"Tammy, no more tissue," Velma said, flicking her unnaturally blond hair over one bony shoulder, "And Lou-Ann – please, you know yellow is Amber's colour don't you? And Link, sweetie, your hair is so…rugged."

"Why thankyou Miss Von Tussle," Link grinned boyishly, still warming up for the show.

"When I say rugged, I mean dishevelled and dirty, almost homeless," Velma smiled falsely, "Now, are you going to fix it or am I?"

Link nodded and turned, sheepishly walking to the dressing rooms.

"Mother, please," Amber groaned, looking typically like her mother in a bright red dress with a white silk shrug, "I want to attract Link, not scare him off!"

While Velma sweetly informs Amber that if she wanted her to marry a homeless or dishevelled man, she would set her up with a Negro.

Shelly, who was happily chatting to Noreen and Doreen, suddenly said "Girls, Christmas has come early."

The twins burst into a fit of giggles, not really understanding why, but knowing they did not want to get on the wrong side of Shelly.

Darla had pointed out how the purple and yellow of Shelly's outfit yesterday clashed, and Darla wasn't doing the show for the next two weeks, due to an "accidentally" sprained ankle.

Shelly loved being on top…well, almost on top.

She needed Amber out of the way and Link on her arm to rule the station, but she was formulating a plan…

For 3 months she had been stuck with Mikey as a dance partner, and although he was sweet and funny, he might as well have two left feet. And he could not keep his hands to himself.

More than once the twins had noticed how up close and personal Mikey was getting with Shelly, but they didn't say anything. They were smarter than they looked.

"…and that's why you need to have higher standards Amber! You really think talent scouts will go for a pretty little blonde with no taste?" Velma finished. Amber would be Miss Hairspray again this year, no doubt, she just needed to organise some agents to come see her beautiful baby girl perform and then she could move on from this crappy local station.

Velma had only taken the job on Corny's show to be sure Amber would get the limelight. At first, Amber had been a second rate dancer, but after intense studying of dancing and multiple expensive tutors (none of which Velma had paid for monetarily…if you knew what she meant) Amber deserved the limelight. 100%.

Link smoothed back his dark hair.

"Tough going Link," Joey laughed beside him, "Mrs Von Tussle is hot."

"Joey, man, no," Link retorted, "She also what? 30 years older than us."

"Don't bother me," Joey laughed, "Why else would I need the enhancement down below, if you catch my drift!"

Link shuddered. Too many times Velma had told Joey to remove whatever was shoved down his pants. Link didn't even want to think how she noticed.

"2 minutes dancers!" Corny called, rushing past.

Life was stressful for the host, and he had just been on the phone to Motormouth Maybelle. She was asking for two Negro days a month – once a fortnight!

Corny liked the idea of more Negro days – hell, even intergrating the kids.

But the world wasn't ready for that. At least, Velma wasn't ready for that…