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Rose POV

I couldn't believe it. After everything, she was alive. I know I shouldn't be mad but I was. Again we were uprooting our lives for a human all due to Edward's guilt. Uh why didn't Alice see this? She said Alexis was dead, how could she miss out of the fact that she wasn't. Now I find us living in
New Haven, Connecticut.

You would think after making us move here that she would be grateful but she wasn't. She ignored us! All of us. I could understand her ignoring me because yeah I am not the easiest to get along with but she wouldn't even look at Alice and that right there pissed me off. What did Alice do to her for her to deserve that?

That got me to thinking though, what if Edward didn't tell us the truth. He all told us that she took the news ok and that we were going to be ok? I knew she wouldn't tell anyone, who would believe her anyway but there was that nagging feeling that something wasn't right. Everytime I saw Alexis since we arrived, she looked hollow. Like there was no life in her whatsoever.

I wasn't getting my answers from Edward as he kept dodging me. I was going to ask Alexis myself when I noticed her with The Volteri guard member that one day and my heart sank. What was he doing here and Alexis had to know that he was a vampire? Either she is delutional or she didn't care anymore. I rushed off and told Edward and Bella that day but when Edward came back he was furious. What the hell was going on?

According to him, she didn't want help and something happened. Something serious cause Edward was cussing a mile a minute and it freaked me out. He wanted to help her but she just didn't want it, or even knew she needed it.

A few weeks went by since that incident as I was walking over to the Student Center just after finishing one of my Merchanical Enginerring classes when I looked over to the side to see Alexis running out of the Science Building. Usually I wouldn't have cared but the look on her face made me take notice. She had that mixture of panic, hurt, and desperation all rolled into one. I watch as she ran to the Library so I decided to follow and I am very glad I did as right when I found her I saw her looking over the outside balcony edge.

Lucky for me I manage to talk her down but what she just said floored me. I wasn't shocked that Will would use her or somehow that my brother was involved in her finding out. I always thought that was what Will was here for. No, she shocked the hell out of me when she told me she was pregnent. I just stood there as I saw her slowly sit down on the ground. The tears in her eyes as I walked over and sat next to her.

Alexis- I'm scared Rose.

Rose- I know you are.

Alexis- What am I going to do? I know Bella was human but she ended up turning.

Rose- She died during child birth, Edward had to turn her as Nessie was killing her.

I watched as Alexis turned very pale. I knew she never wanted this life, it was never her intent to turn into a vampire but she didn't want to die either and the fear in her eyes proved that.

Alexis- What should I do Rose?

Rose- Come with me back to the house, we will talk to Carlisle, we will figure this out. I am not going to let you die Alexis.

Alexis- What about the thing with Will?

Rose- Does he know your pregnent?

Alexis- No I was on my way to tell him when I heard him talking to Edward and Bella..when he admitted to using me.

My rage was going off the wall but I took a deep breath, reminding myself that I could kill the bastard later as I stood up lowering my hand down to Alexis.

Rose- We will figure out what to do about him when we talk to Carlisle.

I watch as she nods before she slowly takes my hand as I help her up. I give her a half hug as I walk back into the Library with her as we make our way downstairs and out to my car. I could feel Will's eyes on me as I give him a low growl that Alexis wouldn't hear to tell him to stay away for right now. After making sure she was buckled in, I pulled out the space and made the way to the house.