Author's Note:


Hey everybody, I'm not dead. But my grandpa is. That's the reason I haven't updated in so long. This isn't the same grandpa that was sick a few months ago, this was my perfectly healthy, strong as an ox, war veteran of a Grandpa. He was taken to the hospital when he suddenly started getting stomach pains and they said it was nothing too serious. It was memorial day weekend; Ironic that he would die on that weekend, huh? They then found that he had Leukemia , which only a few months before a doctor said that he might have but also said it was not likely. They said they could help him, but it was going to be a long process. Only 3 hours later, he went into a coma and at 12:00-12:10 a.m the next day, he passed away with my aunt, uncle and grandma in the room, while we were stuck two states away. This was also finals week for me and I had to go to school the next day. So I hope you understand that I've been a bit pressured since then. I'll have the next chapter up soon. It's halfway finished. Thanks for reading, and thanks to all of you who have kept with the story through all that's happened. .BEASTXx