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Naruto and the Dragon Master

Chapter 3: Secrets and Truths Revealed

A few moments later, at the Namikaze Residents

Shark smiled at his student and pulled out a scroll. "Naruto, seeing as you've mastered the Jutsu in your own way, I've decided to give you a gift that should give you an advantage over Neji and the others." He explained as he rolled the scroll out on the ground in front of him. He activated one of the symbols and a sword appeared in a puff of smoke. "This is the Chakra Sword. It was once owned by a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen." The sword looked very much like the Dragon Sword from the video game Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Sword. The orb in the sword near the hilt is clear. "This sword is also called the Chakra Storage Sword because it stores the owner's chakra in the orb." Shark explained as he indicated the orb near the hilt. "The chakra is stored there and came be used to power the sword's attacks or reabsorbed by the owner to replenish their chakra supply. The color of the orb is based on the owner's chakra."

Naruto and the girls were all impressed. "Wow…" They all said as Shark handed the sword to Naruto who cautiously took it.

"Hold the hilt and focus your chakra into your palm, the sword will do the rest." Shark instructed.

Naruto did as he was told and could feel his chakra gently being sucked into the sword until he didn't feel a thing. The orb in the sword had turned into a light blue color. "What all did that do?" He asked.

Shark smiled. "It basically locked the sword into being able to constantly extract small amounts of chakra from you when you're not using your chakra." He explained. "It won't take very much, around 0.5%, but it adds up overtime."

"That's awesome!" Naruto shouted happily.

"Oh it gets better." Shark grinned. Naruto and the girls were all ears for more details. "You see, if you use the blade to block an enemy's jutsu, the sword will absorb the chakra that is in that jutsu and store it for you to use against the enemy." The girls were all speechless while Naruto was excited about learning how to use the sword. "I will train you in how to use it but you are not to use it unless absolutely necessary." Shark warned.

"What? Why's that?" Naruto asked angrily.

Shark sighed. "Naruto, if the Village Hidden in the Mist found out that you have that sword, they'd try to take it back by any means necessary. There's also the fake that the Civilian Council would try to force you to give the sword to Sasuke as it would definitely be of help to him in his quest for revenge." He said sternly. "Now the Leaf Village could easily handle to Mist Village by explaining that the sword was taken from the previous owner after he was defeated in battle and, therefore, is now your property, but the Civilian Council would stop at nothing to get their hands on that sword."

Naruto completely understood Shark's reasoning. "I understand sensei." He said. "I promise not to use the sword unless nothing else seems to work. I'll even use some of my red chakra first."

Shark nodded, as Jiraiya had mentioned it to him before, while the girls seemed a little confused but didn't ask any questions. "That's a good call, kid." Shark said calmly. "Now, as we've got about a week or so before the third round of the Chunin Exam, I'll be teaching you more Chakra control as well as how to use the sword's power."

"Alright!" Naruto celebrated happily.

"However," Shark interrupted, "you will be doing nothing but resting the day before the tournament." Naruto was a little disappointed but didn't argue at all. Shark then turned his attention to the girls. "Kin, you'll remain here from now on. No going out of the house, as we can't afford your former teammates capturing you again." He instructed. Kin nodded as she had no intention of leaving until after the tournament, and the invasion, was over. "Hinata, you can keep coming here for training since you'll be able to help Naruto plan for his fight with Neji." Hinata nodded and had a little blush, knowing that Naruto would need all the help he could get against Neji. "Ino, Sakura, you two are welcome to visit but you are not to speak of anything you see here. No one is to be told about this training or that I'm the one training Naruto, until after the Chunin Tournament. Do I make myself clear?" He glared at the girls, releasing a little Killing Intent, to make sure they understood the importance of keeping their mouths shut.

"Yes sir," the two girls said nervously. They knew he was just making sure they understood but were still a little scared at the idea of doing something that might make the legendary Dragon Master angry with them. They had both heard stories about the awesome power of Master Dragon from different battles in the last Great Ninja War.

That Night, at the Leaf Village Weekly Council Meeting,

The Council meeting was going as it had done for years now, the Civilian-side trying to stick its nose in Ninja business and the Ninja-side trying to not kill them. They were all sitting at a rectangular table that stretch in the middle of the room, with one of the ends facing the door. The Civilians were on the right side of the table while the Ninja were on the left with the Hokage sitting in the middle of the Ninja with an empty seat on both side of him. There were eight Civilian Council Members sitting on the right side, which included the Hokage's so-called advisors seated on the opposite side of the Hokage. Their names were Tomi Haruno, Okane, Kazai, Akogi, Yoku, and Ryoku. The Ninja side was made up of the Heads of the Ninja Clans so there were ten seats, three of which were empty: the ones on the sides of the Hokage and the one closest to the door, which had the Uchiha symbol on it.

The Civilians Council Members were trying to get their hands on the land and resources that were used to train the next generation. Sarutobi was getting sick of all of this and finally decided to call it to an end. "If you say one more thing about taking the land and resources we need to train future ninja, I'll sick Shark Dragon on you!" He shouted angrily.

The Ninja Council Members smiled at the news that Shark Dragon was back in the village, while the Civilians all shut up and paled. "You…you mean he's back?" Tomi Haruno asked. She was Sakura Haruno's aunt and was one of the wealthiest civilian women in the village but was always trying to get more money and power for herself. She was also called the Village Banshee because she would scream at people to make sure she could get her way.

"Yes he's back and he's not too happy with what I've told him about this council and has promised to look into it when he gets the chance." Sarutobi said with an evil grin that sent chills down the civilians' spines.

Homura cleared his throat. "Well, since he has finally returned I suggest we have him unlock the Namikaze Residents so we can see what might be useful to Sasuke Uchiha's development." He said.

The Ninja Council members glared at him. "Hell will freeze over before Shark does that!" Tsume Inuzuka shouted. "You know as well as we do that the Uchiha broke their Clan Pact with the Namikaze Clan years ago, and therefore have no claim to anything the Namikaze Clan created!"

The next person to speak up was a shock to everyone as he usually slept through these meetings: Shikaku Nara. "I agree with Tsume and we all know that Shark would never allow the Uchiha to get their hands on the Namikaze's scrolls no matter what we did. He'd more likely destroy the scrolls than let Sasuke have them." He said calmly.

The Civilians were not happy about that. "Shark Dragon has no claim to the possessions of Minato Namikaze!" Okane shouted. He was a fat man that owned most of the village's maintenance department but was a coward that tried to use his wealth to get his way. "And what does it matter if the Uchiha broke their Clan Pact." The ninja were all upset at this and caused the man to cower in fear. Clan Pacts were agreements made by the Clan Heads to better the relationships between the different clans in the Leaf Village. Breaking one was considered the highest insult to all of the Ninja Council members.

"Okane has a point." Kazai said. She was a snobby businesswoman who ran a number of businesses within the village and was constantly trying to waste the village's manpower by having ninja as personal bodyguards for the Civilian Council members. "The Pact was broken years before Itachi destroyed the clan so that should count as a punishment and allow the Uchiha Clan to reinstate their alliance with the Namikaze Clan."

"Like that'll ever happen!" A new voice bellowed. Everyone turned to see Shark Dragon standing in the doorway.

All of the Civilian Council members jumped out of their seats and started yelling at him. "Get out of here!" Tomi Haruno shrieked causing some of the ninja to rub their sensitive ears. "You have no business interrupting a Council Meeting like this!"

Shark ignored her and sat down in an empty chair near on the left side of the Hokage. "It seems you've forgotten that I'm the Head of the Dragon Clan and have a seat on this council, you arrogant idiots." He growled.

"He's correct." Hiashi Hyuga said calmly. "Even though you all tried to remove his seat, the Ninja Council stopped you in your tracks when we threatened to remove the Uchiha Clan from the council as well."

The Civilians were all upset at being reminded of their failure to remove the Dragon Clan of its power in the village, as well as nearly costing Sasuke Uchiha some of his clan's remaining power. Shark took his seat at the council table and glared at the Civilians. "I'm only going to say this once: Get out!" He growled releasing so much Killing Intent, that even Hiruzen Sarutobi fidgeted in his seat as he was also a little scared. "The civilian business is hereby over with. All that remains is Ninja Business, and none of it has anything to do with you."

The Civilian Council knew better than to argue with Shark Dragon, especially since they were all terrified of the amount of Killing Intent he was releasing. It was so thick that they would probably dent a kunai with it. The Civilian Council members, pretending to be reluctant, left the room without another word to anyone. Once the door was closed, the table automatically changed to being a round table so everyone to see each other. The Ninja Council members, ignoring the changes since they were used to it, all applauded Shark on who easily he handled the civilian council. "Thank God you're back, Master Dragon." Tsume said happily. "I don't know how much more of that I could stand."

The other Heads of Clans agreed. "I do what I can." Shark said with a smile.

"So what brings you here tonight, my friend?" Hiashi asked with a smile hoping inside that Shark didn't know about how he was treating his eldest daughter.

"I have a few things that I need to discuss with you all here." Shark said calmly as he pulled out a storage scroll and opened it. He pressed a symbol and a large contract scroll appeared. It had the symbol of the Inuzuka Clan on it.

"But that's…" Tsume started to say but was too stunned to finish. "Where did you find that?"

Shark smiled as he slid the scroll over to the Head of the Inuzuka Clan. "I heard rumors about someone claiming to have the scroll and decided to look into it." He explained. "I can assure you all that were involved in the theft have been found and dealt with, Tsume."

Tsume bowed her head as she held the scroll close to her like it was her own child. "Thank you, Master Dragon." She said.

"What is that?" Choza asked curiously.

"It is the Inu Summoning Scroll." Tsume said with tears of joy in her eyes. "It was stolen years ago and my clan had feared that it had been destroyed."

Shark just smiled and nodded his head. He then turned and glared at Hiashi, who immediately realized that he was in trouble. "Hiashi, I must say that I'm very disappointed in your actions." Shark said calmly but with a cold tone that sent chills down Hiashi's spin. "I thought I showed you years ago that while natural born skill is good for getting started, it takes hard work and dedication to truly become powerful." Hiashi started to open his mouth to say something but was stopped by a glare from Shark. "I know how you've given up on training your eldest daughter, Hinata, and that is something I know your wife would not have stood for if she were still alive."

"I'm sorry, Master Dragon, but my clan needs a strong leader and-" Hiashi tried to explain.

"Then you should've tried contacting me sooner so I could help her!" Shark shouted at the Head of the Hyuga Clan. "I've been training Hinata for the last week and she is much stronger than she ever was before."

Hiashi was stunned to hear that his daughter was training under Shark's guidance. "I…didn't know."

Shark huffed. "Maybe if you tried being more of a father instead of the Head of a Clan, you'd know more about your own daughter than just what you assume to be true." He continued to glare at the Hyuga Leader. "Had you been paying closer attention to her, you'd have noticed that she is naturally more flexible that any of the other Hyuga, which is what made learning the Gentle Fist so difficult for her. Had you seen this, you've been able to see that she needed to create a style that took advantage of that flexibility, and she would've been a more confident and capable ninja." His glare was soon followed by his Killing Intent. "Then there's the fact that you had her sparring against her younger sister!" He yelled at Hiashi. "What kind of father judges his daughters' abilities by having them beat the crap out of each other?"

Hiashi sank into his seat as Shark's anger was legendary.

"Since you seem to have lost your common sense I guess I need to remind you that Hinata would sooner kill herself than harm a single hair on Hinabi's head." Shark hissed. "You should've known this and realized that Hinata was purposely holding back." He then closed his eyes as went for the kill. "If your wife were still alive, she'd have skinned you alive for having them do that." He said coldly.

Hiashi paled as he realized that Shark was right. His late wife hated the whole branch-families thing and had attempted to convince him to get rid of it on more than one occasion. "You're right…" He mumbled.

Shark took a deep breath to calm down. "Hiashi, I suggest you talk to Hinata about your pact with the Namikaze Clan to see if she is interested." He said calmly. Sarutobi and the Heads of the Ninja Clans knew what Shark was talking about but the advisors didn't. "Let your kids now that I'd like for them to come to the Namikaze Residence tomorrow." Naruto had decided that he was going to come clean with his friends and tell them everything, so Shark was going to do everything he could to get them together. The heads agreed to speak with their children as it would be very important if Shark was using them as messengers.

The Next Morning, at the Namikaze Residents

Naruto was nervous all of the Rookie Nine, minus Sasuke, were in attendance for his confessions, as was Rock Lee, who Naruto respected and like. Tenten had been invited but she was too busy helping Neji train for the finals and apologized with Lee promising to fill her in later, much to Naruto's relief of not having to go through it a second time. Everyone had gathered in the living room of the Namikaze Mansion. Kida and Akamaru were sitting on the floor, Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Kin were sitting on the couch together, Shikamaru, Choji and Lee, who had a cast on his left leg and had to walk with a crutch, were sitting at a table while Shark and Naruto were standing at the entrance to the room, with Naruto trying to get over his nerves. "It's best to just get it over with, kid." Shark said calmly, giving Naruto a gentle push into the room.

"Yeah," Naruto sighed as he entered the room. Everyone calmed down as Naruto sat down in a chair facing everyone. "Uh, hey, everybody." He said nervously.

"So, what's this about Naruto?" Choji asked.

"Yeah, our parents told us that Master Dragon wanted us to be here for some sort of announcement." Kiba said impatiently.

Naruto took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "I've got two things I need to tell you guys about." He said. "I've always considered you guys to be my friends, no matter who I might have acted, I've always thought of you as friends." The others could tell that Naruto was being extremely serious for once. "Bushy Brow, I may not have known you for as long as the others but I respect you as being a fellow underdog and having a dream that you also won't give up on." Rock Lee nodded solemnly as he also respected Naruto. Naruto took another deep breath to calm down. "You all know that about thirteen years ago the Nine-Tailed Fox attacked the village and the Fourth Hokage was able to defeat him."

"Yeah we all know that, so what's the big deal?" Kiba asked impatiently. Before he could say anything else, Akamaru barked at Kiba, which shut him up immediately. Apparently, the pup could tell that Naruto was nervous and that Kiba wasn't helping any.

"What I'm about to tell you is top secret and you could be killed if you try telling others." Naruto explained.

"If it's that top secret then don't tell us." Sakura argued.

"It's alright, he's the exception to the rule." Shikamaru said calmly. The fact that Shikamaru was wide awake made everyone lean in a little more closely.

"Shikamaru is correct. You see, the Nine-Tailed Fox wasn't killed but was seated inside the body of a newborn." Naruto explained. He looked away from everyone, unable to see their faces. "That child was…me." He expected them to all get angry or try to deny it but none of it came. He glanced at them and saw that they were all shocked.

"Is-is that why people have treated you so badly?" Kiba asked cautiously.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, they don't see me but the demon that is sealed inside of me. They feel that it's my fault the village was attacked even though the Fourth Hokage's dying wish was that I be treated as a hero because my body acts as a prison to the Fox. It was only thanks to the intervention of the old man that I wasn't killed as a baby."

The others were all processing the information and they all realized that it made sense. They had all seen how the different villagers had treated Naruto and now it all made complete and totaled sense. "So this is why my aunt hates your guts." Sakura said angrily.

"Yeah, pretty much all of the Civilian Council has been trying to blame things on me or get me kicked out of the village, not to mention the old man's so-called advisors." Naruto informed them.

Everyone was quiet for a while before Hinata broke the silence. "You said there was a second thing you wanted to talk to us about?" She asked timidly but not blushing as badly as before.

"Yeah, you see, unlike what most people seem to believe, the Fourth Hokage had a wife." Naruto said as he showed them the same picture that Shark had shown him. "I want all of you to look closely at this picture. As far as I know this is the only family portrait." He set the picture down on the table Shikamaru, Choji and Lee were sitting at.

All of the others went to the table and gathered around the picture. They didn't really see anything other than the Fourth Hokage and a red-headed woman but Ino was the one that saw what Naruto wanted them to see. "She's pregnant?" Ino shouted pointing to where the woman's hands were.

"Her name was Kushina Uzumaki." Naruto said calmly.

Everyone recognized the last name as being Naruto's. "Wait, you mean you're…?" Choji started to ask but Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, my real name is Naruto Namikaze. I'm the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki." Naruto admitted.

Everyone, but Shark and Hinata, were shocked by this. "None of you are to talk about this outside of this area." Shark said sternly. "If the Civilian Council finds out or some of Minato's old enemies catch wind of this, Naruto's life will be in more danger than it has ever been in before." All of them swore not to speak of it as they all had a new respect for Naruto and would never betray his trust. However a number of them knew that they would be talking to their parents that night about what they had just learned.

The rest of the morning Naruto spent showing his friends around. He gave them all permission to use the Namikaze Jutsu Library, which was filled with scrolls on different Jutsu including Secret Jutsu known only to certain Clans. Shino was surprised to find that there was a copy of an Aburame Clan Scroll, thought to have been destroyed by an enemy years ago, in the library. He began studying and practicing the lost Jutsu that were in the scroll. Sakura and Ino were interested in the Medical Ninjutsu Scrolls, Sakura wanted to become a Medical Ninja while Ino wanted to be an interrogator like her father which required Medical Knowledge.

Rock Lee was especially interested in the Taijutsu Scrolls but Shark refused to let him do any training as he knew Lee's body was extremely damaged from his fight with Gaara. Shark placed his hands on Lee's back and used what Medical Ninjutsu he knew to take a look at Lee's condition. 'This is bad.' He thought. 'There are bone fragments imbedded in his spine. This kid will be lucky if he still has the ability move in a few years, let alone continue being a ninja.' He sighed. 'If Tsunade was here I'm sure she and I could figure out a way to treat him.'

Lee could tell as Shark removed his hands that it wouldn't be good news. "So, what's the verdict?" Lee asked.

Shark sighed. "I'm sorry Lee but there isn't much I can do for you at this time. However, I suggest you stop doing any and all Taijutsu training for the time being." Lee was horrified. "You have bone fragments imbedded in your spinal cord and, if you keep training, you'll not only lose your chance of being a ninja but you'll lose your ability to move at all much faster than if you stopped."

"So, there is no chance of me fulfilling my dream?" Lee asked sadly.

Shark shook his head. "Now, I never said that." Lee looked at him in surprise. "Look, I just want you to stop any Taijutsu training but keep up with your physical therapy. I know for a fact that Tsunade might be able to do more for you than I can but, until I find her, you need to stop your intense training. Those fast movements are causing the bone fragments to go deeper into your spine."

"So, if I stop my Taijutsu training for the time being, I'll have a better chance of recovering from this?" Lee asked hopefully.

Shark nodded. "Now, you can read up on the Taijutsu moves and meditate on how they should be done but no doing them yourself." He warned. Lee promised that he wouldn't do any training.

While the others were looking over scrolls or just hanging out, Hinata had pulled out a few Jutsu Scrolls that had Jutsu that would help Naruto in the fight against Neji. They were Earth Style Jutsu that would allow Naruto to hide underground while his Shadow Clones fought Neji. As Naruto was reading up on the Jutsu, he started experiencing a headache and couldn't focus on the Jutsu. Shark noticed it and could tell something was wrong. He went over to Ino and Sakura, "Ino, could you go and get your father for me?" He asked.

"Sure but he'll want to know what for as he's at work right now." Ino said.

Shark nodded. "Tell him that I sent for him and that we have a possible Level Three Mind Seal that I need his help in dealing with." He explained.

Ino had no idea what that meant as Mind Seals above Level Two were classified as Jonin level information so she knew it had to be serious. She looked at the clock that was in the library and saw that it was lunch time, which meant her father was probably at one of the restaurants near the Interrogation Prison. "I'll be back as soon as I can." Ino said before leaving.

A few minutes later, at a restaurant in the Leaf Village,

Inoichi Yamanaka had just finished paying for his lunch and was heading back to his work area when he heard a familiar voice calling him. "Hey dad!" Ino shouted as she ran up to him.

"Oh, hello, Ino, what can I do for you?" Inoichi asked. He knew that it had to be important if his daughter was coming to get him at work.

"Master Dragon asked me to come get you." Ino replied. "He said that there's a Level Three Mind Seal that he needs your help with."

Inoichi was horrified. "Did you just say level Three?" He asked.

"Yeah." Ino could tell that her father was furious.

"Ino, take me to him." Inoichi ordered and Ino led her father to Shark's location.

Back at the Namikaze Mansion,

Shark was waiting for Ino and her father at the entrance to the Namikaze Residence. "Good to see you again, Inoichi, I just wish it was under better circumstances." Shark said as he led Inoichi to the Library where Naruto was waiting for them.

"What's going on, Dragon-Sensei?" Naruto asked curiously as the others were asked to stand off to the side.

"Naruto, I think someone placed a Level Three Mind Seal in your mind." Shark said.

"Uh, what's that?" Naruto asked.

Inoichi stepped forward. "Those are seals that have to do with decreasing a person's intelligence and chakra control." He answered.

Everyone was shocked. "Wait, you mean that someone purposely made Naruto into knucklehead?" Kiba asked.

"No, it doesn't change the person's personality; it just makes it difficult to learn new jutsu and to focus their chakra." Inoichi explained. "My guess is that Naruto would've been a lot like he is now but he would've been a lot smarter and a stronger ninja."

"Let's not make any assumptions until we've taken a lot inside, Inoichi." Shark said calmly.

Inoichi was surprised by that. "You mean you haven't looked inside?" Shark nodded. "Then how do you know that's what we're dealing with."

"When Naruto was studying a new jutsu, I saw him flinch in pain and rub his head, as if he had a sudden headache." Shark explained. "In my travels, I've seen different side effects for all kinds of jutsu and seals. The ones Naruto showed are the basic ones from a Level Three Mind Seals. Not to mention the fact that Naruto's academy scores were pretty low when you think of who his parents were. Even if he didn't try very hard, he should've done a little better than he did, considering whom he had pulled pranks on."

"I see." Inoichi said. "Well, then we'll just have to take a look inside to verify it." He and Shark summoned their chakra to the palms of the hands and put them in front of Naruto's face. "Naruto, I need you to close your eyes and open your mind to us." Their chakra slowly left their hands and gently made its way into Naruto's mind, so they could take a look around.

All of the other Genin watch nervously. Hinata, Kin, Sakura and Ino were all worried about Naruto while the others were worried about who would do something like this to Naruto.

Inside Naruto's mind, Shark and Inoichi found their way through the tunnels of Naruto's thoughts. Shark found something but, since they couldn't talk, he waved Inoichi over to him and pointed it out to Inoichi. There was a chakra string going through that part of Naruto's mind, the kind that was part of the seal they were looking for. The two started to follow the string back to the source and after a while they finally found what they were looking for. The seal was really complex but it was easy for the two of them to figure out who was behind it. 'Danzo!' They both thought angrily. They memorized the seal and began to work on removing the seal, being sure not to trip any sort of traps.

'When I get my hands on Danzo, I'm going to take great pleasure in slowly killing him before I wring his arrogant neck.' Shark thought as he worked with Inoichi. Shark was good with seals and probably could've handled it on his own but he knew it was best to have an expert on the workings of a person's mind, like Inoichi, around just in case things got complicated.

Inoichi was focusing completely on his work. 'I can't believe nobody suspected this.' He thought. 'Then again, they could have but they just ignored it because of what Naruto has inside of his body.'

It took a while but the two were able to safely remove the Mind Seal. Inoichi motioned for them to leave but Shark shook his head and pointed to another chakra string. Inoichi nodded, realizing that Shark wanted to see where it went, just in case there was another seal. They began following it deeper into Naruto's mind.

What they found was very disturbing.

They indeed found another with Danzo's name all over it. 'A Level Five Mind Eraser Seal!' The two thought at the same time.

'Forget killing Danzo slowly, I'm going to destroy him and those so-called advisors!' Shark thought angrily as he and Inoichi began the long process of removing the seal.

About a half hour later,

Shark and Inoichi finally left Naruto's mind and returned to their bodies. "That takes care of those." Shark said as he sat down to rest. Inoichi wasn't tired as he was used to those kinds of jutsu while Shark didn't have much practice at it. Naruto was sitting in the chair with his eyes closed, resting.

"So what's the verdict?" Kin asked curiously.

Inoichi looked at Shark who motioned for him to answer the question. "There were two seals: An Intelligence Reduction Seal combined with a Chakra Disruption Seal and a Mind Eraser Seal." He answered.

"What did they do?" Hinata asked.

Shark sighed. "The Intelligence Reduction Seal cut Naruto's Intelligence at least in half while the Chakra Disruption Seal made it extremely difficult for him to control his Chakra. To be honest, the only thing that had allowed Naruto to control his Chakra so far was his extremely strong will."

"And the Mind Eraser Seal is pretty much explains itself." Shino said emotionlessly but everyone could tell he was a little disturbed by those types of seals.

"Yeah, someone wanted to be able to use that seal on Naruto should he get too powerful, so they could control him." Shark growled. He looked at Inoichi. "I believe you have more than enough evidence to bring at least two those involved in for questioning, especially if you go to the Hokage directly with this."

"I agree and I was planning on doing just that." The Head of the Yamanaka Clan nodded. "However, I think you should come with me as it would make things much smoother."

Shark agreed and got up but faced the Genin that were in the Library. "I trust all of you will behave yourselves while I'm gone?" He asked and received a nod from all of them. He looked directly at Kin, Hinata, Sakura and Ino, all of whom had gathered around a still unconscious Naruto to make sure he was alright. "Keep an eye on him. When he wakes up, get him any of the scrolls he asks for. I'm sure he will want to take advantage of his newly restored intelligence." The girls nodded. With that, Shark and Inoichi left to report their findings to the Hokage.

Meanwhile, at the Hokage's Office,

Hiruzen Sarutobi was not enjoying one of the parts of his job as being Hokage. The amount of paper work he had to do always seemed to be increasing in size. Even though he knew most of the papers were submitted by the Civilian Council to keep him busy, he still had to do them since he couldn't prove anything. A knock on his door was a welcomed break. "Enter." He said as he sat back in his chair. The door opened and, to the elder Hokage's surprise, Inoichi Yamanaka and Shark Dragon entered together looking very serious. 'Why do I have a feeling I'm not going to like this?' The old man thought as he chewed on the end of his pipe. "So, to what do I owe this visit?" Sarutobi asked.

Shark and Inoichi then proceeded to tell the older Hokage what they had found inside Naruto's mind. Needless to say, saying Sarutobi was angry would've been an understatement: HE WAS PISSED! Fortunately, Shark had put up some privacy seals so no one could hear them as the Hokage was swearing up a storm. "HOW DARE THEY DO THAT TO NARUTO!" He bellowed angrily. "WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON THEM, I'LL MAKE SURE THEY NEVER MEDDLE WITH PEOPLES LIVES AGAIN!"

"Damn, last time I heard you this angry was when your eldest son and his wife were killed by an old enemy of yours that you thought had become an ally." Shark said with a shudder.

Inoichi was shocked to see the elderly man this angry. Sure he was the Hokage but everyone knew he wasn't exactly in his prime anymore. Still, seeing this was a reminder of why Sarutobi had been made the Third Hokage.

"Those assholes will pay for this!" Sarutobi growled. "If it weren't for the fact that we have an invasion to plan for, I'd have my advisors interrogated as well as all of the Civilian Council."

Shark sighed. "I doubt we'll be able to make this stick to the advisors as they'll just brush it off as defending the village and say that it was all Danzo's doing." He said.

Sarutobi couldn't help but agree. "Those two are becoming more troublesome as time goes on." He said. He then muttered something that Inoichi couldn't hear. Shark, however, heard something about the Uchiha Massacre but couldn't quite figure out what it was.

Shark sighed and finally made up his mind on something that had been bugging him for a while. "I've decided that I'll be sticking after the Chunin Exam." He admitted. "I'll be staying at the Dragon Mansion, since it is right next door to the Namikaze Mansion that way I can continue to train, and keep an eye on, Naruto."

Sarutobi was relieved, not only would Naruto be safer now but Tsunade would most likely be willing to return to the village once she learned of this as well as Shark would be able to help Sarutobi regain control over the Leaf Village Civilian Council. "That's a relief." Sarutobi said. "I'm getting to old for all the shit the Civilian Council keeps pulling."

Shark smirked. "In that case…" He stood up from his seat, formed a hand sign and shouted, "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Two clones then appeared. "These two will help you take care of the paperwork so you have more time to get back into shape." Shark said with a smile. "At night, they'll disperse and in the morning I'll create two or three new ones to come help you."

Sarutobi smiled happily. "Thank you Shark." Now, he would have more time to focus on preparing for his inevitable fight with Orochimaru.

To Be Continued…

Author's Note 2: I know the civilian Council members names mean greed, power, wealth and money in Japanese and I did that on purpose because that was either their main characteristic or what they cared about most.