A/N: This is my new story and yes it has Alexis in it but in a different way. Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyers.

Summery: Edward loved someone before Bella but gave her up. This is Alexis story and her reaction when she sees the Cullens again and her meeting Bella. Do Feelings every really die?

4 years ago

You don't want me anymore?


Please tell me why? What did I do?

You did nothing to me Alexis. You were just a Plaything to me. Something to entertain me.


No, Alexis. We are leaving. Don't follow us.

But I love you?

Well, I don't love you!

I wake up..the memory still fresh in my mind from four years ago and my life going downhill. He left me..they all did. They left a girl that was once the life of the party but now is left with nothing but a broken heart and the reality that I am nothing. Nothing but a play thing. That is what he said to me. That is the last memory that stuck with me. Now 4 yrs later I am at Yale still trying to comprehend it all. I finally manage to get up to get ready for class as I splash water on my face. Trying to face yet another day..trying to move on.

It certainly wasn't easy by a long shot. Being told that you are nothing. Still wishing that he would come back or for any of them to come back. I wanted to confront them. Yell..anything..to see how they left me but that never happened. It was what he said..it will be like we never existed.

I finally manage to get dress and head off to my class. I walk in taking a seat next to my friend Heather who is truely my hero in many ways. She helps me live with my own sanity most of the time. She also reminded me of Alice in a way. Bubbly and always up to date with the fashion of the world. Today she was wearing a pink mini skirt and white blouse. She gave me that look that said "I hate that you are wearing that outfit" but I was running late and didn't have time to put on anything else but sweats. I put my head down on my desk as she clicks her tongue at me.

Heather- What is the point in going shopping with you if you are going to wear that?

Alexis- Sorry, I had a late night again. Didn't have time to change into my fancy designers duds.

Heather- You still having that dream?

Alexis- Like clockwork.

Heather- It's been what..4 yrs now. You got to forget about the jerk Lexie.

I sigh..yeah that is easier said than done. I keep my head down as I hear the door open. I suddenly hear some of the girls gasp along with Heather. I look up to see Heather fixing her hair. She only does that when she is interested in a guy. I look up at the front of the class to see a brunette girl and oh my gosh. No it can't be. No he can't be here. Standing at the front of door is the one person I never expected to see again and my heart sank. His eyes caught mine and I could see his surprise as well. I run out of the class as I hear my professor saying my name but I didn't care. I was going to be sick as I ran right past my him..my former boyfriend...Edward Cullen!