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Chapter 1: Sweet Silence

It's been five years since that fateful day. I was only 12. My mom had been driving me to ballet classes when out of nowhere a car hit ours. It hit the passenger side, the side I had been sitting on. My mom hadn't been injured. She only had a bad headache. Me on the other hand; I was hit in the head and knocked unconscious for two days. When I woke up, I didn't hear a thing.

My mom had been sitting in a seat next to me, holding my hand tightly. When she noticed my eyes opening, she began talking. I watched as her lips moved, but no sound came out. That was when I started to become afraid. What was going on? That's when the doctor came in. He looked like a nice man, but had lot's of frown marks on his face. I saw his lips move as well, but didn't hear anything. When I said nothing to the question I did not hear him ask, he looked up with concerned eyes.

I managed to catch one sentence he said by lip. "Can you hear me?" He asked.

"No." I replied, not even able to hear my own voice. The doctor looked worriedly at my mom, then back at me.

For the rest of that day, they performed many tests on me. At the end of it all, I came positive for deaf. I had lost all sense of hearing. My mom was devastated.

Since then, I have been to 3 schools for the deaf, where I have learned sign language, how to read lips, and how to reply without sounding like I was deaf. I could completely make my way through the hearing world without people knowing I was deaf. Not that I didn't want people to know sometimes. Often, the information on my deafness was necessary. But other times, I like to keep it secret.

People treated me different when they knew. They treated me like I was a little lost child, but I was far from it. I had been taking care of Renee for years. At least until Phil came along.

I was on my way right now to the small town called Forks. The person next to me was really beginning to annoy me. She had short blond hair and blue eyes. She did know I was deaf at first until she tried to ask me something when I was looking away. She had then tapped my shoulder to get my attention. I looked at her and this time she probably asked a different question. "Didn't you hear me? I asked you if you had anything to read. What are you deaf?" She had asked, very rudely I might add. I nodded at her so that she would stop insulting me and her face immediately became apologetic, but quickly changed to excited.

"This is my first time meeting a deaf person." She said.

"This is my first time meeting a hearing person who said that it's their first time meeting a deaf person." I replied, trying to be funny. I don't think it worked very well. She looked at me suspiciously.

"I thought you said you were deaf, but you're answering my questions in perfect English."

Here I go again, explaining things to people who don't understand. "I wasn't born deaf. I got in a car accident. I can read lips and I know how to talk too." I replied. She nodded after a while then let it go. I reached to my carry on and pulled out a few books. "Which one would you like to read?" I asked her. She looked at me in surprise. I had at least 5 books in my hands.

She chose one and the rest of the trip was mellow. I read halfway though Pride and Prejudice by the time the plane began to land.

I waited as everybody got out and the blond girl that had sat next to me left without another word. After a few minutes of people passing me non-stop, a flight attendant came over. Unfortunately, she knew I was deaf. She stopped half the plane in order to get me out. She was just embarrassing herself.

She made her arms look like they were airplane wings spread out from her body. She was trying to tell me that the airplane had landed, but the funniest, most embarrassing part was, she brought her airplane wings and laid on the floor. I laughed and I knew people behind me were too.

"I can read lips you know." I said. The woman got up and her face turned red. Then she looked at me.

I watched as she over exaggerated her words for me. "The plane has landed." She said.

"Ok." I replied. "It would help if you moved so that people can get out." I smirked. She frowned and moved out of the way. I lead the rest of the passengers off the plane. The second I got off, I saw Charlie. I let a small smile light up my face.

Things were always awkward with my dad. I had only seen him once since I became deaf, and it lasted only a day. I had had an interpreter with me at the time too. Charlie didn't know any sign language, and that's the reason that I had wanted to learn how to read lips and speak. So that I could communicate with people who wanted to communicate with me, but didn't know sign. I watched as my dad came. I was excited to surprise him. He didn't know that I could speak yet, he only knew that I could read lips.

"Hi, Bells." He said. I smiled and nodded at him. "Was your trip alright?" I nodded again.

He led me to the cruiser without another word and as soon as we got in, he asked a more personal question.

"So, has your hearing come back at all?"

"No." I replied. He looked at me with wide eyes.

"Did you just talk?"


"But, how?"

"I can reply in perfect English by feeling the vibrations in my chest in throat. Plus, I knew how to talk before the accident. You know that."

"Well, I was a little caught off guard. That's all. At least you don't have to write out what you want to say. It's going to make living with you a lot easier."

I smiled. "You're making me feel right at home." I said sarcastically.

He smiled. "Sorry Bells, but you know that talking isn't really one of my strong points." I laughed out loud and I saw Charlie smile a small smile as well.

As he pulled into the front, I took in everything. The house was exactly the same as it had been before. My room was the same too.

After unpacking my stuff and settling in, I went downstairs to make dinner. Charlie had made what looked a lot like burnt fish. After forcing down a few bites, he tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up at him.

"I, uh, signed you up for school. I hope you don't mind going to a hearing school, I'm sure you'll do fine."

I nodded, I actually preferred going to a hearing school. I was tired of people treating me as a lost puppy. I wanted to be treated like a normal person, but as soon as somebody found out, then I would be ignored and talked about. So there was only one solution: to keep it secret from everybody.

"Thanks dad." I replied. Then I got up and started walking to the stairs. "I'm going to go to bed now. What time does school start?"

"Eight. But I need to be at work by seven, so I won't be able to wake you up."

"That's ok. I can handle it."

I went through the normal routine and placed my vibrator under my pillow. I was excited for tomorrow. But what was going to happen I wasn't expecting.

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