Chapter 8


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"I'll get it!" He said then stood up and walked towards the front door. Ryoma looked back one last time to see if Fuji was anywhere in sight. 'Nope' Ryoma thought and opened the door.

Fuji Residence

Ryoma opened the door and his heart dropped. He recognized the girl in front of him and by the looks of her expression at seeing him, she knew him too. She was one of the girls who have been making his life hell at school for the last few days. It was subtle enough to not be noticed by others. And she's doing it right now, glaring at him.

"Aren't you Echizen? Why are you here?" She said with a deadly glare. Ryoma kept his face emotionless but he was ready to bolt out of there. Ryoma didn't reply fast enough and the girl seemed to have made up her mind about something. She humphed and turned to leave saying "You'll regret this"

"Wait!" Ryoma said and the girl stopped and turned to face him again. Ryoma opened to say something but then Fuji chose that time to appear.

"Echizen? Sorry about that, I was upstairs looking for something" Fuji said with his usual smile. "Chizuki-san? Did you want something?" The girl smiled her cutest smile and came closer to Fuji.

"I'm sorry if I'm disturbing anything but there's something I wanted to talk about"

"I cant now. Can we talk about it tomorrow?"

"Well… Of course!" She said, her smile became forced "Well, I'm off! Have fun you two!"

"No, wait!" Ryoma said, much to Fuji's surprise. "I'll go"

"What?" Fuji said, flabbergasted. 'Was he trying to run away?' Fuji thought 'I wont let him' Fuji grabbed Ryoma on both shoulders and dragged him back inside, protesting.

"See you tomorrow" He said to Sara and shut the door.

"No! What's wrong with you?" Ryoma gasped. Struggling to get loose from Fuji's grip.

"Me? What's wrong with you?" Fuji spat back, getting upset now. Ryoma wasn't as composed as earlier and his face was beginning to turn red.

"You-! I have to call her back!" He yelled and started to run back outside and Fuji stopped him with a bear hug. A strong tight, nearly suffocating bear hug.

"Ryoma please!" Fuji pleaded to the still struggling Ryoma. "I don't want you to leave!" After a moment, Ryoma stopped struggling and his shoulders slumped. They both stayed that way for what seemed like a long time until Ryoma slowly stepped back.

"Are you okay now?" Fuji asked gently. Ryoma nodded but didn't look at him.

"I'm sorry Fuji-Senpai, I didn't mean to…" Ryoma raised his head and stared straight into Fuji's eyes. Fuji saw regret in those eyes and he couldn't understand why.

"Echizen? What's wrong?" Fuji stepped closer, close enough that if he were to lean down, he could kiss Ryoma's forehead but he didn't.

"Whatever happens tomorrow, It's all my fault Fuji-senpai" Ryoma's voice was filled with guilt and he bit his lower lips. "I shouldn't have confessed" His words pierced Fuji and it took a moment to respond to that.

"… I don't regret it" He finally said, laying it all out there. "I honestly enjoyed our time together. It was too short" Ryoma's hands clenched as he struggled to keep his calm mask in check. He doesn't want to trouble Fuji anymore. "I love you" Fuji said in a low voice. Ryoma's head snapped up to look at Fuji straight in the eyes. Ryoma's resolve to keep his emotions in check was beginning to crack. Tears started to well up and he bit his lower lips harder.

"I have to go" was all he said then he turned around and left. This time Fuji didn't stop him. He'd already got his answer. It was all there in Ryoma's eyes.

It was already 12:02 in the morning when Yumiko got home. Being careful not to make too much sound as she climbed up the stairs to get to her room thinking Fuji was asleep… Well he wasn't. Yumiko saw that the light in Fuji's room was still on. She thought for a moment and knocked softly just incase he was asleep. A moment later, Fuji opened the door.

"Welcome home" he greeted her with a small smile. "Did you have a nice night?" Fuji asked casually. Yumiko frowned.

"What's wrong, Syuu?"

"What do you mean?"

"Its late and your still awake" Fuji didn't say anything for a moment, his face sad.

"I cant sleep" He finally said. Yumiko thought for a moment.

"May I come in? I have.. Something to tell you. I should have told you sooner but I…"

Both siblings sat on the bed and Yumiko began to talk.

The Next Day:


Fuji came a bit late for practice as he took his time coming to school. In his mind was a plan. Well 2 plans… Maybe just one. The other one was a plot. For the moment he was occupied with his "PLAN" Aka: Get Ryoma Back. He'll think about his plot later when he has finished his main objective.

"Fujiiiii!" Came Kikumaru's happy greeting complete with a glomp. "Good morning Eiji"

"Fuji! You wouldn't believe the strange rumors that's been going on today! Someone's out to get you and Ochibi!" Kikumaru said with a worried voice. 'So its begun already?' Thought Fuji 'No matter, it doesn't change a thing. Im getting him back!'

"Is he here yet?" Fuji asked, Kikumaru nodded. "Yeah, he's been real distant. Momo's been trying to cheer him up all morning!"

"Ah" was all he said as he and Kikumaru walked towards the tennis courts. Tezuka saw them. He raised an eyebrow. Fuji being late was rare. He made Fuji run around the courts 10 times. All the while, Ryoma was keeping a safe distance from him. It seems there some pictures of them being passed around but almost everyone was hesitant to believe. Ryoma must have thought staying away will help die down the rumors… Too bad for him Fuji had other plans. Fuji placed his every ready smile on and happily walked towards Ryoma who was just packing up his racket.

"Are you in a hurry?" He asked in a jolly voice and happily saw Ryoma stiffen. Ryoma didn't turn around and just mumbled "yeah."

"Me too, lets go together." Fuji swore he hard Ryoma hold back a potential scream. "Quit it Fuji-senpai" He said, looking around nervously. "Don't talk to me anymore"

"Would people suspect even more if we suddenly stop talking to each other?"

"Just don't, don't make it worst"

"You're doing this to protect me, is that it? Well what if I don't want to be protected?" Ryoma said nothing.

"Ryoma-" Fuji started but Ryoma said a hasty got-to-go and left him standing there.

They were unaware of the girl that was hiding behind the bushes. She had a sad and hurt expression on her face as she briskly walked away with her head down.

Horio was the first one who spotted Ryoma when he entered the room and didn't fail to annoy him that day either.

"Echizen! There you are! I just heard the funniest thing!"

"Ssshhh! Horio, Quit it!" said one of his female classmates defending him… How he would love to jump out the window.

"What? It's funny!" Horio turned to Ryoma with his goofy smile. "Some girls from the higher levels were saying they saw you on a date with some guy from the tennis club! Hahaha can you believe it?" In response, Ryoma crossed both arms in front of him on his table and lowered his head. He was going to ignore everyone today. EVERYONE!

As far as the rumors go, Fuji expected to see pictures of him and Ryoma kissing being spread around but surprisingly there weren't any. He really didn't care about the rumors but maybe it was Ryoma who didn't want anyone to. Fuji was nodding to whatever Kikumaru was saying but his mind was somewhere else.

'Perhaps that was it, he's embarrassed of me…'

All in all, by lunch time, the rumors have quickly died down. It was hard to believe since both him and Ryoma acted indifferently about it at to be totally honest, Fuji felt terrible! He thought to go and have a little chat with the raven head. He took a step out of the classroom and was ambushed my his fellow female schoolmates.

"Are you going to the cafeteria, Syuusuke-kun?"

"Lets go together"

"I made you a bento-"

Fji raised both hands as if in surrender. And gave a small smile.

"I'm sorry, I already have plans with someone-" He didn't get to finish when someone interrupted.

"Are you going to see Echizen-san?" Fuji turned his attention to the prettiest girl in the crowd. There was curiosity written in her eyes as well as a silent challenge. Everyone in the crowed waited for his response. Fuji gave them another smile… and answered in the most gentle and honest voice as he could.

"Yes" It wasn't about what he said but how he said it that made the crowed around him feel ashamed of themselves and parted for him to past through. Fuji didn't look back as he went down the stairs to the first floor. Tezuka and Ooishi saw this as they passed the hallway. They finally understood what was going on between the two.

School Roof:

Ryoma laid on the roof floor but not before placing an "OFF LIMITS" sign on the roof door before going outside. He wanted privacy after encountering a group of his admirers when he left his classroom for lunch… He might just skip the afternoon class if he feels like it. Ryoma took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Fuji couldn't find Ryoma on the first year classrooms so he thought he'd have gone to the cafeteria. Turning to go, Fuji noticed Coach Ryuzaki's grand daughter seemingly trying to muster the courage to talk to him… After a moment's thought, Fuji inwardly shrugged and walked to where she was instead. Her face turned as predicted red as he approached her. Fuji just smiled at her flustered face.

"Hello Ms Ryuzaki, Did you want to say something to me?" Sakuno lowered her head in shyness and nodded.

"Ano… Ryoma-kun is on the roof top" Fuji raise his eyebrow as if to say 'Whay are you telling me this?'

"Umm.. Um…" Sakuno's face turned even redder and Fuji resisted giving a big smile. Sakuno wouldn't have noticed anyway, she was looking t her shoes.

"R-Ryoma-san is stubborn so, yo-… You have to force him sometimes. I know he likes you but he just, um, didn't want trouble and so… Um… well, he's um… hiding… from … you" Fuji sobered up when he began to understand what ms Ryuzaki was trying to say.

"You really like him didn't you" Fuji said in a low voice. Ryuzaki nodded once, her eyes covered by her bangs. Fuji took a step back and allowed Ryusaki to walk away, her head still down. Fuji opened his mouth and said just loud enough for her to hear.

"I'm in love with him" Sakuno stopped walking and nodded once without turning around and kept on walking. Fuji did not waste any time and turned to walk back up the stairs and to the roof top.

Fuji gave a broad smile when he read the "OFF LIMITS" sign. Careful not to make any noise, Fuji turned the knob and pushed open the roof door. Fuji turned a corner and right there, lying on the ground was sleeping beauty… Oh how Fuji couldn't wait to tell Ryoma that. Tip toeing to where Ryoma lay, Fuji sat beside him and debated to himself if he should wake Ryoma up or just sit there and wait.

Ryoma slept soundly as the warm sun hid behind the only cloud in the sky as far as Fuji could see. Ryoma looked so relax that Fuji couldn't help himself. He lowered his head to give his sleeping beauty the kiss that broke the curse. He must have done something wrong because it was at that moment his sleeping beauty opened his eyes and in a panic, launched himself into a sitting position, ramming his nose with Fuji's. For a moment, Fuji saw white as the pain overwhelmed him. He could hear Ryoam cursing on his side, holding his nose as well. Still holding his nose and with teary eyes, Ryoma turned and gave Fuji a death glare. Fuji in return stared at Ryoma with wide eyes and also still holding his nose. For a moment that just stayed that way. Still just sitting and holding their noses while staring at each other… It was Fuji who broke the silence when he started to laugh. Not long after, Ryoma joined him. Both boys poured their heart out laughing. It was a full minute until their laughter died down. This was all so awkward and embarrassing… but it didn't feel uncomfortable to either of them. They were still sitting side by side, Ryoma didn't try to run this time.

"Sorry I scared you" Said Fuji

"Surprised" Ryoma said defensively. A small pout beginning to form on his lips. Fuji smiled.


"… Its true"

"I know" Another moment of silence fell on them. They could here the noises from the other students bellow chattering away with their friends. Fuji took a deep breath.

"It wasn't that bad" He said and Ryoma nodded slightly. "Though it wouldn't have made a difference to how I feel even if our picture was shown on the news" Ryoma snapped his head towards Fuji with a shocked expression. It was just so priceless! "But somehow, those nasty girls didn't spread them around. I wonder why" Ryoma still remained silent.

"Ryoma… Will you go out with me"

"… What?"

Fuji sat up straight and turned his head to the wide eyed raven haired boy. He gave a smile and leaned his head closer to Ryoma's until they the tips of their noses were touching.

"Ryoma, please go out with me" Fuji said in a softer tone. "I really like you and would just love it if you said yes because once you do, I am going to kiss you" Ryoma opened his mouth to respond then suddenly shook his head.

"Things aren't bad because nobody believed the rumors" Fuji just shrugged.

"So what if they did? Do you really think our friends wouldn't like us anymore? You know better than that, Ryoma"

"…Syu-" Ryoma bit his lower lips. Fuji placed a reassuring hand on Ryoma's shoulders.

"You know, it was that Ryuzaki girl who told me where you were. She knows but still as a crush on you and it got me thinking, if I don't act now, someone else might. I just couldn't bear the thought" Ryoma looked at Fuji with a strange expression. "She has a crush on me? Why?" This time it was Fuji who looked at Ryoma strangely.

"What do you mean why?" Ryoma just shook his head, "I don't get it but never mind, I don't really care. YOU'RE the one I like… heaven knows why" the last part Ryoma mumbled to himself but Fuji heard. He gave a huge smile and lowered his lipd until it was just an inch away from Ryoma's

"I'm taking that answer as a yes to my question" And Fuji kissed him. Ryoma didn't resist instead, wrapped both arms around Fuji's shoulders. Maybe he really was over thinking it. That was as far as his mind got before it went blank. That stopped to breath but neither of them loosened their hold.

"Who'd have thought that Love Potion would really work" Fuji said, with a smile showing his pearly whites and blue eyes staring straight at hazy hazel ones. Ryoma smirked weakly in return.

"Yeah… Who knew"

"You cant escape this time Ryoma"

"… Yeah"

The two ended up skipping their afternoon classes and spent that whole time just talking and relaxing with each other on the roof. At that moment, everything was right with the world.

Later That Afternoon

" Buchou, have you seen Inui-senpai?" Ryoma asked looking inside the soccer room for Inui.

"No, Why? Do you need something from him?" Tezuka asked with his usual expression on.

"No, I'm just hear to return the juice he I borrowed from him. I never got to use it." Tezuka's left eye twitched EVER so slightly.

"You can give it to me, I will be meeting with him later." He said. Ryoma nodded.

"Thanks buchou" Ryoma said, more than a little happy handing Tezuka what seems to be innocent looking bottles of purple and bluish juice. He shuddered inwardly. Then Ryoma was gone. As if on cue, Fuji came into the room.

"Ah, Kunimitsu" Fuji greeted with his usual self, smile and all. "Did my Ryoma give you something just now?" Tezuka resisted the urge to raise an eyebrow at Fuji's statement of 'HiS RYOMA' Fuji made it perfectly clear for the whole seigaku that afternoon what as going on between Ryoma and him… Tezuka just hoped that the first year knows what he's getting at… He really hoped so. and

"Yes. Why?" he asked. Fuji's smile broadened… He really, really hoped Ryoma knows what he's getting into.

Yumiko's Workplace:

Yumiko answered her phone on the 3rd ring.


"Yumiko! Its me, Lisa!" Yumiko stopped on her track… typing track that it.

"Lisa! Oh, how have you been?" Yumiko asked in excitement.

"I'm good! Its been forever since we talked!"

"I know!" The two girls laughed.

"Oh, yes. I received you're so called love potion! Thank you. You'll never believe what happened to it! My Brother-"

"Oh yes, Yumiko. About that! I am so sorry, there has been a mistake, I totally forgot!"

! You see, my daughter thought it would be funny if she replaced the potion with a strawberry drink. She spilled all the content of the bottle into the sink and put in her favorite drink! I wasn't suppose to send it to you but it just slipped my mind and- Hello? Yumiko? Are you still there?"

"Wha-? Oh Yes I am! I, I heard. Oh- can you hold on a sec Lisa, I have a message from my brother"

"Sure" Yumiko opened the text Syuusuke sent her and couldn't hold in the laughter of relief and delight.

"Yumiko? What happened? Why are you laughing?" Yumiko calmed herself down and looked the message again.

-He's mine!-

"Thank God it worked out alright… No potions needed." Yumiko said in glee.


Echizen's Residence.

"Ryoma, did you hear the news just now?" asked Ryoma's cousin as she was folding clothes next to him in front of the TV in the living room. He was doing his homework while listening to his ipod.


"it seems there were some 3rd years who got poisoned by a mysterious bluish and purplish liquid found in their juice bottles! They were found unconscious in the cafeteria! Its nothing serious but they seemed to have temporarily lost their sense of taste! How scary" Ryoma stared wide eyed at his cousin and slowly turned back to his homework repeating to himself in his mind 'I have nothing to do with this, absolutely nothing to do with this-'

Tezuka's Residence

Tezuka's eyes widened and nearly snapped his open in half as he listened to the news. He swallowed nervously. 'Oh my Go-…I should have never given Fuji the juices!' He prayed no one will trace the incident back to him… 'ugh~ my head'

Fuji's Residence

Overwhelmed with contentment and with an unceasing glow of happiness after watching the news. Fuji took out his cell phone, went to contacts, pressed boyfriend and then pressed call.


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