood.

"I'll call Angel or Nudge or-" I was cut off when Fang shook his head, catching my wrist.

"Stay... Please," he said softly. His eyes were a bit clouded. I nodded and sat back down.

"Are... are you alright?" I asked gently. Fang nodded and closed his eyes, relaxing against the bed again.

"Sore. I'll heal fast though..." he sighed.

"... What happened to you?" I asked. I didn't want to wait any longer. I wanted the answer.

Fang took a long time to think. The silence was huge and the air felt heavy. Finally, he opened his mouth.

"I got in a fight with Dylan," Fang said. Somehow, I wasn't surprised.

"Oh. What happened?"

"... We... almost killed each other," Fang wasn't looking at me for some reason. "I don't know what happened to him afterwards though..." Fang finally looked at me and I raised an eyebrow as if to ask 'what's wrong?'.

"... I'll have to kill him," Fang sighed.

"... Is that a problem?" I asked, hesitant. Fang looked at me for a long time.

"I don't know. My past self says yes, but... I can't help but to think about the present self if he's got his own life separate from the past," said Fang.