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'After six years I am coming home' Sasuke thought as he jumped from tree to tree. Coming home to his village, his friends and his blond. He sighed thinking back to when he left. He couldn't believe that he had left his beautiful blond hair and blue eye angel.


Naruto was kneeing in the shallow part of the lake in the Valley of Death with blood pouring out of the hole in his chest. The wound was close to his heart company with a long slash mark starting at the top of his right eyebrow going straight down to his lip. "Please Sasuke don't leave… don't leave me please... I-I- I love you! Can't we find a different way for you to get rev-" -urrg -He couldn't finish his sentence for Sasuke stabbed him in his shoulder and twisted the blade. He did it three more times, until he was finally felt satisfied "Do you really think I would stay in this village with these weak ninjas! Stay with you when Orochimoor promise me great power to defeat Him!?" Naruto was shock that he would say that about his home. But it quickly turn to angry, he was so very angry. Unconsciously the Kyuubi chakra started to seep out "So you never cared about me? Where you just playing with me then?!" screamed Naruto. Blinded by his emotions he didn't see Sasuke move behind him and hit him. Hard. From the kneeling position he easily fell on his stomach"Ha, see you didn't even see me move, if this is how the village trains it ninjas, then I do not want to be part of it. " he sneered with so much venom that Naruto flinch and knew he could never save his love.


"What got nothing to say, fox got your tongue?"

By now the fox chakra stopped seeping out of his body, knowing that it is needed elsewhere.

He struggled to get up, but when he did he was clenching his broken arm with one hand and his right eye was swollen shut.

"You look so pathetic" Sasuke said

Not having enough strength to stand, he once again fell to his knees then to his stomach but before he passed out, he whisper something

"May your life be a living hell and don't ever come back….." Sasuke threw his head back and laughed. That was all that Naruto saw and heard before he blacked out.

Flashback end

'And without knowing it he predicted my life up until now'

As he got closer he could see the grand gates that held his home as well as the Hokage surrounded by ANUB. He stopped three feet in front of her.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you better have a really good explanation in why in the seven layers of hell are you back here" Hokage Tsunade said in a really calm voice.

"I do"

Tsunade nodded her head and signaled the ANBU to take a hold of him. He looked down and wince when he felt the hands restricting him tighten.

He started to complain when he looked up and notice that she was gone. Realization set in. He looked at the two ANBU and saw that they both had their uncompany hand in the form of the ram.

When he looked back up he was in the Hokage office, the ANBU dropped his arms like they have been burn. 'Not much has change in six years'. He looked around, the desk by the window was still there that overlooked the village, and the paintings of all five Hokages were still up on the wall. He looked back to the desk and notice the Hokage was leaning against it holding a cup he thought was sake.

"So tell me Uchiha, why would you come back now? After six years why now? And not only that, but on this day, a very special day you come back. What the hell is wrong with you, why? Couldn't you just stay with him like a stupid snake you are!?" Yelled the slug princess "Why aren't you answering me?" She throw her cup at him and it would have hit his face if it weren't for a delicate hand that caught it.

"Queen Tsunade! calm down and let him explain himself. He, of course, wouldn't know what today is and why it is special. We don't want to waste time by yelling at Uchiha. Now do we." the angelic voice said

"You're right, Sakura." Sasuke was in shock that this girl… No women in front of him was the girl who was so faithful to him when they were younger just called him Uchiha. And not only that but she turned so beautiful. She let her hair grow out again and now it reached the middle of her back .She also grew into her body. And her clothes were also new; her shirt was still pink 'somethings never change'

But, it stops right under her breast and the sleeves ended at her wrist and they were as wide as a traditional kimono. She had fishnets under her shirt going down to cover her stomach. And her skirt was also pink with two white circles, one bigger than the other overlapping each other near the end of her skirt, and the skirt itself was barely finger length. However, there was an extension to her skirt which was a white cloth that flowed down to her ankles and split up the right side up to her hip. And on her left hand was a brown glove that went up to her elbow and on her feet the ninja sandals went up to her knees. She used her leaf logo like a headband for her hair. He couldn't resist, something from his past something from his old happy life was in front of him. He wanted too, he needed to touch her to feel her, to know that this right here is real and not another hallucination. He went to reach out a hand "Sakura.." he whisper his fingers brushed softly against her arm ,'real', when suddenly one of the ANBU with a mask that has veins on it that makes a picture of a green dragon appeared and grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back.

"Let go of him, Spade" Sakura said with sadness in her eyes as she turns away and look through the window.

"But Blossom he was trying to touch you. And he could of ruin your youthful emotions." proclaim the ANBU.

'Lee?' Sasuke thought and was proven right when Sakura turned backed around and stared the ANBU down "Spade.. Lee, let him go. Did I not just say not to waste time and here we are-wasting time." reluctantly Lee let go.

"Fine my Blossom, you won this time. How anyone can beat your youthful spirit!" he cried

"Uchiha, Sasuke" Tsunade started "with crimes against almost killing a following ninja, treason, and multiply innocent death on your hands what do you have to say?"

Sasuke looked at the Hokage, he actually looked at her and notice the small barely noticeable wrinkles around her eyes and mouth and the weariness and tiredness seeping in to her eyes. She was sitting behind her desk with her fingers stapled together. And although it is she who is looking up to Sasuke, it felt like it was the Hokage looking down on him, not the other way around. Sasuke slightly turned his head when he heard the light clipping of shoes and saw Sakura sitting down near the door, smoothing out her skirt before looking back up and staring him straight in the eyes before grimacing and turning away. He finally felt the ANBU released him, before he too was pushed roughly into a chair farthest from the Hokage. And closer Sakura...and yet not close enough. He heard a delicate cough and realized he was caught staring at Sakura. "Hokage-sama if you may…"

"Uchiha, What do you have to say for yourself?" The slug princess asked again

With one last look lingering look toward Sakura he started "I came here because this is my home. I never truly wanted to leave. It was the curse mark, it made me do things. Most of the time I was either being control by Orochimaru via the curse mark or I was being experimented on. But two years ago a 'friend' come by the hideout, said there is a way for me to break the curse that bastard put on me. And I wanted out, I was not in control when I left or when I hurt Naruto. I never wanted to hurt him." Sasuke explain, he heard the pink hair nin snort next to him, he turn toward her and saw she was once again glaring at him, but also with disbelief written all over her face. "Not want to hurt him huh? Well you sure did a fine job with that now did ya?" She told him with bitterness laced in through her voice.

"Sakura I-"

"Enough!" The hokage turn towards Sakura who was ramrod straight and her face took on a soft quality as she spoke softly " I know it hurts Sakura, but we must know his side of the story." Sakura stiffly nodded looking at her skirt, with her hands worrying together on her lap. The Hokage sighed before speaking again, but this time with a small tilt to her voice "This ordeal was for the best was it not? He got the short end of the stick but is he not happy now?" Sakura choked on a humorless laugh before nodding "My apologies Hokage-sama, please continue." The Hokage gave one less nod to the pink hair nin before turning her attention back to Sasuke "So you are telling me that the snake made a curse mark to actually control people?" nod.

"So how did you get 'free' from this curse?" Sasuke could see the mistrust in her eyes as they switch between his face and Sakura cold and motionless face.

"I killed him it was the only way to get free from him.. the only way." he tried to emphasize with as much emotion possible to convince her.

The hokage was thinking about what he said. And ask the question that was on everyone's mind "Why did it take so long for you to kill that man?"

"I couldn't do it at first because most of the time I was unconscious or I was being control. It didn't stop but it…. Slowed down and when he started to trust me I started to make plans and it was just recently that I killed him. Now I am free from him and wanted to come back home."

The hokage just hummed a couple of times before pushing away from her desk and left the office. Sasuke looked toward Sakura and notice she was once again ramrod straight and steadily not looking at him. "Sakura...I am so sorry for everything please please talk to me." Sasuke begged. But Sakura ignored him and Sasuke notice her fingers started to turn white from the strength she used to keep them together. He tried to reach out to her once again when she suddenly stood up and his hand dropped along with his head. The clicking of her shoes informed him that she was moving and when he looked up he notice she was standing in front of the chair closest to the Hokage's desk, eyes blazing at him in unspoken angry and something stronger the contempt. Her fingers once again clenched on the back of the chair, just staring at him. 'This is my chance' Sasuke thought. He stood up and took a step forward, but when he saw take a step fear? He stopped. "Sakura I know I have done some shitty things, but I am Sorry, can you just talk to me? Or look at me without disgust in your eyes can you please forgive me?" She looked him up and down like he was some sort of insect she is just waiting to stomp on. "Forgive? Forgive you?! That's rich. Do you know how hard it is for me to not go over there and KIll you where you stand?" She said with such venom that he knew she was not playing around.

"...Kill me…?"

"You come waltzing back here begging for forgiveness and thinking you will receive it? I was ready to forgive at the VoD" Sasuke flinched just thinking of the pain he must have inflicted on his blond, "I was ready to forgive five and half years ago...but now no, there is only one way I will forgive you and right now him and I are on the same page.." During her rant she began to pace the length of the room until she stopped right in front of the fourth's painting. Sasuke nodded, "I can understand this, but kill me? You surely must be kidding." In a flash Sakura was in front of him her eyes flashing dangerously. "Yes kill, I am willing to KIll for my King especially what you have done to him. You can not know the pain and the suffering you put him, you put me though when you left. We loved you Sasuke, and you choice fucking power over us, do you know how much the burns right here" she placed both of her hand over heart. "Your weren't there for all the late night crying, holding him in your arms as you reassure him that his is loved nor the tireless nights of staying up because the nightmares kept us up. You weren't there, want to know why?" She did not even let him answer "Because you are the one who put us in that position..If you came back then I may have forgiven you..But not after what you did to him I will never ever forgive you for that. It took him two years for people to just casually touch him without him attacking.." Sasuke was speechless..what was she talking about and who is this 'him'

then a light bulb came on

"..Naruto-" A slap sounded throughout the room Sakura has once again become stoic

"You have no right to even utter his name in my presence after what you did to him" Sasuke backed up with a hand on his cheek, eyes wide open "He told you.." he whispered. Sakura did not say anything else, but turned away and walked back to her seat just in time for the Hokage to come back through the door holding seals…surpassing seals. "one more question…" Tsunade trailed off noticing the tension in the room she looked to Sakura and notice her red eyes and notice the bruising up cheek on Sasuke. She sigh and dropped off the seals on her desk before walking to a still standing Sasuke, before pushing him into a seat and removing his hand from his cheek. She kneeled before him and put her hand on his cheek and her green healing chakra started to heal his bruise "how do I know you not just acting to get on our good side"

"-again" whispered Sakura

"yes again just to go running back to Orochimaru." he said nothing but went into his shirt- at this everyone tense thinking he was going to attack and the Hokage jumped back in surprise. But all he did was pulled out was a scroll. Everyone relaxed. Sasuke got up and threw the scroll on the desk and waited. The slug princess look at it then with very great care she opened it up and there was a small puff and right in front of her was the face was her childhood friend and sweetheart. She knew instantly that is was not a fake and that this boy was telling the truth. She looked up and saw Sakura looked worried. Then she realizes than her eyes were watery. She blinked back the tears. Tsunade coughed "well it seems that the Uchiha was telling the truth. Uchiha Sasuke you have will be suspended of your chakra and are nothing more than a common civilian in this village. You won't be placed in ranks until I see you mean no harm to my people." The hokage said with a cold and emotionless voice. Her face soften just a fraction when she said the next sentence "I, the Fifth Hokage welcome you back home Uchiha Sasuke." The Hokage felt the change in energy around the village, accepting the youngest Uchiha.

and with that Sakura gave him a quick look and whispered a mock 'welcome back'. While the exchanged happen the ANBU were putting the seals on his wrist. "Spade, I need to make an announcement." with that they all disappeared. Leaving Sasuke with the Hokage and Sakura. Sakura walked towards the Hokage near the window, and the Sage put her hand on her head "Are you okay Rook?" Sakura shook her head but smiled explaining that she will be when she sees her family.

"Tus-san what are we going to do? They are coming back today and neither will be too happy about this." Sakura whispered in a hush voice, eyeing Sasuke

"I know Sakura, we just have to play it out and see how it goes."

A swirl of leaves announced the appearance of another ninja, and the end of the conversation.

"We gather them all up, m'lady" said an ANBU with a bird as his mask.

"Thank you. Dismiss" they both said as one. They looked at each other with a secret smile as the ANBU once again left though a swirl of leaves.

"Come on then." the Hokage said to Sasuke

"Hn" was all he said which made the Hokage chuckle and Sakura lip twitched up. When the three of them made it out to the balcony they saw a huge crowd fill with people and ninjas alike. All talking stopped as soon as they saw him. In a booming voice the hokage said "Ladies and gentleman I know today is a very special day-" cries of joy rippled throughout the crowd "But-But! today at midday Uchiha Sasuke came back begging innocence." angry yells was heard "QUITE! as I was saying he came back, and it came to my attention that Uchiha Sasuke is in fact innocent and it wasn't until recently was he able to get out of Orochimaru control and kill that bastard." the hokage voice just kept getting louder that when she said the last word she was yelling. "So as a punishment he is suspended from the use of chakra and will be living in the ANBU HQ until I deem otherwise." then all of the sudden her face change from serious to happy and yelled while pumping her fist in the air "Who is ready to finish setting up for when our 'Kings' arrive?" Tsunade said using their nicknames, everyone yelled and started running trying to get back to work before their 'Kings' arrive. One could hear laughter and singing and the sound of children laughter echoing throughout the whole village

"What's going on here? who are the kings" ask a very confused Sasuke.

While they were making their way back to the hokage's office

He was met with silence and stone cold faces. He notice how Sakura and the Hokage were having a silent conversation. Sakura eyebrows went up and she tilted her head in his direction, and the Hokage minutely shook her head no. The pink haired nin glared at the Hokage...actually glared at her. With an prolonged sigh the Hokage looked towards the ceiling and lifting her shoulders, and turned around and walked quickly towards her office. Sasuke looked toward Sakura with a confused look and notice a tiny triumphant smile on her lips.

"There are something, Uchiha that you need to know." They finally reached the office, and Sakura shot the slug princess a look when she notice her drinking from a sake bottle. Before gracefully falling in a chair closest to the hokage, crossing her legs at her ankle and passively smoothing out her skirt. When she was done she looked him straight in the eyes with badly veiled contempt. Her seafoam green eyes glared at him, and Sasuke was so shock to his core, that he fell non to gracefully in his chair by the door. The Hokage snorted in her sake, while Sakura gave him a mock of a smile and said in a fake happy voice

"Well Sasuke-kun" she used his name out of scorn he thought, "the 'kings aren't actually kings. It started when we had some invaders. They are nickname, code names if you will, we used nicknames like King and Queen, Spade so on and so forth." She ended her speech with a cold smile. Sasuke must had a questioned look on his face for Sakura gave a agonizing sign, and the Hokage told him to speak.

"But why not just use the ANBU code names like bird or boa?" Sasuke confusedly asked

"because Sasuke-san" again with that mocking tone "everyone knows those codenames, only the ANBU black ops names are unknown, long story short those two were our leaders so we called them the Kings, then lady Tsunade was the queen then there was the Ace, spade, so on and so forth." she said in a sickly sweet tone like one uses to talk to childrens, Sasuke felt his hackles raise, he might be an idiot, but the one thing he was not was a child.. and before he could speak she stood up and stretched her arms above her and said "So you will hear time from time someone being called Ace or Spade, which is a very good thing because if it was not for them...well who knows" And with that she gave one last bow to the Hokage and gracefully left the office muttering about stealing the..princes?

"Oh" was the only smart thing that came out of his confused and frustrated adle mind. The Hokage finally separated herself from the sake and explain "Okay Uchiha you are to going to be escorted 'home' until everyone is finished setting up then you may go to the festival with at least at three ANBU you got it?" At the word ANBU, three appeared to escort him to his new 'home'

"Hn" was his acknowledgement. The Hokage gave him a searching look before cracking up and he also heard the three ANBU snickering before they sobered up.. 'what is going on here?' was Sasuke last thought before he was roughly grabbed and teleported to the Headquarters.

~.~.~.~.~.1 hour till festival in the hokage office~.~.~.~.~.

"WHAT!? He can't be here I don't understand why is he here? when I get my hand on him I-"

"Naruto Babe calm down"


"eh no, no talking you need to calm down it is not good for yours or the twins health, yes?" Naruto only nodded with his hands on his slight little bulge on his stomach, he was still tense like he was about to sprang on his enemy. He only calmed down when he felt strong warm arms holding him from behind. Naruto sigh and leaned in to the lean chest of his husband. "Feel better now babe?"


"Naru-chan, where Yuki and Akira I haven't seen them yet?" Tsunade asked after her godson episode

"Umm they are with the flower saying something about not being with her godsons or something of the sort."

"Um topical" said she.

"So tell me what happened when you guys were gone….

~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~With Sasuke.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~..~.~.~..~

When he was at the ANBU HQ he was in for a big surprise.

"Hey Sasuke!"

Said person turned around and was meet with familiar faces all looking at him.

"Sasuke welcome back!" they all said in a monotone voice. He looked around the small group and realized how much everyone changed. And yet looked the same . With their ANBU uniforms and mask strapped to their waist and- 'wait ANBU? aren't they a little young?'

"Aren't you guys a little young to be in the ANBU?" asked the youngest Uchiha. Hinata giggled softly with one hand covering her mouth while the other was intertwined with Nejis. 'hmm Neji and Hinata are together never saw that coming' Hinata was wearing the normal ANBU outfit, and her mask had what looked like a dove on it. Her hair was long, longer than when she was a child and longer than Neji. Her hair stopped just above her waist and was tied in a dark blue ribbon. As where Neji hair just stopped in the middle of his back and was tied in a white ribbon.

"Well Sasuke-san we are a little too young," Hinata said finally getting her giggles out the way "to be in the ANBU apartment, but there are some who are talented enough to take their test earlier. And that's what happened." Hinata said and out of all everyone in the group she looks to be the only one with a glint of mischievous in her eyes, and the only one willing to talk to him.

"Yes, I know that" He said annoyed, why is everyone treating him like a child "But how did everyone get in?" Sasuke asked confused that so much can change while he was gone.

"Well Uchiha-" Hinata started but never finish because all the rookie 9 glared at her 'why are they glaring at Neji like that? Is it my last name? Does it have to do with my him? He must have done something to make the rookie 9 glare at her like that.' ran though Sasuke head. "Sorry, Sasuke-san it is Na-" "the kings" everyone chorused in again glaring at Hinata. "Yes Yes" She said impatiently "the 'Kings' helped us out with training, and really that is all you need to know." she finished as a slow mocking smile formed on all their lips simultaneously. "Any way lets party." again they said in sync and then they smirked, a smirk that looked strangely familiar.


They were on the path to go to the temple where the main celebration is being held when a little body ran right into Sasuke before it hid behind Kiba and Shika. "Yuki Akira!" Sasuke heard Sakura yell at the TWO little peoples that ran him over.

"Yu and Aki you guys are in sooo much trouble how many times must we tell you to NOT prank the villagers." said a very flustered Sakura who was right in front of Kiba and Shika. "But auntie, mommy said "we can


"We do-

"Not hurt -

"The villagers" at first Sasuke thought it was one voice but it was two that was speaking in sync. Humph Sakura let out an exasperated sigh before smiling fondly and smoothing out her skirt before crouching down to be at eye level with the two little boys "Fine, come here so I can take you to mommy and daddy ok?"

"Ok" they said together again. Looking around Sasuke found that everyone had a different level of fondness either in their eyes or on their lips. 'Just who are these kids?'

Sasuke gasped when he saw the twins coming from behind their hiding spots.

They were both holding hands and look just like each other beside some difference like one boy had long dark blond shoulder length hair. The young child had his hair swept across his face so only the one crystal blue eye was visible while the dark red eye was covered. While the other boy had a light black shoulder length hair with his hair also swept across his face, so only the left eye, a dark red color with a slit for a pupil was seen, and the other eye, a crystal blue was hidden from view.

The two little boys walked in front of Sakura. And she gracefully stood up and put one hand on both of the little boys shoulders. Neji and Hinata seeing how this meeting will take longer than necessary they said a unison good-bye and headed out to the temple along with Ino, Lee, Shino and Choji.

This is when Sasuke was finally notice when the one with the blond hair started to giggle nonstop while the other with the dark hair just pointed at him and said "Auntie, who is that person? You know -the one with the weird hairdo?" Sakura looked where Yuki pointed and laughed, at the sight before her. "Really, the great Uchiha Sasuke on the ground because some little pups tripped you?" Kiba said. Before Sasuke could reply, a hand was put in his face, he grabbed the hand, and got up. He turned to see who grabbed him, and was surprise to find Gaara of the Sand helped him. "Thanks" he mumbled. Garra just glared at him and walked right up to him and said "You better not harm a hair on Naruto-sama or hurt him any other way or I will personally take you life with my own hands. Got it?" He said this with such venom and coldness in his voice he shrived out of... Fear. And nodded meekly "Good" then Gaara turned around and looked at the rookie nine "Have you guys seen Yuk-samai or Akira-sama? The Kings are looking for them." Just when Gaara finished with the sentence Sasuke felt or someone tugging on his pants, he looked down and was greeted with two sets of eyes staring at him. "Mister, your name is that of an Uchiha right?" Asked the one with the darker hair, Yuki. Sasuke just nodded. The little boys then looked at each other than talked at the same time to each other

"That can't be mommy said it was only daddy and him-

"Na-uh he said there was one out there she wished was not here-

"So there are now five U-"before they can finished two hands covered their mouths. They both looked up and saw sea green eyes staring at them. "You know not to talk about that don't ya?" They both stared at him so innocently it was cute. They nodded. But Gaara knowing them kept his hands on their mouth.

"Kay come on my little princes time to go to your parents" Sakura signed, while holding both of their hands in her own. As she walked away, Sasuke felt another tug at his shirt he turned his head and his eyes widen immensely. There standing right before him was a little girl of six or so. But that's not what shocked him this little girl looks too much like his blond for it to be coincidence. She came up to Sasuke hip, with the same sun-kissed hair like Naruto has. Her hair has natural light red and blackish blue streaks in her hair. Her eyes though were onyx black with a dark blue circling her pupil. Said eyes were glaring at him with such hate for a little girl. By now the small group was aware of the little girl. And they all backed about away from her.

" Um ah, Saga ha- ha how are you?" Kiba being the only one stupid enough to speak to Saga when she is mad, asked. Saga looked from when she was glaring to look around the small group. A small gasped came from her mouth when she saw Gaara. The glare slid right off her face and her eyes warmed up considerably. Sasuke can tell that when she smiles like that she is beautiful for a six year old.

Being a young child and unable to control her excitement she waved her arms up and down, like she was trying to fly. "Gaara, Gaara you're here! daddy didn't tell me your be here." Saga said. But when she spoke it sounded like she was singing and ran to wrap herself around him. Everyone took a deep breath thinking she would forget about her angry….. for now anyways.

'What in kami's name is going on?'