Chris is making us spend one more night in the Amazon rain forest because the challenge was so short...and because he's secretly sadistic.

Personally, I don't mind. I've been avoiding my team as much as I can, being the one that's out foraging for food. I'm spending as much time as I can away from our designated camp site because I don't want to be asked about the kiss I shared with Heather. The last thing I need is Owen telling me that I'm a "play-ah" for the millionth time today.


That kiss we shared was so dulche, so sweet. It's like the nectar of a flower, chocolate. I've kissed girls before, but I suppose that her kiss strikes me as so amazing that I want to sit and write sappy poetry about it, is that I have such raging feelings for her. The feelings are so much more intense now that we've shared a kiss together. Her face is permanently emblazoned on my retinas, making my heart pound and explode like a series of supernovas.

I'm wondering where Team Amazon's camp is, where Heather is. I have something I need to tell her. I must talk to her incognito because I already made a mistake in kissing her out in public. I swore to myself that I'd be smarter and more efficient with dealing with my feelings for her, but I suppose I won't be able to think logically again until I fully figure out my feelings for this girl.

That's when I see the orange and yellow glow of a fire. Hope filling me, I fall to all fours and start crawling towards the camp site, stealthily and quietly. The closer I get to the camp site, I start hearing loud and bickering female voices. I'm hiding in a bush, mere feet away.

Out of all of the voices, I can easily recognize Heather's. Pushing some of the leaves of the bush away, I peer in. I see Sierra hugging Cody, the poor sap, Courtney and Gwen bickering heatedly with each other and then...Heather. She's sitting by herself, yelling at the other two girls to stop arguing.

I have to come up with a way to get Heather's attention that will alert her and nobody else. Then I smile as an ingenious, yet subtle plan enters my mind. Expertly and cautiously, I creep towards where Heather is sitting and reach through the bushes, lightly tapping her hand.

Instantly, she turns around and looks at me over the bushes. I flash my most genuine smile at her and motion with my hand. Nodding, she turns around. "I'm gonna go get more firewood," she announces.

Her team is so preoccupied with everything and anything else, that they all just wave and give "whatevers". Wonderful, none of them suspect a thing. Though if I were one of them, I probably would have been more suspicious, but...They all seem so high strung right now that I bet a boa constrictor could land right in the middle of their camp and nobody would notice.

I keep crawling and slowly get back to my feet as soon as I'm as far away from the camp as I can get. Heather shows up and as soon as she sees me, we just stand there staring at each other. I've been thinking and playing out how this might go in my head, but considering who exactly Heather is, just about anything could happen, really.

From what little time we've really known each other, I'm coming to accept the fact that Heather can ruin almost any of my plans, even the most carefully crafted ones.

"What did you wanna tell me, exactly?" she asked, crossing her arms and looking skeptic.

"I want to show you something, first," I replied, reaching out and taking her hand.


I feel so freaking stupid right now.

I left camp and now I'm letting Alejandro drag me God-knows-where. He seems to know where he's going. But I don't and my heart's jumping around in my chest, threatening to leave my chest at any moment.

We pass lots and lots of plants, and finally he stops. For some reason, we're back at the Amazon River. He squeezes my hand, sending shivers down my spine and points.

"Look," he says. "Isn't that an amazing sight, preciosa?"

I look where he's pointing: It's a giant waterfall. It sparkles, like a bunch of jewelry being dumped out of a jewelry box. Overhead, is the moon and the stars. All of it is larger than life, eye-popping large. I guess it's pretty cool.

"I saw this spot earlier...and thought it looked romantic," he continues, looking directly at me.

Normally, when he does stuff like this, it makes me angry. Right now feels different. Right away I'm blushing and I let myself be blown away by this pretty spot. I'm speechless. Being around Alejandro right here, especially after that kiss today, makes me feel...not like myself.

And the feeling just gets worse when he walks over to me and there's barely a foot of distance between us. Without asking, he walks up and wraps his arms around me, looks at me with those hypnotizing, womanizing eyes.

"Heather..." he says, his voice a whisper. "I think...Pienso que...te quiero..."

Somehow my brain translates what he just said: "I love you"? Before I can even try to think again, he lunges at me and kisses me full on the lips. It's so strong and passionate, his lips are sizzling. And he holds me and kisses me here and now much longer than he was before.

It feels like he's sucking the oxygen out of my lungs. When he finally pulls away, we're both breathing heavily.

I mean it when I say that Alejandro is a good kisser. He knows how to romance a girl. It's got me and even though I never thought I'd be the type to fall for romance, he's effortlessly proving me wrong.

And I absolutely love it.

As soon as I've caught my breath, he pulls me towards him again. And we're kissing again.

We end up falling to the ground and the kissing becomes an intense make-out session. For several minutes, it's just his lips pressed against mine, again and again. Several times we pull back and take a breath. Then he just continues kissing me again. A few times, I'm even the one that launches back into making out. I can't say enough that it was majorly intense. Insane.

Is this what it was like for Bridgette and Geoff?


I never expected that I would end up making out like this with Heather. I'm not in any way disappointed, though. This is probably one of the most interesting romantic escapades I've ever been on: making out with a girl near a waterfall on the Amazon River, somewhere in the Amazon rain forest.

Heather and I are like the opposite poles of magnets. The attraction between us is so strong that I suppose something like this was just inevitable. I'm exploding like a bunch of firecrackers inside my soul, my lips bailando with such grace and passion. So many fuegos. It's driving me loco.

Heather! Te quiero...Te quiero mucho...

It feels like an entire hour has passed by the time we're laying next to each other, breathing hard. Both of us are smiling and wild eyed. Never before have I ever been so tired, yet so exhilerated at the same time. And all we really did was kiss...so many besos...I lost count of how many times we kissed each other in the short span of time that has just passed.

Somehow, I sit back up, then climb to my feet and walk over to the bank of the Amazon River. There's a bunch of clouds where the sky used to be clear and now rain is hammering down from the sky in relentless torrents. I run over to where Heather is and quickly pull her under the canopy of a tree. There, I pull her close to me, but there's so much rain our clothes are getting drenched yet again.

Quickly, I rip off my shirt and fasten it to some tree branches overhead. It stops some of the rain. Some rain still gets through, but not as much as there was before.

"Heather, are you alright?" I ask, pulling her into my embrace.

"Yeah..." she says.


For a long time, I just hold her close to me and neither of us says anything. We just listen to the tranquil sound of the pouring rain. Finally, the rain stops and we're sitting there, holding each other close, in the silence of the night.

Heather pulls away from me and turns her back to me, leaving me confused. I want to reach out and pull her back, hold her close to me for the rest of the night, but I know that I shouldn't. I wait for her to turn back around, to look at me again and finally, she does, looking genuinely worried.

"I don't think we...can have this kind of relationship right now, Alejandro," she says, looking at me with such a pained face.

"Qué?" I reach out to her, but she shies away from me.

"Think about it," Heather continues. "We'd be jeopardizing our chances of winning the game if we kept seeing each other like this..."

What she was saying sunk in. I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought about this myself, but looking at Heather and feeling the way I erupted like a volcano just because I was looking at her; all of the puzzle pieces came together in my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut and when I opened them again, I was surprised to Heather holding my hand and squeezing it.

She was smiling at me and I smiled back.

"I understand what you mean, preciosa," I told her. "Maybe outside of this game...if we meet again and you'll have me..." I took a deep breath. Why was this so hard for me to say? "For now, may the best competitor win."

I lifted Heather's hand to my lips and kissed it lightly. "Buenas noches," I said, smiling a little. "Mi amor and enemigo."


We were sitting in the rickety death trap of a plane and flying somewhere new.

Me kissing Alejandro yesterday was still a hot topic of conversation, but everyone was beginning to suspect or conclude that I was trying to manipulate Alejandro. Well, I guess that was better than everybody knowing the truth.

Nobody knew about what happened between the two of us last night.

I gripped the arm rests next to me. Thinking about it made tingles run through me. It's like...there's an electric current between us. I know I've got feelings for him and that he has feelings for me, but we can't be anything more than competitors until the end of Total Drama World Tour.

Personally, I'm looking forward to further competition with Alejandro.

I notice that Alejandro's sitting a few seats down from me in the other row. He sees me looking at him, then shoots me a smirk and winks.

I smirk back and then he turns around.

Game on...Alejandro.