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Original, right? Well there really seems to be a lack of PokémonxPokémon and PokémonxHuman lemon collections, so I thought it was time to give my shot at one this time, plus I always liked writing stuff like this. If you've written as many lemons as I have it starts to grow on you a bit. Anyway, if there is a pairing you'd like to see, submit it in a review, but a PM is also acceptable. Give me the genders of your Pokémon and character and to make things a bit easier, a short little description of your character. The more interesting the pairing is the more likely it will spark my interest and the more likely it will get a spot, but you can suggest anything you want. But don't suggest something that's just plain weird. I will do Yaoi, but I may or may not do Yuri. I've never worked with Yuri before and don't know how to write it, but if your pairing is interesting enough and it is Yuri then I can always change my mind and give it a shot. I will also do threesomes, but that's the extent of the number. You can request anything, but I won't do rape. I'm not that good at doing any rape of any kind because I'm used to writing loving and affectionate lemons. (I'm sure no one will suggest anything like that though). I can do just about anything, but there are some that I will not do.

I will not do the baby Pokémon like Pichu and Cleffa, and I will not do Lugia unless paired with a Pokémon of about the same size. I also will not do Pokémon like Grimer and Muk, or genderless Pokémon like Magnetmite or Staryu. Those seem really hard to do.

I have to tell you if there are multiple requests I can't guarantee that your pairing will be done, but as a writer I like to satisfy my readers and would like to be able to do all of them without it getting stale. Once your pairing has been accepted it will be written and undergo a massive editing for a day or two before being posted.

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The rain came down in a torrential deluge, soaking the land to the deepest parts of the ground. Do you remember the old "myth", if you could call it that, that during storms, the thunder and lightning was just the angels bowling? The thunder was the balls rolling down the lanes and the lightning was when they got a strike. Do you remember that? If not don't let it bother you now.

You see, the Pokémon had some of their own explanations for the natural occurrences such as rain, but it wasn't the same as what the humans made up and told their children. Some Pokémon saw the rain as Arceus's tears, falling from the Hall or Origin. That's how Leon always saw it.

Leon was an Ursaring, nothing too special about him. His appearance was like that of any normal Ursaring, being tall and menacing, yet gentle and warm at the same time. He wasn't old but he wasn't young either. He could be considered the human equivalent of middle-aged. His claws were long and sharp, made for tearing meat apart. Feared by almost every Pokémon he met, Leon had almost no one in his life, and that included friends, except for his mate of course. He didn't mind not having any friends. His mate was the best thing in his life and he would never trade her for all the friends in the world.

Shaking the rain from his waterlogged fur it was only soaked again by the rain fall. Leon looked up at the grey sky, the waterfall dripping into his eyes. Leon trained himself to look up during rain storms without having any problems. It was a survival skill he taught himself as a child. The sun was always used to pin point direction and determine time. But with it hidden by clouds and the rain, it was difficult to look up without closing your eyes. Leon could always tell where the sun was behind the clouds; wherever the clouds were the brightest was where the sun was. That's how Leon always determined where the cave where he and his mate made their home was as well as how long he'd been out.

Based on the position of the sun he had been out for at least two hours, leaving his mate all by herself. Surely she would be very impatient with him, and he could hardly even wait.

Leon always went out to find food for him and his mate, and she always liked to reward him afterwards. But today his paws were empty. For some odd reason he just couldn't find any. Leon was sure that the rain washed everything away but he couldn't be certain. Ahead of him was the cave where his mate would be waiting for him. How could he tell her that he wasn't able to find anything to eat?

Slowly entering the mouth of the cavern, he could see the silhouette of his mate against the wall at the back. Laying on her side, she rolled over and smiled at her mate.

"I'm so glad you're back, Leon." She said her soft gentle voice ringing with desire. "I've missed you…"

Bella, unlike Leon, was a young Mightyena, being much younger than Leon. And a beautiful one to boot. She had the kind of beauty that could only be reserved for a goddess or only the finest work of art. Without even trying a single sway of her slender hips could drive Leon mad.

Bella sat up and looked at the mighty brown bear, her tail wagging back and forth. Leon gave her a mischievous smile.

"You waiting for me to get over there?" he growled.

Bella smiled back. "Why come over here…when I can come over to you?"

Slowly striding over to him, Leon could feel his heat rising, his desire appearing in the form of sweat on his already damp body.

Bella turned herself around and bent her body forward, presenting herself to her mate. She turned her head and smirked at the look on Leon's face. Her pink pussy was dripping with lust, begging for Leon.

"Are you going to fuck me or not?" she said with lust in her voice.

Leon would like nothing more but she would have to wait. Grabbing her sides he lifted the small canine off the ground held her upside down, making her squeak in surprise. Hugging her body against his, each had a full view of the other. Leon slowly glided his fat tongue across her slit massaging the swollen organ. Bella groaned softly, the pleasurable feeling mixed with the light-headed feeling from hanging upside down, but she could last a little bit longer. Pressing her paw against his wet sheath his cock was immediately coaxed out of its hiding place. Taking his shaft in her mouth she sucked fervently on the large appendage, her mouth filled with his hardness. Running her tongue across the sides the taste of musk filled her senses.

Leon removed his tongue from her and panted from the work his mate was doing to his cock. "That's right…" he panted, looking down at the Mightyena. "That's just how I like it…"

Eventually going back to his mate's clit he sucked on the outside rim, scrapping them with his sharp teeth gently, her liquids gently coming out in a small flow. He could feel her chest rising against his stomach, her body warmth against his wet body.

Slowly the dark canine's light-headed feeling was getting worse, the blood rushing to her head. It was becoming difficult to breathe with Leon's cock in her mouth. As much as she wanted to keep the organ in her mouth and as much as she wanted Leon to keep pleasuring her, she had to make Leon put her down.

Removing her mouth from him she looked down, or really up, at the Ursaring, taking gasps of breath. "Leon please put me down…I…have to breathe."

"Oh…I-I'm sorry dear." He said, putting her smaller body down on the cave floor, the dizzy feeling going away and everything felt better.

"Well don't let it stop there." She said seductively, bending her body forward again. "Now are you going to fuck me?"

Leon grabbed hold of her sides again he slowly guided his cock inside her, Bella's excitement and desire growing as Leon pushed himself inside through her vaginal lips. Leon thrust his hips against her, Bella's juices squirted out of her from the tight fit between them. Her juices majorly lubricated their organs and made the ride much easier.

Bella panted excitedly, her desire becoming even stronger. Leon lifted her up until her hind legs were off the ground. Staying firmly in place her moved her body back and forth over his shaft, driving himself in at a constant and erratic pace. Bella gasped loudly, her juices coming of her in plumes like the rainfall that fell from the sky outside. Her ass smacked against his groin, all eight inches of his manhood fit inside her, the faint sound of fur-against-fur filling the quiet air.

"Yes! Yes Leon!" she cried in ecstasy, her slobber-logged tongue dripping like her wanting hole. Leon rammed his cock roughly into her, taking the whole thing inside and stabbing the most sensitive spot in her body. Her moans echoed through the cave, driving the Ursaring further. Bella clamped her eyes shut, trying to keep herself planted to the earth by just her forepaws alone but Leon was making it a difficult task.

Her juices spurted out of her in mad bursts coating her mate's crotch, the oncoming orgasm getting closer evidenced by her tightening walls around Leon's cock. This was so much better than any canine's cock, plus she never had to worry about that horrible knot that Leon obviously lacked. Bella's hind end was just as wet as Leon, with her juices and the water on his fur. Everything was beginning to blur in front of the canine, the pleasure becoming more intense as Leon ravaged her body, his pleasure as great as hers.

"I'm so close! I want it harder!" she yowled, her tail wagging back and forth against Leon's chest. Complying with her request, he pounded her onto him as hard as he could, her lower half as limp as a rag doll. The Ursaring's cock began to secrete fluid growing more plentiful with each thrust. The dark wolf clenched her teeth and her eyes shut as the orgasm continued to build and build until it became so impossible to hold, and Leon wasn't far behind.

The muscles in his length beginning to tighten, he rammed her body against him and the orgasm hit them very hard.

"Ah! I'm cumming!" Bella screamed as a torrent of her orgasm liquid forced itself out of her, splashing onto his member. Leon brought her halfway off his cock before slamming her back on it. He did this several times as cum erupted in jets from his cock filling the wolf with the warm foggy substance. Holding her on him, they panted heavily spent of all their energy. Leon slowly pulled out of Bella's slippery sex. Bella's hind legs felt like Jell-O, and when Leon set her down she fell to her side like her legs had no support.

"You going to be up for a round two?" Leon asked her.

"I don't think so. I still…need to recover." She smiled and winked at her mate, a glimmer of happiness in her eyes.

Leon sat down on the ground and scooped her up, cradling her in his arms as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Leaning against the wall Leon gazed out the mouth of the cave at the deluge of water that continuously flowed from the eyes of Arceus.

This was just to show you what I am capable of and to show you that I will do any pairing really. I'd also wanted to do that pairing for a while. I didn't want to make it way too intense otherwise I'll run out of material.

You can PM me with your suggestion but a review is wanted more to make things easier to sort through. I can't guarantee you all a spot but if you give me a pairing that's more interesting than others or if it's a pairing that's never been done or there are hardly any of, the better the lemon will be. Just remember I will update several days in between because I need to make each story unique in its own way. Hope you liked it.

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