A seldom thought of drabble.

What would happen if Kagome didn't bring his ramen?

She walked into Kaede's hut and plopped down with a grateful sigh. "Ah. That's better."
Suddenly a shadow fell over her. Turning to look she came face to face with Inuyasha.
"What do you think your doing?" he exclaimed. "What?" kagome spluttered? "I want my ramen!"
"Oh! I'm so sorry Inuyasha I forgot it today." The gang turned to see what Inuyasha would do.
"No ramen? What do you mean you forgot it? Oh my poor ramen! How will I ever go on?" he lamented.
"Inuyasha. I don't think your going to die just because I forgot the stupid noodles. Pull your self together. I sense two jewel shards. Which means kouga is coming." That got his attention.
"mangy wolf." A whirl wind appeared and kouga jumped out. "yo kagome! Hows flea bag."
in answer he jumped on him. Kouga killed Inuyasha and took kagome for his mate.
as he took off all she could think was: he was right. He wouldn't live with out ramen.
she spent the rest of her life pining and crying for the man she had accidently killed.

So…it probably sucked. But I don't think people wonder why he loves ramen so much.
possible redo.