"What do you want, dad?" I asked him, crossing my arms. Man I wished I was dressed now.

"Put something good on," he said. He went to my closet and dug through my innocent school clothes. The worst I had in there was a black, low cut tight dress that went up to my knees for any parties I might sneak off to. "You have nothing good in here."

"What? I thought parents were supposed to like the innocent bit," I said. Where had this come from?

Chapter 11: Rose POV

Looking at my dad I saw he was serious about me having nothing good in my closet. Smirking to myself I got off my bed and said,

"Do not fear, father o' mine! Have you forgotten who you're talking to?" The look on his face when I started pushing my bed out of the way was priceless!

"Rose I have not forgotten who I'm talking too. I was stating a fact, you have crappy clothes here. Now what are you doing? We have to get going to get you an appropriate outfit for the lunch meeting were having," he said, looking at me with impatience.

I rolled my eyes and finally finished pushing the bed away from my secret stash of clothing. I lifted a large square piece of carpet along with the hardwood flooring that was underneath it. It revealed piles of neatly folded clothing I never let people see in school, unless I was at a party worthy of my great attire.

I looked up from my clothes digging and asked,

"So what's this meeting about anyway, that's so freaking important that you had to wake me up at eight in the morning for, and then scar me for life later when I walked in on you and mom?"

"We're going to meet the client who's hiring us for that job I mentioned on the phone," Abe said.

Looking back down at my pile I started pulling clothes out while just glancing at them. When I saw they weren't the dress I was looking, for I tossed them over my shoulder. I was looking for a red strapless mini-dress with frills going down the left side and black heeled shoes that had little bullets all around them. They looked like decoration to others, but I knew they were real silver bullets charmed with the four elements that I could actually use.

When I found those, after quite a lot of digging –the pile of clothes around me was getting quite large –I got up and went to my dresser. On the bottom drawer, I pulled it out as far as possible. I reached all the way to the back, pulled a tab and a hidey-hole fell open. I pulled out a thigh holster for the gun I would put in, in case I needed to use the bullets. I then went to my jewelry box and pulled out a black leather watch with a white gold square clock. The inside of the clock was black with a diamond heart that I got from Lissa for my last birthday.

Lastly, I turned my back on Abe and went back to my bed. Underneath my pillow I kept a stake necklace. I picked that up and wrapped it around my hand and quickly grabbed my clothes so he wouldn't see it. I didn't need him getting suspicious and all up in my face about me not needing to take the stake with me when I'm with him.

I walked into the bathroom that was attached to my room and dropped it all on the floor. I turned and peeked out of the door, saying to my dad, who looked utterly dumbfounded,

"Be back in a few. Just getting ready," and shut the door before he could say anything.