Yeah, I've got the next bit worked out for Reaper, worked out but not fully written, but these little bunnies have been nipping at me and are getting supremely annoying so I'm following the crowd and here comes the various threads that may or may not be woven into an entire story- also, so ya'll know, I changed my penname slightly, but it's still me kittydemon18 aka starwberry_nerd

Harry frowned as he looked at his potions essay. It seemed alright but Snape was always taking points off for even the slightest error. The boy-who-lived looked up to glance around the common room for Hermione. After the troll incident and the girl bullying her way past Ron's rudeness into being his friend she had insisted on proofreading his homework, something he was very grateful for.

"Hey Ron," Harry called to his red headed friend who was busy creaming Dean in a game of chess.

"What Harry?" Ron replied and he smirked as he put Dean in checkmate. The other Gryffindor groaned and handed over the three sickles that had been bet on the game's outcome.

"Have you seen Hermione?" Harry asked and the red head frowned and glanced around the common room. Then he shrugged.

"She's probably in the library," he said dismissively, "Want to play?"

"Haven't you heard?" Lavender interrupted and the two boys looked at her with confusion on their faces.

"Hermione's parents withdrew her from the school after they found out about the whole troll thing. She'll be attending some school in France instead." Lavender said, looking smug.

"Oh," Ron frowned and then shrugged, "Too bad, hey Neville, mind helping me with my herbology homework?"

Harry blinked and felt rather sad and a little empty, as if something very important had just been lost. Then he sighed and went back to his potions essay. It wasn't going to correct itself.

Several months later Harry Potter found himself facing a wall of blue fire with a riddle and several small bottles in front of him. He glared at the riddle and tried to figure it out but remained clueless. As he tried to figure out how he would get past the fire, he almost didn't realize that the flames blocking the door to the room ahead had suddenly disappeared.

"Harry Potter," a voice hissed and Harry was horrified when he came face to face with a strange monster of a man. It was Professor Quirrel but he had a face growing out of the back of his head. The face smirked.

"This might be even more useful," the face hissed and before Harry could move he was encased in darkness.

Voldemort quickly forced his host body to leave Hogwarts, Harry Potter in tow. He wondered why he hadn't thought of this before. It didn't matter anymore if he couldn't get his hands on the philosopher's stone already in existence. With Harry Potter he could create an entirely new body, one stronger than the last and once he had his strength back he could force Flamel to create a dozen philosopher's stones. What was almost even better than that was without their savior the wizarding world would crumble before him and he would reign supreme.

For this one I was in a bit of a vindictive mood and am generally annoyed and then I lost my train of thought towards the end so it's a bit more rushed than I like. I am not a parent but I am a big sister and I know that if my baby sister went to a school where she was exposed to seven foot tall monsters that tried to squish her with a club and three headed dogs and that she utterly miserable because the other kids couldn't handle that she's far smarter than they are and willing to prove it then I wouldn't stop until she was removed from the school and sent somewhere else where she'd be happier and, most importantly, safer