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He hated this time of the year. Hated it a lot. Why, though? Why would a male hate this particular time of the year, when the warm autumn air began to cool in preparation for the coming of winter, the season that everyone referred to as "the season"? The season…like it was something everyone was expected to participate in. Not Zekrom. No, not the Deep Black Pokémon. He never partook in such events even if he wanted to. It's not like he couldn't, but…there were several reasons. It was a fact he was only compatible with his counterpart and ultimately, rival, Reshiram. But he didn't want to have anything to do with her when it came to that subject, no matter how…attractive of a dragoness she was.

Zekrom searched all of Unova for hours trying to find a place he could just rest in the sunlight, even if it did make his black scales hot. He needed a nice quiet place somewhere, anywhere, away from the constant smell in the air. It was becoming too much. He eventually set his red eyes on a grassy cliff that overlooked Unova, the metropolis of Castelia off in the far distance. Hopefully, no one would see his massive black body and try to capture him. He just wanted to lay in the soft grass, and bask in the sun…

If Zekrom had things rough, you know that the great, white dragon Reshiram had it even worse. All day she had tried to partake in activities that would help to cool off her over heated body; flying high till the air grew cold and frigid, that helped for a while, but soon she tired and was forced to touch back down, the ache of her heat immediately flowing back into her. She had tried diving deep below the ocean, hoping that the cool water would help her, but alas, she was not a water type, she was not able to indefinitely stay the ocean's gentle waves. Now she was simply flying, eyes closed, knowing that anything coming her way would either have to move or collide head on with the great legendary.

Off by the cliff Zekrom scanned the horizon with his hard red eyes, a soft murr radiating from his dragonic throat. Sure the cliff was quiet and there didn't seem to be any females around anywhere, the sweet scent seemed to follow him; he was sure it did, because he could still smell it, albeit faintly. Unbelievable. The scent was everywhere. Completely everywhere. On the trees, in the air carrying it every which way...hell, he wouldn't even be surprised if the smell soaked into his scales and even the clouds themselves. It was getting to him quickly, so quickly, he put his massive paw over his mouth and nostrils in an attempt to block out the smell, but it seemed to find its way through...

A hiss and a growl escaped Reshiram as she landed on a small hillside, her large, white bulk blocked out slightly by a few trees. She could still smell it, the scent of a virile male Pokémon, the musk seeming to permeate everywhere that she went. It was an unbearable smell, sour, spicy, but it made her body ache with the need to be touched, to be caressed and was maddening! Grinding her large teeth together slightly, the legendary laid her head on the soft grass, trying to block out everything except the gentle spring winds...

There it was again! The scent of a female, the odor that told males "come and get me!". It was too hard to ignore no matter how much he tried to block it out and shun the thoughts of mating to the back of her mind. He growled deeply to himself as he forced his brain to give the command to his legs, stand up! The wind blew across his dark face and the sweet scent attacked him ruthlessly. It made his teeth grit as he hissed loudly to the air, stomping a heavy foot on the ground out of rage. And there they were, the desires. The desire for a female, to hold her in his arms...hold her hips as she presented herself to him... he closed his eyes and growled deeply, shifting his direction back to the forest looming behind him.

The feel of it was so horrible, the need, the desire to allow a male to just take you, to just stop the burning in your loins and teach you of carnal pleasures. Whining was so beneath her, but at this moment, that was all that she wished to do; her head flicked up as the sharp smell of a male hit her nose. It was unbearable! Why couldn't she just find a place where she could relax and rest without having to think of her harsh heat; there weren't even any males that she could mate with! They were all far too small, there was only one that she could mate with...him...

All he felt was frustration. If the smell got too embedded into his system, he would be in the same boat as the females; his nostrils were invaded and he forced himself to push back the thoughts of...her, the dragoness...he wasn't sure if it would come to that in the end if he needed a relief; on whiff and he was done for. Shaking his head, Zekrom headed back into the forest but he immediately wondered if that was a good choice because the scent was getting stronger and his nose was uncovered. He growled deeply and folded his wings against his back, breathing through his mouth to prevent more from getting in. He was certain there were no females around, so why was the smell getting stronger?

The sound of trees being pushed aside, the feel of his footsteps echoing through the ground, his sharp smell, it was him! She growled and slowly turned her body, her tail sweeping away a young tree in the process. He had the nerve to show up with her in this condition, the nerve to think that he could fight and beat her when she was sick. It made her body burn in outrage, her teeth grinding together and her long claws digging small furrows into the soft dirt under her paw.

If she was surprised, or angry, imagine the dark dragon's when he saw her laying there on the ground, in the same grass he stood on, on the same cliff, on the same side of the region. She was producing the smell? He thought it was awfully familiar! Zekrom hunched slightly as he growled at the very sight of her white body laying there. She had more to growl about since she was the one with the strong desire she didn't want to listen to, but he on the other hand, in a situation like this when male and female meet, he would be the one to make the move. But instead he stood there, growling fiercely at her.

"What a pleasant surprise...Reshiram..." he growled her name sharply, his eyes narrowed into a glare.

Now that really boiled her blood. To think that this ass was actually threatening HER, for being in HER condition! A deep hiss of outrage escaped her and her claws were close to slamming into the soft grass under her.

"Why don't you go away so I can enjoy my time alone..." Great, why'd he have to be so close...he just smelled so amazing...

He saw he angered her; it was obvious, but how could he help it when he hated the bitchy dragoness? He growled back, a hiss of his own radiating from his round black maw. "Why don't I leave? I believe I got here first, and you just happened to find me here..." He stayed firmly planted on the ground, unable to admit how wonderful she smelled. Arceus, damn her for smelling that wonderful...

Great, he thought that he had a right to stay here. She hissed once more and stood up on two legs, her hand clenched into a tight fist, one that she wanted to drive into his face, his stomach. But then again...maybe it wasn't the legendaries way to think or talk like this, maybe it was just her heat getting the best of her.

She grunted slightly and got to her feet. "I'm not leaving you stupid shit!"

Imagine Zekrom's surprise when he heard her saw that. His eyes went a little wide, looking at her like she had something growing on her face. Now he knew she was really mad at him. Mad for him being here? She was in heat after all and they hated each other but...she just smelled so made his dragonic body heat up in so many ways. But he growled back at her, hissing quietly.

"Wow, what a dirty mouth you have Reshiram. I didn't know your heat was ailing you so much..."

The beautiful dragoness couldn't stop the hiss of anger, even she couldn't believe she had been that crude with her words, but Arceus damn it she was so angry! Why did the only male she could possibly mate with have to be him? Gnashing her large teeth together slightly, she let out another low hiss of anger.

"Just go away...NOW..."

Zekrom knew when to stop, but here, he didn't want to. Whether he wanted to admit it or not he really wanted to mate with the dragoness. Damn her for being so sexy. Despite this conflict he was having with himself, the part of him that wasn't getting overcome by the lusty scent of mating, he just hissed right back, panting right after the hiss.

"If my presence is really bothering you," he bore his massive, sharp fangs. "Then I'll leave you alone." he turned himself from her, but he really had no intention of leaving; her scent was just so alluring...

As unsurprised as this was, and as much as she felt the victory was bittersweet, she was happy. Her large claws dug slowly into the soft ground below her, her teeth gnashing together slightly as she tried to ignore the fiery pains that once again started to rack through her bod. Damn Arceus for creating the season, damn him for making a Charizard or Salamance to small to actually be able to pleasure her. A gentle sigh escaped the beautiful white dragoness as she looked up, letting out a soft grunt. Good, he really was gone.

Zekrom didn't have any intentions of leaving. He wasn't going to leave Reshiram all by herself, to boil in the scorching heat that he knew she was too stubborn to admit; but they both still hated each other, so it was perfectly understandable. He had to have her, he had to mate her. It was so undeniable. The big black dragon turned to look at her, then went back out to the cliff edge before making a circle, back to her location so he would come around behind her. He would expect a possible confrontation...

Too caught up in her own thoughts, she didn't even think about what the bigger black dragon was doing now, she didn't care, she had her own problems. It was a humiliating and shameful way to solve her heat, but her body was needy, and as her claw slowly slid down her sensitive belly scales, she shivered, imagining it to be a big, white dragon who looked just like her. Reshiram could see her folds, a bright red in color, much like those of a human female, but she had no clitoris and her slit was much less noticeable when she wasn't aroused.

The smell had already caught up with him by now; he didn't notice it until a leaf brushed against the tip of his dragonic cock. He looked down at himself, pushing the leaf from the tip sticking out of his slit-like sheath. He growled, watching it come further out with each inhalation of that intoxicating female scent. The tip was over two inches thick, roughly, and was pointed and lightly tapered at the end so he could glide into his mate with ease. Like Reshiram's womanhood it wasn't as noticeable until his muscles would push it out. Zekrom continued silently through the trees until he saw Reshiram laying on her back, her bright red slit within his sight. Reshiram was even sexier than he thought she would be down there...

Growls and groans were the only sounds coming from the excited dragoness, with that beast of a male gone, she could finally try to relieve herself of some of the heat, the pressure that was building up inside of her. Her claw softly went around the edge of her lips, teasing and testing herself for the sweetest points of her lips. Arceus had assured her that a male or female doing this with themselves was wrong, but what else was she supposed to do after he gave her this damn desire to mate?

From the trees he watched her, feeling sorry for her; she had to engage in this sinful act with herself. He panted deeply as his claws slid down to his slit, rubbing it like she was with herself and rousing more of his dragonhood out. He knew she would kill him for watching, but he didn't really care; if they didn't mate this would probably be the only chance he got to see her like this. He just couldn't resist stroking his cock, becoming just as sinful as she was.

Oh it was so wrong, at least that was what Arceus would tell her when he found her like this at a young age, the curiosity of it having gotten to her during her first ever heat. The shame she had felt at that was so horrible. She remembered how Zekrom had come to her, trying to comfort her after this, trying to tell her how much of a fool the old man was...and she had pushed him away, called him a traitor, it had broken up their relationship, whatever kind it was...

Reshiram...oh Reshiram, what happened? He couldn't understand how this could have happened between them. He'd only wanted to help, but the dragoness was young, and so confused; whether she'd know it or not it hurt him too. He didn't want her to feel the pain she had felt, with the thought that Arceus wouldn't forgive her for what she did so long ago. And even now as he stroked himself, watching her touch and stimulate her needy folds, he could feel those old emotions he threw away coming back to him...

Was she wrong to scorn him so? To push him away after all these years? She...her father could never be wrong, for yes Arceus was her father...but then again, who didn't claim the great creator as their father? Reshiram let out a soft whimper and stroked her needy folds a little harder and faster, needing the touch, the sensation of some kind of relief...

Letting himself go, he dug his claws into the tree next to him, tearing the bark to ribbons. He didn't hold it against her; he just couldn't keep a grudge against her. It was such a long time ago, wasn't it time to finally put this feud behind them and tie the loose ends together? At this point, hearing the dragoness whimper in need like that made it more obvious that needed to happen. Zekrom took a few slow, somewhat lumbering steps towards her, not caring if she saw him or not.

Scent hit her nose, harsh and male in origin. She slowly opened her eyes a slit and let out a gentle hiss as she looked at the black dragon there, that huge dragon prick of his sticking out, did he actually thinking that he had a chance with her? They were two completely different people.

"G-Go away..." She hissed out, looking away, her claw softly dancing over her folds, the need and desire only seeming to grow stronger.

Without any control of his body he dropped down on all fours, getting closer to the smell wafting up from her luscious red folds. He growled softly, crawling towards her.

"You need a mate Reshiram, stop pushing me away." He said this in a soft voice, trying not to sound threatening to the aroused dragoness. It was so blatantly obvious she needed some true attention from a male, and now he was willing to give it to her; he needed it too, he needed to mate, otherwise he was going to go absolutely mad.

Oh damn it, why did he have to be right, a hiss of pure outrage escaped the beautiful dragoness as she closed her eyes, not wanting to look him in the eyes, not wanting to have to see the victory that she was so sure was in his eyes.

"F-Fine..." She hissed out in defeat; if it meant some kind of relief from this damn heat then she would be willing to try it. "If you ever...t-tell Arceus..." There were no threats, no hints of an outcome, she would just destroy him.

A smile would have come over his snout had this been a different type of situation, but now, it didn't. The black dragon nodded. He was actually glad she was finally allowing him do this. Whether she wanted to admit it or not she knew they both needed each other to rid themselves of this heat, if only temporarily.

"I won't tell him. I promise..." Zekrom brought himself forward and took a gentle sniff of her sweet folds, her scent washing over his brain and making him murr softly until he carefully took a soft lick with his long, forked tongue.

Oh, now that was a new kind of feeling; a soft murr escaped her maw, no matter how much she hated to admit it, that warm tongue of felt so amazing. Eyes closed tight to avoid his look, she let out a gentle mumbled of pleasure.

"O-Oh...ugh..." The beautiful dragoness hissed out; should she be filled with shame? Mating was supposed to be something beautiful and natural...

Zekrom only had a few unsuccessful encounters with females, but like with Reshiram's ordeal they were simply too small for him to do anything than lick them out. Reshiram on the other hand...her folds were much larger than those of the other females, the scent more intense, able to make his mind scramble with ultimate lust. He murred and growled very softly while moving his tongue around, teasing her rim for a few seconds before his prong tongue pressed into her tight body. He hoped she wouldn't get angered by this...

Quite the opposite happened in fact, the white scaled dragoness could only moan louder than ever before, pressing her groin softly against the great black dragon's maw, loving the sensation of a tongue testing her, tasting her for the first time in her life.

"O-Oh...oh..." She whispered out, only getting more and more pleasured after each second.

Hearing her reaction, it brought excitement to the Deep Black dragon and needless to say greatly encouraged him to go further with the sexy female, much, much further. Zekrom gently touched her right leg with his wing-like paw, stroking up her thigh to her sensitive belly while his tongue slid inside her like a snake in the grass, voicing his own pleasure by moaning into her scales.

Reshiram closed her eyes tight, her jaws closed and grinding together slightly as she thought about what she was doing, letting her hated enemy pleasure her so well, heck already leading her to a climax, one caused by someone other than herself for once...

Zekrom looked at her the whole time, wondering if she would ever look back at him. She must be going through a lot, that was for sure, not having gotten the assurance that they didn't have to be mortal enemies. If he couldn't tell her, hopefully his actions would make it very clear. He made sure his teeth didn't scrape her tender scales while he slid his tongue into the deepest parts of her body that had never been touched by her claws before, stimulating the nearly traversed areas.

That was all she could take, the touch, the pleasure, the hot tongue was far too much for her; she had been in countless battles in her life, but this one felt like the hardest one ever. With a loud roar echoing through the air, her wings flared and her claws dug into the ground, her climax racing through her as a splash of her juices coated his back face.

There was so much of the hot dragoness juice that coated his face he had to close his eyes to keep it out. His own body shook with the massive amounts of lust flooding his system, becoming too much for him to handle anymore. Zekrom was a durable Legendary, but this was just getting too much. The wonderful smell, the sexy dragoness...Arceus, please forgive him for this. He moaned out a muffled "Reshiram" as he slowly slid his tongue out of her now-sensitive slit.

Reshiram hissed out and gripped the side of his muzzle roughly with her clawed hand, roughly snarling out, "Don't talk..." Closing her eyes and shivering, she slowly rolled over onto all fours, her tail softly lifting up to show him all that she had to offer him. "N-Now..." She whispered softly "Stop making me wait...just let me take it..."

He clenched his eyes shut and growled to himself, gripping the grass as he looked at her in the mating position, presenting herself to him, finally allowing him to give her the attention she needed and he knew she wanted. He stood up and got closer to her, grabbing her scaly hips before he could even stand up all the way, positioning himself behind the dragoness and pulling her against him, his sharp-tipped cock pressing on her hot opening; it glided in easily, and soon the rest of his thick, ridge and bump-covered cock would follow with it. Arceus, her body was radiating a lot of heat...

The one thing that she was the most thankful for at that moment, was that she had no hymen, it just didn't form in dragons and other reptiles. Still though, the slight pain of being stretched open was there, and she could only respond by letting out a light, slow hiss of discomfort as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into her. Reshiram had never seen the black dragon's genitals, and that was why she was so surprised when the smoothness of the head gave way to small ridges, scraping over her folds and teasing her worse than her claw or tongue could ever do.

Zekrom could not even begin to describe how this felt; a mixture of heat like that of a hot spring, incredible tightness, and mind-blowing pleasure joining it. He hissed, but his was a hiss of pleasure, all making his paws tighten around her hips, pulling her against him as he spread her open with each slow, gentle push. His ridges were meant to rub on her folds and tease her, until they reached her insides and rubbed her body in such a way that would drive her mad. She would soon find that out though, until then Zekrom moaned and started thrusting into the dragoness.

Oh how could she have gone this long without knowing that pleasure like this existed in the world? How could she have gone on hating him if she knew how good this would have felt. Her tail instinctively rose up higher and higher as he fucked her so hard, so well; the ridges were absolutely amazing, but she got another shock when they soon gave way to small bumps, each one teasing separate places on her pussy "Oh!"

The big black dragon clenched his eyes, his and moaning at the pleasure he felt with the only Pokémon that he could mate with in the whole world. Unable to help himself, he pushed her tail to the side and leaned over her back, his ridges scraped her insides but didn't cause her any pain, just the opposite. The same could be said for the bumps at the last third of his thick dragonhood. He pulled her closer, growling and breathing deeply as he pounded into her with a lot of his strength and weight behind his thrusts. "O-Ohhhhh...Oh, R-Reshir-ram..."

Claws digging deeper and deeper into the soil beneath her, scaly toes curling, her roars getting louder and louder, she knew what was going to happen, soon she would climax once more.

"Yes!" If it was so wrong, then why did this feel so amazing? Why did she never want the pleasure to end? "H-Harder..." She hissed once more, the bumps on her current mate's prick feeling even better then the ridges, if that was even possible.

With one thick scaly arm around her waist, he moved his other to grab at her shoulder, trying to get the best way to hold her as he tried to get as deep as he possibly could. His heart beat rapidly against his chest, wings flexing and flapping rapidly, he could only comply with her lust-filled request and drill his dragonhood harder, adding a bit more speed that hit her with all his body weight. He wasn't sure if Arceus was frowning down on them, but how could this be wrong? They were mating, like they were meant to.

"So tighhhhhtttt..." he hissed back, his tongue licking the back of her neck.

"Yes...yes..." Reshiram hissed out, her tight, hot walls only getting tighter and tighter by the second as she started to approach a second climax. "D-damn it...harder..." She demanded, needing only one small bit of stimulation to push her over the edge, just that one little thing like she had felt before "

The cursing, the tightening of her velvety walls...all signs that she was getting closer. He couldn't believe he was making her come close to another orgasm, but he didn't leave much room for thought as he brought all his strength together and applied it all to his hips and legs.

"Damn good..." Zekrom hissed and snarled, pounding her with thrusts so hard they pushed his ridged dragon cock all the way inside her, their bodies connected for a split, unnoticeable second before pulling back out to repeat the process, all the while he was getting close to his own finish, thick dragon pre left behind in its wake. "So...c-close..."

As they finally hilted together, that was when she was pushed right over the edge. Head thrown back, her body standing posed like some kind of spirit , she roared out her delight and ecstasy, pushing back against him as hard as she could, wanting to help him get off, even if he wasn't her mate. "Fuck...harder..." She groaned/grunted out.

He nearly collapsed on top of her when he felt that thick load of female cum flowing over his cock, splattering into a pool under their feet. He hissed, baring his teeth.

"Fuck Reshiram!" he snarled before he sunk his teeth into the back of her neck; her scales were tough, so even though she would feel it, it wouldn't give her any major pain. Anchoring himself with the bite on her neck he flapped his wings to help propel his thrusts forward, his hips hitting her with a loud wet smacking sound. It was only a matter of time, and minutes later he moaned and growled louder in pure pleasure, hilting and holding himself inside her as he ejected his thick cum into her body, the squirting so loud they were able to hear it from within.

Reshiram slowly relaxed under him, the teeth around her neck instinctively causing her to stop her struggling, her fighting as her body was filled up with hot, potent dragon cum.

"O-Oh..." she whispered out softly, unable to fully believe what had just happened, unable to believe that her heat was just finally satisfied. "Wow..." was the only thing the fucked-silly dragoness was able to say.

Zekrom shook on top of her as he continued to fill her up full of possibly a gallon of cum, all flowing in and making its home in her womb. The fact that he'd just mated with Reshiram was a lot to process, it was still hard to believe this was all real, and not just some dream he was having of her.

"R-Reshiram...oh Reshiram..." the big black male dragon purred to her softly, keeping himself inside and holding onto her, not wanting to pull out of her hot body.

The heat of the seed filling her belly was amazing, and she didn't complain when he decided to just remain within her, preventing any of his precious fluids from escaping. She slowly laid her head down on the ground, murring happily and stretching her tail and arms slightly, a soft whispered command escaping her. "Don't tell...Arceus..."

Balancing his weight so all of it wasn't kept on her back, he moaned once more and licked his snout slowly, then did the same to the part of her neck he just bit. He panted softly, not having to think about her soft command.

"I won't...this will be...our little secret..." he assured her, not able to stop himself from kissing the back of her white neck and nuzzling her a second later.

"Good..." She whispered softly, closing her eyes and letting out a slow, long yawn of exhaustion, man she didn't think she could ever be this tired, Reshiram guessed a hard fucking really wore you out..."I'm taking a nap..." she mumbled under him, wiggling to get comfortable "Wake me up...and I'll..." She yawned, taking away from her 'threat' "Rip...tail off..." And with that, she was out, fast asleep beneath him.

He chuckled softly in a gruff voice, shaking his head slightly. "Okay princess..." he teased as she slept so peacefully like a baby dragon.

Once his dragonhood went limp he pulled himself out and let go of her body, climbing off as much as he didn't want to. Laying on his belly next to her, he admired the dragoness.

" mate..." he said softly to no one in particular. Were they mates now? The possibility was high and even though one might not be as accepting as the other, only time could tell...

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