AN: Sorry this took so long to write, I have been busy at work and have not had time.

Alexis POV:

I sat in Rose's car is silence as I take a breath as I look out the window as Rose drove me to her house. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her looking at me.

Rose- What do you want to do Alexis?

Alexis- What do you mean?

Rose- If there is a chance that..

I turn looking at her now knowing what she meant.

Alexis- If it comes down to it, let me die. I was never a believer of abortion.

Rose- You won't die, I won't allow it. I give you my word on that.

I nod as she pulls up to a huge house as I give a small chuckle. Go figure that Esme would insist on a big house. Rose puts the car in park as she gives me a soft smile in response.

Rose- I know Esme loves it though.

Rose get's out of the car as she opens the door for me as I follow her inside and the first person I see is Alice as she runs up hugging me tightly.

Alice- I am so sorry, if I knew what he was going to do then I would have told you.

Alexis- It's ok Alice, guess I really don't matter to anyone.

Alice- Oh dear, yes you do and I wasn't talking about Will. I was talking about the ass of my brother and the way you found out.

Esme- Alice, language!

I look up to see Esme standing there as she gives me a soft smile before walking over giving me a hug.

Esme- It's going to be ok dear.

Rose- Esme, is Carlisle here?

Even before Esme can answer the question.

Carlisle- Yes I am. *pauses* Hello Alexis, was wondering when you were going to come and visit us. It is good to see you again.

Alexis- You too Carlisle.

Rose- Carlisle, we have a problem.

Carlisle- Which is what?

Rose- Alexis is pregnent.

I lower my head mostly in shame as I feel a side hug from Esme as tears come to my eyes.

Carlisle- Alexis, it's going to be ok, but I need to know who the father is?

Alexis- No, I can't. What good will it cause? He got what he wanted from me, he won't come.

Emmett- I will personally make sure he comes.

Carlisle- Does he even know you are pregnent?

I shake my head no as I again feel my world come crashing down.

Alexis- He won't care. He will just leave like everyone else.

The tears run down my face as I feel another hug this time from Rose as she looks at Carlisle.

Rose- Carlisle, William Steele is the father. He used her to get revenge on Edward.

Carlisle walks over to me as he as well gives me a hug. I have always seen Carlisle as my dad. He gives me a kiss on the forehead.

Carlisle- I want to take a look sweetie, come with me to my office.

I nod as he takes my hand as he walks over to the door before he turns to look at Emmett.

Carlisle- Go get Will, this need to be resolved.

Emmett is out the door before I can even respond as Carlisle again calms me down as he whispers in my ear but I knew this was going to be the end of me and my damination to hell in the process. Either I die or I turn, neither is what I wanted.