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Chapter 4


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~Echizen Residence~

It was a beautiful early morning Saturday. The birds were chirping and not a single cloud in the sky. Ryoma sluggishly walked to the kitchen. He was exhausted! He barely slept a wink thanks to a certain tensai who keeps popping into his head. He rubbed his eyes as he sat down to eat breakfast. Ryoma found a note on the table next to his breakfast. He picked it up and read.

"Good morning Ryoma. Nanako went to school early today but she'll be back around 4pm. Your father and I went to visit a friend, we'll be back at 9 tonight. Your lunch and dinner is already prepared so just heat it up. Have a good breakfast and clean up after yourself.

With love, mom.


Ryoma rolled his eyes at the end note. 'Dad, believe me. That's going to be the least of your worries'

Ryoma finished eating and washed the plates. Once done, he decided to hit a few balls to pass the time. It was still 9am. 'Fuji-senpai said-' Ryoma paused '… S-Syuusuke said he'll come pick me up at 3pm' Ryoma swallowed and looked at the clock. '… 6 hours to go'

~Fuji Residence~

After lunch, Fuji help clean then went up to his room. He was halfway through his closet looking for a pair of shoes when he heard a knock at his door. Fuji opened it. "Onee-san?" Yumiko smiled "May I come in?" Fuji moved aside to let his sister in. He turned to her with his smile on. "You need something?" "Can't I just want to be with you, Syuusuke?" She said teasingly, gentle smile in place. Fuji chucked and closed the door to sit next to his sister. "Saa~" "But I do want to talk to you about something" Fuji nodded. "Its about your friend, Echizen" She started. "How has he been doing?" "Ah, he's alright but he still has feelings for me, it seems" They remained quiet for a moment. "Do you really believe its the potion?" Yumiko suddenly asked. Fuji didn't answer for a moment. "What other reason could there be?" Yumiko closed her eyes and released a small sigh then looked back at Fuji. "I did a little card reading for your friend yesterday" "Oh? What did it say?" Fuji asked, intrigued. She smiled openly this time. Yumiko stood up and surprised Fuji with a kiss on the forehead. She hasn't done that since he was a little boy. "I think your friend is trying really hard" Yumiko said then she turned to leave, "I wish him luck" and she was gone. Fuji remained seated for a few seconds longer and he too stood up. '… What was that about, I wonder?'

Later that afternoon

When the clock stroke 3, Ryoma held his breath. Any minute now he expected someone to just jump out from under his bed and yell "GOTCHA!" You cant really blame him after all, he's new to all this dating thing. It was five minutes after 3 that Ryoma heard the door bell. He swallowed and headed down to open the gate.

Fuji was standing there looking disgustingly calm. "Ready Ryoma?" Fuji asked. Smile in place. Ryoma's eyes widened momentarily and his whole face went red. "..A-ah" Fuji's smile widened 'Kawaii!'. They took the train to the amusement park. The train was packed, Fuji somehow managed to get a seat and Ryoma stood in front of him. Neither said anything as they contented themselves looking outside the window. On the next stop a large group of people squeezed themselves into that already tight train, forcing Ryoma to stand between a smiling tensai's legs. Ryoam forced himself to look everywhere but at Fuji.

"Ne, Ryoma. Why don't you sit on my lap?"

"No" Ryoma deadpanned. It was at that time that somebody unintentionally bumped onto Ryoma hard causing him to loose footing and fell onto Fuji's awaiting lap.

"Ah! Sorry, let me just-" When Ryoma was about to stand up, Fuji's arms snaked around his waist restriction Ryoma's movements.

"Fuji!" He gasped

"Syuusuke" Was the soft reply. Ryoma stopped struggling and looked at Fuji. Blue eyes stared back at him. Ryoma had an odd feeling it was seeing right through his very soul and he looked away but not after whispering a small "Syuusuke" Fuji heard. He resisted the urge to lean forward and kiss the back of Ryoma's neck.

"…Aren't I heavy?" Asked boy wonder.

"Actually, you're surprisingly light. Are you on a diet?" Ryoam blinked. 'A what?'

"A what?" Ryoma dumbly voiced out his thought. "Of course not! Inui-senpai made a menu for me to follow though" Ryoma was never a big fan of milk but he forces himself to drink 2 bottles every morning following his senpai's instruction. A soft chuckle made caught Ryoma's attention.

"What?" He asked, somewhat upset he was laughed at.

"Its nothing" Said Fuji teasingly.

An awkward silence fell between them, neither dared to look at the other though for different reasons. When they reached their destination, just outside the train station was the entrance to the amusement park. Ryoma resisted the urge to shiver when he saw a man in a clown costume handing out flyers by the entrance. 'Urgh' Fuji surprised him when he grabbed Ryoma's right hand as they crossed the road.

"… S-Syuusuke… You don't have to hold my hand…" Fuji gave Ryoma a smile.

"But isn't this a date?"


They reached the entrance and had a little argument since both boys insist on paying for the other. Ryoma won this round. Inside were lines and line of games.

"Ne, Ryoma, want to play a game?" Ryoma raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't that why we came here?"

"No, I mean, lets have a contest" Intrigued, Ryoma replied

"What do you have in mind?"

"The one who gets the most prizes by the end of the game wins and the loosed treats the other later"


"But we cant play the same game. we'll alternate turns. Also, we can only play one round, no redo's"

Ryoma smiled. He loves competition… No, more honestly, he loves to win.

"Fine, im going to win this"

"But lets make it more interesting. Who ever looses has to do everything the winner asks… Just until we go home"

"…" Fuji almost laughed out laud at Ryoma's face. But then the freshmen smirked, his eyes alight with challenge.

"You're on!"

The walked over to the closest booth, which was a shooting game. Ryoma went first. Ryoma hit all the blank rounds dead center. He chose a cat stuffed toy that resembled like Karupin. "That was easy" He said in his none interested way. 'So cocky' though Fuji but he smiled fondly. "Alright, I'm next" Next was a dart game. That, too, was a piece of cake for the Seigaku tennis regular. Fuji chose a white whale stuffed toy for his prize. So now both went to the next booth holding their prizes.

"Haha, Its like the stuff toys were maid for us" Fuji commented and Ryoma have him a loop sided smile in response.

One hour and thirty minutes later, Both had two large plastic bags full of prizes. They both had 15 wins and 0 losses. Feeling ecstatic, Fuji and Ryoma's cheeks were red from laughing. People were watching them, two teenage boys carrying a large bag of stuffed animals on each hands. It was just hilarious! Especially when people started to follow and cheer for them as they did their winning streak. At the very last booth, which was Fuji's turn, he even heard some girls, who apparently know Fuji, chanting "Go! Go! Fuji-senpai! Aaaaah! 3" Ryoma sent them a glare.

"Ugh~ my clothes got wet from getting that goldfish… Its your fault!" Ryoma complained. He had been careful not to get wet but then Fuji went and leaned close to his ears making the excuse that he wanted to see. In the end Ryoma gave the fish to a little girl who was watching since Fuji said Karupin might just end up eating the fish if he brings it home and Fuji made a comment about gold fishs being a delicacy in some far off country. No way Ryoma's giving it to him.

"I just wanted to see you catch the fish" Fuji said innocently. Ryoma looked at him suspiciously.

"You wanted me to loose didn't you?" Fuji seemed offended

"My, Ryoma. Are you accusing me of trying to cheat?"

"… Whatever, the game's done and were at a tie" Ryoma stomped over to the closest empty bench chair and sat down. Fuji followed suit.

"So~ what shall we do next" Fuji asked. Ryoma looked around and turned to Fuji.


Fuji chuckled "Okay. Its your treat right?" Ryoma paused

"No way, we both have equal wins!" Fuji gave him a fake surprised expression

"But I thought you understood the condition of the game"

"What do you mean?" Ryoma asked, suspicious.

"Who ever has the most prizes wins" Fuji said and pointed to Ryoma's bag of prizes. "You're a prize short"

"! But I still won all 15 prizes!" Fuji smiled

"I never said the one who wins the most games is the winner. I said who ever gets the most prizes by the end of the game wins… And as I recalled, you gave that fish away"

"Well yeah, but you said that-" Ryoma's eyes widened as realization struck him and his cheeks made a cute pinkish color. "You-You tricked me!" Fuji smiled and opened his eyes.

"Its not against the rules" Ryoma's jaw dropped. 'No way! That's not fair!' Fuji had to resist the sudden urge to lean forward and wipe the pout from Ryoma's lips and instead stood up and walked to a group of children. Ryoma blinked and watched Fuyji as he talked to, what seems to him, was a teacher. Fuji then walked back to Ryoma.

" Seems that group is on a class outing. Sounds fun huh? Since I'm not keeping all my prizes, I'm giving them to those kids instead. How bout you, Ryoma?"

"… Yeah, I'll give mine too but I'm keeping one" Fuji smiled

"The one that looked like karupin? That's cute" Ryoma's ears turned red from being called cute.

"Then I'll keep one as well" Fuji opened one of the bags and took out a stuffed white whale. Fuji hugged it acting like a little child and smiled at Ryoma. "Ne~ Aren't I cute too, Ryoma?"

"Yes" Ryoma slapped a hand over his mouth. He hadn't meant to say it out loud! 'Damn!' He thought and looked at anywhere but at Fuji. Fuji smiled sincerely then held out his hand holding his stuffed whale towards Ryoma.

"Here" Ryoma stared at it.

"What for?"

"A gift to remember this day" Fuji said softly, Ryoma hesitantly reached over and took the whale. Then, a bit forcefully, thrust his left hand holding the Karupin stuffed toy towards Fuji.

"here, take this" Fuji accepted with a big smile. Their fingers brushed and Fuji mentally applauded when Ryoma didn't turn red and only widened his eyes a little.

"Thank you, I'll treasure it"

They gave the extra prizes away and Ryoma, grudgingly, bought them snacks. They ate in a comfortable silence until Fuji spoke.

"I've just thought of what I want you to do, since I won the game and all"


"I want to on all the rides next. You're not afraid of heights are you?" Asked Fuji, just finishing of his sandwich. Ryoma shook his head and Fuji smiled.

"Alright" Fuji happily started to drink his soda… A little too happy for Ryoma's liking.

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