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Chapter 4- The Practice Battle

(Trainees POV)

Becca grinned; well she would show them how good she was! Swords and knifes were her forte. The guy fighting her also seemed comfortable with a sword, what was his name? Oh yeah, Chris. Whatever, this is going to be fun!

Tillie smiled nervously at her opponent Austin while she waited for the signal. While she was waiting she looked around and saw Becca grinning like a maniac at her opponent Chris, she bet that Becca probably didn't even remember his name. She was hopeless. He didn't look slightly put out though or intimidated though, he actually looked amused instead. As for her partner Austin he was giving her a smirk as if he knew she was uncomfortable, which was a bit uncomfortable because it was distracting and annoying her. Ugh, just what I need a distracting partner who is also an annoying snob.

As for Jessica, right now her opponent Jake was glaring at her, maybe he was trying to intimidate her or maybe he was mad at her for making him have to battle with all his peers paying attention. Well she would make him see that she was not a waste of time and space. Even though she wasn't as good as Becca with a sword, that didn't say much since she doubted that half the people in the King's Own were as good with a sword as Becca was. Becca had natural talent and practiced whenever she could, she was dedicated.

Jessica quickly reminded herself that it was Tillie and her who were the ones who practiced with her and were pretty good themselves. She looked to her left where Alex and Sam were with their opponents George and Leo. Alex looked confident and excited like usual, what she thought. That is normal for him. He didn't seem shy at all, more outgoing than his friend Sam. Sam well Sam looked nervous, but he was shyer than Alex.

Sam was a just a little bit nervous, well if he was going to be honest really nervous. His Da and adoptive Aunt Lady Keladry had trained him. But this was a trained man with experience, and those were just practice battles. He was never going to last against Leo, he looked tough. A part of his brain moaned. To distract him from thinking about the upcoming battle, he looked around, it wasn't working. All of his friends' faces reminded him of his own nervousness, they didn't look nervous. Actually it was the exact opposite; they all had some confidence on their faces. Becca and Alex were both grinning the same maniac kind of grin, they were sure they were going to win. Jessica and Tillie looked fine as well, well if his friends could do it he could too. He finally built up enough courage to look at his opponent in the face; he caught him staring at him with a worried look on his face. Apparently he was worried that this new trainee wouldn't work, well Sam was going to show them how good he was, he was going to show off what he learned from his Aunt and Da to all the men.

Alex smiled; he knew he was going to win, he always won. Though it would be a challenge, George looked like a formidable opponent. Oh well, I will win anyways, he thought. He had no idea at the moment George was comparing Becca and his grins instead of looking to see how good a competition he would be. He looked at his friends; Sam it seemed had finally realized he wasn't going to die. At least he wasn't nervous anymore; his opponent Leo was looking relieved as well. Maybe he was afraid that Sam would be horrible and make a big mess or something, he didn't know how good Sam was with a sword. Sam was probably nervous about the people watching and whether he would hurt him or something. He thought with a chuckle.

Next he looked at Becca; she had a grin on her face and looked comfortable with the sword. She would probably last he thought. Jessica, she didn't look as comfortable. It looks like she has enough perseverance though. Tillie, she looked like she wouldn't last.

Just then Trevor waved about a red flag, this was the signal.

(Still trainees POV)

Becca saw the red flag, so she decided to be cunning and attack wildly like a fox. She attacked right as soon as he waved the flag; Chris barely had any time to react. She followed up with a slash to his left arm which was most people's weak spot since they were right handed but apparently he was ambidextrous because he switched to his left hand and defended. Becca frowned, well that makes things harder she thought. She tried again this time slashing towards his stomach, and then she felt a sting on her upper shoulder. She ignored it leaving it to figure out later.

Tillie was being careful; she decided that for attacking against this man who was good at distracting her that she was just going to have to use her instinct and intuition right then for a weird moment she got distracted for a second before focusing in to block the stab that might have lost her the fight.. She focused in again and examined him quickly and realized his weak spot; it was the back of his knee so she attacked in the area. He blocked, apparently he realized that was his weak spot and was protecting it. Hmm. This was going to be harder if he actually knew his weak spots. She felt a sting on her lower left leg, but she barely felt it and thought it was a figure of her imagination. Unless there was a bee here, if there was Jessica was going to freak.

Jessica was about to start laughing, actually that was all that was filling her head at that moment. She was getting curious, why was he glaring at her? Why did he seem to have anger management problems? Did he have anger management problems? For a moment of randomness she started thinking about the cute otters instead of paying attention. They were her favorite animal and she always thought about them at the wrong time it seemed. She decided to actually attack instead of faking it like she had been before, when she slashed at him he was startled and almost didn't block. It seemed Jake had been getting complacent with her fakes; this was going to be easier than she had actually thought it would be. But then there was a sting on the back of her neck, oh no she thought please tell me that wasn't a bee! She sincerely hoped that wasn't a bee, she was extremely scared of bees even though she had never been stung by one.

Sam didn't use the element of surprise instead he put a lot of strength into his thrusts. He attacked cautiously with some speed. Sam looked up and grinned at the look on his opponent's face. He thought I was some weak little boy, oh yeah. I showed him. Sam full of all these confident thoughts attacked again.

Alex grinned; this was going to be fun. He looked at his opponent George; he was a big bulky man. Alex quickly judged him; he's big so he shouldn't be too fast. I can use that against him, and his weight that should help. He attacked fast and almost tripped George, but he had misjudged him. He was faster than he thought he was going to be so didn't fall, darn it this is going to be harder than I thought. He thought.

Trevor waved the red flags again; the trainees confused lowered their weapons. He nodded, "that was a good display for today, we will continue with staffs later on in the evening when it's cooler. Right now we will show you your rooms."

(Still trainees POV)

"Tillie this is your room, do you want to come with your friends to see their rooms or do you want to stay here?" Trevor asked.

"I'll come with you. Otherwise I won't know where to find them." Tillie replied.

"OK, Becca your room is here and Jessica you room is next to hers." The girls grinned their rooms would be right next to them, this was perfect.

"Oh yeah I forgot to mention, but the rules for the King's Own isn't as strict as it is for the pages. You can stay out as long as you want, but rules for fighting are that they must be on the practice grounds, and they are not fights till the death. You can get punishment duty for playing pranks that you get caught for; if you don't get caught then you are fine. Telling tales on the person who played the prank if you know who did it is unacceptable, we don't accept tattle tales. That is about it. Boys, your rooms are opposite Tillie and Becca's. You all know where the mess hall, the healers' room and the library are right." The trainees nodded, "good. Now don't bother me unless it's urgent."