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When I emerged from the bathroom, Lissa's eyes raked over me.

"You look great, Rose!" she exclaimed. She had changed into her lavender colored dress while I had been in the bathroom, and she was doing her makeup. "Gimme a sec, and I'll do yours next."

Her hair was pulled up into an elegant bun, with a few curled, loose strands, framing her face perfectly. Her lips were glossed, and her eye shadow was a light, pale pink.

After a moment of touching herself up, she made me sit, and pulled out a makeup brush.

"You ready for your party?" she asked me.

I grinned. "Hell yeah. This is me we're talking about! I'm always ready for a party!"

Lissa laughed. "True." She took out some red lipstick, and applied it to my lips. "You know, that dress is going to give every single guy there a heart attack."

"Yeah, I think I figured that one out. I really, really hope that's what happens," I smiled at the thought.

"Have you looked in a mirror?" Lissa asked as she put the lipstick down. She picked up the eye shadow, and picked a color. I didn't pay much attention, because I trusted her choice.

She began to apply the eye shadow, carefully rubbing the brush over my eyelid.

"I have, actually," I smirked. "Just not sure what the reaction's gonna be. Who all is coming to this party?"

Lissa finished applying the eye shadow and I opened my eyes. "Everyone," she said. "Hell, even your mother."

(Note: I wasn't sure if anyone knew that Abe was Rose's father yet. So, even if I did do the big reveal, I forgot, and I'm doing it again.)

"Abe too?" I asked.

Lissa blinked in surprise. "Who's… who's Abe?"

"My father," I said, the words slipping out before I could stop them.

Lissa dropped the hairbrush she was holding. "He's your what?"

"My father," I repeated calmly. "Didn't I tell you?"

"No, you didn't!" she exclaimed. "I just met him yesterday. Your mother told me she was bringing him along to the party. How did that not come up?" she was deep in thought, trying to figure out how no one had told her until right now.

"Does anyone else know?" I asked.

She shook her head. "I don't think so. I asked around, and they all said he was in the mob or something. He seems dangerous. Makes a lot of sense that he's your father," she mused.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "I'm offended."

"Don't be. It was… sort of a compliment."

"Sort of? I'm flattered," I said sarcastically.

Lissa leaned down and picked up the brush she had dropped, and started to run it through my hair. Once she got the knots out, she started to style it.

"He's really your father?" she asked quietly.

I smiled. "Yeah," I told her. "That's what my mother told me. That day she asked to have dinner with me she introduced him to me. I freaked out, and ran. Then, he and I talked, and he said he wants to be in my life…" I let out a big sigh. "I'm not sure what to do."

"Let him be in your life, Rose," Lissa advised me. "If he wants to get to know you, let him. You'll kick yourself later in life if you let this opportunity pass you by, and you know it just as well as I do."

"I know. I just… it's hard. Out of nowhere, this stranger comes and tells me he's my father. Just… seems a bit difficult for me to grasp. And then he wants me to automatically accept him? It's going to take some time," I told her.

"I'm always here to help. So are Dimitri, and Adrian, and I bet even Christian. You know that, right?"

"Of course, Liss. I know that. It's just hard for me to talk about it, you know? None of you have been in my situation. No one can really… relate. Sure you can figuratively put yourself in my shoes, but you can't know what you'd do until you were actually in this situation," I reasoned. "But, I know you'll try your hardest to get me to keep a level head."

"You're right," she told me, fiddling with my hair. "I'm here to keep you from doing stupid things that you'll regret."

"And I'm here to make you do stupid things you'll regret," I grinned.

"See. We balance each other out," she told me, and picked the hairspray off of the dresser. She sprayed my hair, stepped back, and looked at my appearance. "Looks like you're good to go," she said.

I looked in the mirror, and grinned at my reflection. My hair was in a half up-do, and curls hung around my face, more intricate than Lissa's and completely beautiful.

"It looks great!" I exclaimed excitedly. "Thanks," I gave Lissa a tight hug.

"Come on, we'd better get going," she said, grabbing my arm and leading me out the door.

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