Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I am merely borrowing the characters and settings created by J.K. Rowling. This is an AU story in that Harry James Potter was born a girl, other changes will be revealed as the story continues. Also, this story though not directly influenced by, is very similar at first to Koinaka's Adventures in Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am also not from Britain, and so stuck with the American version of various words.

Haylee Ophelia Potter was an ordinary girl- at least according to the Dursley family of Number Four Privet Drive. They weren't the sort to allow her to indulge in the imaginative aspects of being a child, as they were of the belief that the least she was exposed to weird ideas the less of a chance she'd reveal her parents freakish talents.

However Haylee Potter wasn't content with this sort of childhood and was proud to say that she defied- in secret- every last one of the tenets to a peaceful life in the Dursley household. She read widely, including such books that would have given her Aunt Petunia a heart attack had she known. And Haylee was pleased to discover that she was not an ordinary girl- thank you very much, having found evidence of a secret society just shy of her ninth birthday when her Aunt had taken her over to Mrs. Abbott's for piano lessons with her daughter. She kept this knowledge a secret- because neither Mrs. Abbott nor her daughter seemed inclined to share, and she knew without a doubt that her Aunt Petunia would have a fit were this knowledge to be discovered, and so it remained a secret, though Petunia must of known anyway, because afterward she was banned from associating with her daughter and had to find a new piano instructor.

The result of her secret knowledge would come to head on this morning, the day of her 11th birthday, which her Aunt Petunia intended to celebrate by inviting the whole neighborhood and then some to the party. As it was her birthday, she was dressed in a hideous concoction that she'd never have picked out on her own, and forced to stay inside for fear that her tomboyish ways would make a mess of the dress. To occupy her time until her birthday, she was cleaning her room and insuring that all her contraband was hidden under the convenient loose floorboard that resided beneath her bed.

Her musings were interrupted with a screech from Aunt Petunia letting her know that the start of her party was imminent and that she had best get down here to answer the door when the guests began arriving. Bounding down the stairs, despite the fact that there was still an hour and a half to wait, she bid her Aunt Petunia good afternoon. Just then the doorbell ring.

"Well, go answer the door to your guest!" Petunia said.

Not in the mood for an irate Petunia, Haylee did as she was told, and when she opened the door a person whom she had never before met in her life was on the other side. He was a short man, almost ridiculously short, and looked to be dressed in the same costume that she had seen once in Mrs. Abbott's living room.

"Who are you?" Haylee inquired, wondering why some member of the secret society was so clearly showing his affiliation to the rest of the world.

"I am Professor Flitwick and am here to deliver your acceptance letter. Professor Dumbledore felt that with your muggle-raised status it would be the best course to reintroduce you to the world in which you were born." Muggle? What an odd word, but curiosity was soon replaced with elation. She would finally discover just what that secret society was, and what's more, it appears that her parents were part of it! She had always wanted to know more about her parents- but though Petunia was on good terms with Haylee, her mother and aunt had clearly not parted well, and she had heard about her mother no more than a handful of times and had seen only one picture, enough to know that she had inherited her mom's hair, eyes, and cheekbones, but that she inherited most of her looks from whoever her father had been.

"Haylee! Stop lingering at the door and bring the guest into the parlor!" Petunia said as she entered the room. She stopped short as she saw the man in the door, and with a heavy sigh invited him in.

"I suppose you are here to invite Haylee to that school." Aunt Petunia said, leaving Haylee confused as to how Petunia knew this man, and what school was she talking about? She already knew about her acceptance to St. Teresa's.

"Yes, madam, Miss Potter's name has been down since her birth. Professor Dumbledore sent me largely to insure that things ran smoothly." Professor Flitwick replied.

"I take it that the Headmaster remembers that I don't care for that world then?"

"Indeed, and knowing your distaste for the world that took your sister, also told me to help collect Miss Potter's school supplies and inform her of some recent history."

At this Haylee spoke up. "Recent events? School supplies? Aunt Petunia what's going on?" Petunia sighed and looked to the short man to explain the details.

"You Miss Potter, are a witch. And I was sent to ensure a smooth transition back into the world of your birth, as well as to personally deliver your Hogwarts acceptance letter." Here he paused to hand Haylee a thick envelope made of some unusual paper. "The school is one of the best in Europe, and trains young witch and wizards from all over Britain to control and shape their talents to the best of their ability. It's the school your parents attended, and both were in Gryffindor, though I daresay your mother was almost a Ravenclaw, and she quite excelled in Charms, though your father favored Transfiguration."

"What subject do you teach sir?"

"I teach Charms and am the Head of Ravenclaw House. Your mother was a favorite student of mine, even offered her a Charms apprenticeship, and but for the war I think she would have accepted."

At this Petunia chimed in, "When I took you in, the war had just ended and I swore that I'd put a stop to this nonsense. You'd be a normal, sensible girl without such thoughts of magic and whatnot in your head. It seems that I failed, and that you will be attending after all. I should of known that I couldn't take the magic out of a daughter of two such people. Since I have no choice in the matter, we shall endeavor to keep this as peaceful and quite as possible, that means that no word of this is to reach your Uncle, he believes that you will be attending St. Teresa's and that's what he will continue to think. You will keep your supplies hidden and do your parents and me proud."

"Indeed Miss Potter, and you shall be quite an excellent witch if your parents are anything to go by. While we are in Diagon Alley, the wizarding shopping center, I shall tell you about the world in which your parents lived, and that you are reentering. Now, I'm sure you're Aunt has some things to say."

"You'll get your school supplies so as to not keep the professor waiting, and then you will get back here in time for the party. We'll just have to give everyone an excuse for why it was pushed back a couple of hours. Why don't you go change into some other clothes?" At that, Haylee went upstairs to get out of her dress.

Several minutes later, Haylee came down the stairs in a noticeably less frilly skirt and blouse, appearing impatient to get going. "What about money Aunt Petunia?" Again, Petunia looked to Professor Flitwick to answer.

"Not to worry Miss Potter, your family is quite wealthy by our standards. We'll make a stop at the Wizarding Bank." Professor Flitwick put in. "Your parents left a trust there to see you through until the age of majority, which is 17."

"How are we to get to there? Is there a magical way of travel?"

"There is indeed, we shall be getting there via apparition, in your case side-along, which is a magic you will learn when you are in your sixth year, and will legally be able to perform at 17. We'll side-along just outside of the Leaky Cauldron, so you can note where it is for future reference. Say goodbye to your Aunt, and when you are ready to go, just grab my arm."

"I shall see you later Aunt Petunia."

"See you later. And see that your supplies stay hidden when you return." With that, Professor Flitwick and Haylee disappeared from the parlor of Number Four Privet Drive