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Chapter 2- The Welcoming

(Girls POV)

Jessica, Becca, and Tillie had washed up and changed. The girls always spent so much time together they all had a pair of night clothes, work dresses, party dresses, breeches and shirts in each other's closets.

They walked into the kitchen and Jessica gave her money to her ma. She told her ma. "This is what I made at work today. It's more than I usually make! I will be going to the Dancing Dove now okay.

Her ma replied "Okay, see you later." And that's when her da spoke up.

"You can go to the Dancing Dove, but you will not be coming back. I do not want you in this house anymore." Her da said quietly.

"Drake" her ma's shocked voice rang out.

"Shut up woman," her da said. "I'm just telling her the truth." Then he addressed his daughter "You bitch, you haven't been worth the money we have been spending on you. No man buys anything from you, and there has been no marriage offers either."

Jessica froze, her parents had been looking for marriage offers for her, but she was only fourteen. She looked at her friends, she needed them. How long had her da been planning this? Her friends nodded reassuringly at Jessica.

Her ma spoke "Drake, she is staying in this house as long as I am living here."

"She is not staying here no matter what." Her da's voice started to rise.

"Then will be divorcing you." Her ma calmly said.

Ethan walked inside to hear his ma say "Then I will be divorcing you."

He wondered, what had just happened? He walked to the kitchen where he heard his da screaming incomprehensible words.

His friends exchanged glances. It seemed that they had walked in on a fight, but that man sounded extremely mad, maybe it was a good thing they had walked in. That guy might hurt the lady.

As soon as they stepped into the kitchen they gaped, it was the girls who were fighting in that alley before.

Ethan groaned, now he finally remembered. That black haired girl had been his sister grown up and her best friends, no wonder those fighting moves had looked similar. He had taught them to all of them, as well as the use of knives, daggers, archery, some sword, and street fighting. He looked at his friends they all looked stunned. "That's my sister, the black haired one, and her friends."

"Oh, wow. You didn't remember how she looked?" Fred questioned.

"It's been four years, and they have changed a lot!" Ethan defended himself.

"Well not to break up this, I don't know confusion party maybe? We should go help your ma. Your da looks like he will kill her." David chimed in.

The boys nodded. David quickly went over to Ethan's da, he gestured over to Ethan's ma to come over there. "You are sure you want to divorce him?" She nodded and then he clasped their hands together and murmured the Mother Goddess's divorcing spell. Ethan looked over at his ma during the part when one of the people married had to willingly say "I divorce him/her by my own true choice"

Ethan's ma quickly recited that and the mother goddess left a mark of proof to show that she accepted the divorce, she sighed and whispered "thank you" while she went to her room to get her stuff.

Quentin immediately demanded that Ethan's da give the dowry for his ma back to her. He started screaming again so Ethan's sister went out of the room to get the money. She came back with her ma. Apparently her ma had some of the Gift because she managed to pack her clothes and her daughters clothes in ten minutes.

She said something to her friends and they all left. Ethan and his friends started to follow.

Jessica looked at her ma who was walking at a fast pace in front of her. She caught up and asked her the one question that had been weighing her mind down "what are we going to do?"

Her ma answered "you are going to the Dancing Dove with your friends and your brother and his friends. I am going to ask Robert if he will take us in. I will take your stuff sweetie, give it to me."

"I'm pretty sure he will, so we will meet up there later. Okay, bye." She kissed her ma on the cheek, gave her ma her stuff and started walking to the Dancing Dove.

Jessica soon heard "when I became squad leader I expected it would be me who gave the orders, not somebody younger than me!" she silently grinned, he had a sense of humor it seemed. But if you were friends with her brother you had to have a sense of humor.

They reached the Dancing Dove. As soon as she got there the barman Cody of Malabou asked her "is it four as usual?"

"No, sadly these guys are not just following us; apparently we actually have to pay attention to them. I think it's seven, or is it eight?" Jessica replied looking at Becca.

"I can ditch him for today, if he comes tomorrow I can say I had a family issue to deal with, I just won't tell him it wasn't mine." Becca replied.

"Okay then, can you bring a pitcher of lemonade to our table, ask them if they want anything stronger." Jessica grinned.

"What, you don't want to ask us yourself?" Ethan said pretending to be offended.

"Not really, and anyways I don't even know who they are." Jessica shrugged.

"He doesn't either," Quentin pointed out dryly.

"Yeah, but I don't care." Cody replied.

"Well I think lemonade sounds fine," David winked at his friends, they had all sworn off lemonade after they had gotten drunk that one time.

"A pitcher of lemonade coming right away then," Cody grinned.

The lemonade came quickly and introductions were made. The blonde was Tillie of Lapaz, and the auburn headed one was Becca of Moreza.

Hmm, why is Becca taller than me, not cool, thought David who had a height problem, he was short and girls always seemed to call him adorable. (He is like 5 ft. 4 in.)

Quentin was thinking: I wish Emma was here. It's so boring without her.

And Fred was daydreaming, Food, wonderful delightful food. I hope they ave some I'm hungry. (He is daydreaming about all his favorite foods, and starts drooling).

Ethan sighed, he was beating himself up. Why couldn't I remember what my sister looks like, I feel so stupid.

(Girls POV)

I looked at the four boys, they all had a dreamy expression on their face and Fred was drooling. Hmmm, I wonder why. If it weren't for the fact I also drank that lemonade, I would say it was spiked.

I looked at the clock on the wall, it was already ten. Time to go home, except where was home? She didn't want to impose on Robert. He was always nice to her, and she didn't think he had enough space in house. He probably only had enough space for the boys and her mother.

Becca looked at Jessica's face and figured out what she was worried about so she decided to take care of her. Poor girl, she already had so much to deal with. "Jessica, Tillie, do you want to sleepover at my house?"

Tillie caught on what Becca was doing, "yeah, it's been so long since we had a sleepover!"

Jessica smiled; her friends always knew what she was worried about. "Thanks, sleeping over sounds like fun! Ethan, you know the way to Robert's house right?" Ethan nodded, "ok then you can go there with your friends and tell mom I am staying at Becca's."

"What," Ethan looked stunned to see his sister leave him as soon they had met.

"Just what she said," Tillie was getting a bit exasperated, didn't he know what his sister was worried about.

"Fine," David cut in before Ethan could say anything stupid. "We will go to Robert's, and will see you tomorrow."

"Ok, bye," Becca swiftly got up. Tillie and Jessica quickly followed; they went to the bar and paid Cody who as usual didn't make them pay the full amount, and left.

The next day at Robert's house (Still girls' POV)

"Hey ma," Jessica whispered. The boys still weren't up yet, "I'm sorry I made you divorce da."

"What made you think you did it? I have wanted to divorce him for a while you know. Sweetie, you just gave me the chance. He was always unfaithful, and I know for a fact that he has been sleeping with the maid from Snipping Scissors." Her ma laughed at the surprised look on Jessica's face.

"Oh, well what are you going to do? You don't have a job." Jessica needed to know, because if her ma didn't have any idea about what she was going to do now. Jessica wouldn't be able to do the thing she had planned out yesterday during the sleepover with her friends.

"You know Robert has always been nice to us, well." Her ma blushed, "he asked me if I would marry him."

Jessica smiled, she loved Robert. He had always treated her like a daughter, more so than her own da. "Well what did you say?"

"Yes, I was worried how you would accept it but I decided that I would marry him."

"I'm glad you thought about me, but don't worry I love him. But if it had been anyone else I would have tortured you know," Jessica plunged on. "Ma, I won't be able to stay for the wedding though, I'm going to join the King's Own. I haven't told Ethan, I guess I will just go and surprise him. I need my stuff and some money, I will not be the only one so don't worry. Tillie and Becca are coming with me."

"You have good friends, and are you sure about not telling your brother?" Her ma didn't look upset with her plan, just curious.

"I think he will try to stop me if I tell him." Jessica explained.

"I don't know, maybe he would. Just remember if this is what you want then I will support you." She was proud of Jessica, and she knew the girl could never just be a common worker. She was meant for greater things, she just wondered how Ethan would react when he saw her in the King's Own.

"Thanks ma." Jessica hugged her ma, and then picked up her bags her ma had brought and left the house.

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