The Enterprise, now in formation with the Warbirds had a channel open to the leading ship.

"Tolochon 2 in peaceful again." Said Picard

"At great cost." Replied the Romulan Commander

"Yes, we both suffered losses."

"You suffered casualties to help Romulans…I will tell the Senate."

"You can also tell them they didn't die in vain. The Idryll ruins are gone."

"Good…but…are you sure the ruins were the work of the Idryll?"

"The archeological record is quite clear. The Idryll had a star faring civilization long before the Romulan Empire or the Federation."

"And the Attrexians knew it. They covered up evidence of an ancient Idryll culture?"

"Yes. A culture that decimated itself with reckless bio-engineering."

"That monstrous creature destroyed all the Idryll colony worlds?"

"In their short-sighted quest for power they unleashed a bio-engineered monster they could not control. Other star faring races ultimately destroyed the creature."

"But not all the facilities?"


"How is it any Idryll survived?"

"It appears that a few Idryll survived on a devastated colony planet. They lost their technology but held on to legends of their ancient glory."

"They're lucky not to be extinct. Our people might have met the same fate, if the Empty Crown had succeeded."

"Fortunately you chose loyalty to the Romulan people. Over loyalty to the Romulan war machine."

"Yes…you are a man of honor Captain Picard. And now we must both exit the Neutral Zone." The channel closed and the Warbirds broke orbit, cloaked and jumped to warp.

"Set a course for the nearest Starbase." Ordered Picard

"Course laid in sir, ready to return to Federation space." replied the Helmsmen

"Make it so."

As the ship broke orbit, Picard turned to the Chief and Munro. "Gentlemen your performance was exemplary. The Exomorphs posed a grave threat to the Federation. The Romulan government is also grateful that you stopped the Empty Crown from taking over and dragging them down in a pointless war. Your actions have not only saved lives but they have given the Federation a new opportunity to pursue peaceful relations with the Romulans." He said

"The Hazard team's performance has surpassed my expectations. You have established yourself as a leader Lieutenant. You have every reason to be proud." Said Tuvok

"Indeed. I will recommend that Starfleet establish Hazard teams throughout the Federation. We could use them on our exploratory vessels. Excellent work Lieutenant, Chief."

"Thank you sir. It's an honor to serve aboard the Enterprise." Said Munro

"You are both a valuable addition to the crew. Enjoy your shore leave; you and your team have more than earned it. Dismissed." Replied Picard

The Chief and Munro left the bridge. The Chief went to his quarters to get some rest. Munro went to Telsia's quarters where she waited for him still dressed in her Hazard armor.

"Hi Munro, come in." she said as he walked through the door.

"Great to see you Telsia."

"Thanks for asking me to dinner."

"Thanks for accepting."

"You were afraid I wouldn't?" she asked

"I guess so."

"Since when are you afraid of getting shot down?"

"I was afraid of being with a woman who risks her life. But I realized that's cowardly."


"My girlfriend would have to face the fear that I might die too. I can't expect less from myself than I'd expect from her."

"Oh Alex."

"So…ready for dinner?" he asked

"I'm ready to hear you talk more about you and me."

"Ah well…you look ravishing in that Hazard suit." He said

"Why thank you kind sir. But I'm looking for a chance to power it down and slip out of it…" she said with a smirk

"Oh? You've been wearing it so long I thought it was a part of you."

"Oh it comes off."

"Really?" he asked

"It takes courage to find out. A relationship is not an easy thing."

"The most Hazardous mission yet…" he said putting his hand on her cheek on drawing her close for a kiss…

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