After the events of the Forge, Voyager's security force became even more skilled. The Chief supervised additional training, including a short holodeck program based on UNSC Marine Corps basic training. The Hazard team's training was also solidified and they went through a modified version of the Special Forces training given to UNSC Helljumpers, since the Federation didn't use HEVs. Eventually, contact was made with Starfleet Command. Voyager learned the Federation was in the middle of a war; Starfleet Command was interested in the Chief's experience to help their ground forces gain an advantage over the Jem Hadar.

The Chief and Cortana transmitted suggestions based on different situations encountered. They were especially interested in the weapons developed by the Voyager crew such as the I-mod. Starfleet Command also decided to develop their own version of HEVs, to supplement transporters and shuttlecraft to deploy troops to planets. HEVs can be used in place of transporters went there is a dampening field preventing transport. These HEVs had their own shielding and ablative armor, increasing the drop survival rate.

After a few more years in the Delta Quadrant, Voyager found a shortcut home. A Borg transwarp hub. Using technology from the future, Voyager engaged a Borg armada and hurtled into an unstable transwarp conduit headed for the Alpha Quadrant. A Borg sphere captured Voyager and imprisoned the ship in a dampening field. Lieutenant Alex Munro, the Master Chief and the Hazard team would have to sabotage the Borg sphere in order for Voyager to escape. The Hazard team would free Voyager's crew…or watch them be assimilated…