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Chapter 3- The King's Own

(Girls POV)

Jessica had gone to Tillie's house first to get her, and then they went to Becca's. To their surprise she was actually ready. They had expected to have to wait ten or more minutes waiting for her to finish packing.

"Hey girls, why do you look so surprised." Her eyes immediately became suspicious, "you didn't think I would be ready on time did you."

"Of course we did." Jessica said.

"Of course you did what." Becca asked.

"Of course we expected you to be ready," Tillie intervened.

"I'm sure you did." Becca snorted.

Jessica sighed, Becca was letting it go.

"What was that sigh for?" Becca asked.

Or not, Jessica thought. "That was a yawn, not a sigh. I'm tired."

Tillie giggled. "What?" Jessica asked.

"You were the one who went to sleep first; we should be more tired than you." Tillie commented.

Jessica shot Tillie a look saying whose side are you on? She just smiled.

The girls all had cloaks on and small bags. They had all the clothes they owned in there; it was actually bigger than it looked. Cody had given them one each as a gift, there were several slots for daggers and knifes.

It was around six in the morning so there wasn't anyone around, and they safely made it to the palace which was about an hour away. They gave their horses to the stable boys and went inside the headquarters of the King's Own. Luckily Sir Domitan was awake and willing to speak to them.

The girls stepped in the room where Sir Domitan was and waited for him to acknowledge them. He did so after a few minutes, "what do you fine young ladies want from me?"

"Umm," It was Becca speaking, "we want to join the King's Own."

"By 'we' I'm presuming you mean you and those other two ladies."

"Yes sir," now it was Jessica's turn.

"Well why do you look so shy, do you think I'm going to turn into a fire breathing dragon or something." Sir Domitan smiled amused at his own little joke.

Tillie responded, "Weirder things have happened in Tortall." She managed to keep a straight face as she said it but her friends saw the laughter in her eyes.

Apparently Sir Domitan did as well, "that's true I suppose. And you may join the King's Own, but I need your ages and names first."

The three girls blushed; they had just realized they hadn't introduced themselves. Jessica managed to speak up first, "I am Jessica Wildpetal I am fourteen, and she is…"

"Tillie Lapaz, sir" Tillie broke in just then. "I'm fourteen as well."

"And I am Rebecca Moreza, I am also fourteen."

"Very good, that is the age we begin to train in the King's Own. You will be training under a company for two years, and then you will be put into a proper company." Sir Domitan smiled, "I think I will put you three in Company Four, there will be to other trainees as well, go meet them now, they are in practice court one."

As the girls left he thought well that's one interesting thing I can tell my wife today.

(Still girls POV)

Just then the meaning of the words Sir Domitan had said sunk in, "did he say fourth company?" Jessica asked.

"Yes. Why? Oh." The meaning of his words had apparently just sunk in for Tillie as well.

"Isn't the fourth company your brother's company? And you didn't tell your brother because we decided yesterday not to." Becca realized.

"I think your brother is in for a nasty shock." Tillie said, "Well, this isn't going according to plan at all is it." She said.

(Still girls POV)

They had just walked in the practice rooms, and they saw two boys looking at the practice weapons in there.

"Hi, we are the new trainees," Becca said.

The two boys jumped, "but you, what! I thought we were the only trainees." One of them said.

"We just went in and registered, he told us to come here and introduce ourselves." Jessica explained.

"Oh," said the other boy, "I'm Alexander of Jesslaw, and he is Samuel of Goldenlake. We are both fourteen."

Tillie decided to introduce them, "I'm Tillie of Lapaz, she is Jessica of Daylight, and she is Rebecca of Moreza. We are all fourteen."

"Nice to meet you," said Alexander. "You can call me Alex."

"You can call me Sam," Samuel looked nervous. "That is if you want to."

"Okay, then you will call me Becca. Alex, Sam." Becca told them.

"Oh and do you know what we are supposed to be doing?" Jessica asked.

"I think we are supposed to be going to the King's Own training ground to meet the men." Sam told them.

"Well, we don't know where that is, can you show us?" Tillie asked.

"Sure, we'll show you where everything is on the way there." Alex said.

"Thanks," said the girls in unison.

"There is the mess hall, the library, the bathrooms, that hallway is full of bedrooms," Sam opened the door leading outside. "And this is the training ground."

The girls looked around in amazement. "Wow, this is bigger than I expected."

"We felt like that to when we first came here." Alex grinned.

"Hey trainees, come over here." A man shouted from the inside of the training ground. We jogged down to where the man was and waited. "So you are our new trainees, well we will have to test out what you know."

He seemed like he was going to say something, but was interrupted by a yell. "What are you doing here!" Jessica turned and saw her brother running towards her.

"Ethan, I didn't think you were a conservative?" The man said. Everybody on the training ground was staring at them.

"I don't think it's because of that," Jessica said dryly. "It's probably because I'm his little sister.

"Ouch." Said the man, "I take it you didn't tell him you were joining." Jessica shook her head no.

"Jessica what are you doing here, I thought you were back home with ma." Ethan wheezed out.

"Yeah, about that I decided to." Jessica tried to explain.

Becca took over for her, "we decided to join the King's Own. We would have told you except we wanted it to be a surprise, and we didn't expect to be in your company."

"You were in on this," Ethan questioned her.

"Yeah, we are the ones who convinced her to join." Tillie chipped in.

"So that's why ma wouldn't tell me where you were." Ethan finally put the pieces together.

"Hi girls, I didn't expect to see you here." David the sergeant of the fourth company told them.

"Hi David, apparently neither did he." Becca replied.

"I think you shocked him," Fred smiled.

"Well mister master of stating the obvious, no I didn't, Jessica did." Becca grinned.

"Hi Fred," said Tillie.

"Hello Tillie, Jessica." Fred greeted them.

"Well you don't look shocked." Jessica told him.

"Well actually I am. I'm just better at hiding my feelings than them."

"Everybody is better at hiding their feelings that your brother." Quentin had walked up unnoticed.

"I noticed," said Becca, "um hello Ethan, are you done spazzing out?"

"Yes, and I think Trevor is getting upset. We are all ignoring him." Ethan said.

"I'm not upset; I'm just thinking we need to test the trainees to see how much they know." Trevor told them.

"Ok, well let's try swords first. Do you trainees have your own swords?" Trevor asked.

All the trainees nodded, "good! Now you are all going to be against one of the men. They will be defending, you will be attacking. George, Chris, Jake, Austin, and Leo, you will be against these trainees."

Five men walked up. "Samuel," he looked at the boy. "You will be against Leo. Jessica, you're against Jake. Rebecca, you're against Chris. Alexander you're against George, and Tillie you're against Austin."

They paired up and stood examining their partners while they waited for Trevor to tell/signal them to start.

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