I was walking to my room at the Academy thinking about Dimitri and about grad that was happening in less then two weeks, but mostly Dimitri.

Dimitri, Dimitri that's all I wanted but I'm never going to get that. He's a Strigoi. I tried hunting for him but I failed, now he's coming after me. I'm tired of waiting, I'm tired of jumping at every sound, Thinking it's him. Adrian still want's me, he gave me the dating proposal I asked for, but I don't want to risk his life, I'm scared to say the lest. I don't know what to do every time I try to talk to Lissa, Christian comes and takes her away to do god knows what.

"Rose!" I heard my best friend call from behind me. Lifting my head and turning to face her, I smiled. She was alone. Maybe we could talk now.

"What's up Lissa?" I said once she caught up with me. We started walking back to my room, and were almost there before she said anything.

"I'm sorry for running out on you earlier! Christian wanted me to go back to his room because I forgot my purse there yesterday, so I had to go grab it. I don't know why it couldn't wait. But I'm here now so what did you want to talk about?"

"Liss, I don't know what to do about Adrian, I want to try and see if we have anything but… I'm scared. Remember what I said about me failing in killing Dimitri. His 'final' death, you know? Well he either wants me to join him or he wants to kill me. And I don't want to put Adrian I danger." I said I a rush worried that Christian would show up and drag Lissa away from me.

"Rose, Adrian knows the risks of dating you, and he still wants to try. Don't worry about putting him in danger, were protected by the wards Dimitri can't get to you so he can't get to Adrian either. You're both safe, and rose he cares about you. Everyone can see that. If you want my opinion, I think you should." She said. Looking at her I could tell she meant what she said not just because of the bond we now share since she brought me back from the dead, but because it was written all over her face. She believed in what she just told me. Well I guess were about to find out if we truly can be together.

"Liss, I got to go, I'll see you at dinner. Okay?" I asked while turning and starting back the way we just came.

"Your going to see Adrian, aren't you?" Lissa asked to my retreating form.

"Yeah, I am. See you!" I yelled as I ran back down the stairs to the front of the dhampir dorm. Running to the guest building took about five minuets, but when I arrived there I slowed down to a walk and headed to Adrian's room on the second floor. Knocking on the door I waited, when he finally answered the door his waist was wrapped in a towel and his hair was still wet. The look on his face when he first opened the door was surprise but quickly shifted to one of happiness.

"Oh, Sorry Adrian, I'll come back later. I didn't mean to interrupt your shower." I said. When I was just about to leave he spoke up.

"Little Dhampir, it's fine, come in. I was just getting ready to go find you and Lissa for supper." he said as he stepped back far enough to let me in.

"Thanks, and I told Liss we'd meet her there, so we have a good hour maybe, before we have to go and meet her." I said, as I walked into his room closing it behind me.

"So what can I do for you Little Dhampir? Or were you just bored and wanted to make out with me?" he said with his trademark cocky grin that I loved, not that I'd admit that to him he's already cocky enough. Turning his back on me he dropped his towel and grabbed his black boxers silk of course and slipped them on, it was hard for me not to stare. He looked hot with his clothes on, so it goes without saying he looks even better with them off. Turning back around he started mumbling. "Now where are my jeans?" He started looking for his jeans. I spotted them on my first look, I picked them up.

"Adrian here," I said as I tossed them to him. He glanced up and smiled his cocky grin at me while catching them, and slipping them on.

"So what can I do for my little Dhampir?" he asked for a second time.

"Um… I was thinking about that dating proposal you gave me, And I want to give us a try. The only reason I didn't tell you this when you gave me the proposal is because…. I was scared. You know about the whole Dimitri trying to kill me thing. I didn't want you to get stuck in the middle so I guess I freaked and didn't tell you how I feel. I still haven't. But the truth is I like you, maybe more then like I'm not sure yet. So-"

"Rose don't worry. You know how I feel about you, I would wait for you for as long as it took." he said cutting me off. Then he surprised me by kissing me.