I know that I am not meant to use entire chapters for Authors notes (so please don't report me), but I thought that it would be best for me to let everyone know that I will not be continuing this story in this style any longer because I recently read over it only to realise it was simply the ramblings of a child. I have decided to rewrite this story if a completely different style so as to actually get through more than just the first episode. My writing style is still horrible, but because I feel that it is a little more mature I shall be trying to restyle this fanfiction soon. Although this may not actually end up happening for a while because I am currently undergoing my final year in High school and it is pretty hectic at the moment. So thank you to all the people who fav'd this story and is actually still here to read the end of this. Please leave a comment if you wish for me to link you to the new version of this story when it is eventually updated. ^^