Author's Note: So I just wrote this on a whim, totally unbeta'ed. And I haven't written in a while, unless you count that novel I've been writing that makes no sense. -_-

Anyway, LOVED Inception, and the new OTP of Ariadne and Arthur. I was on Yahoo! and saw an article and got inspired. This is pure fluff. So... here it is. *closes eyes before publishing* Tell me what you think. :)

Disclaimer: And no, I don't own Inception. Christopher Nolan does, that genius.


The day she realized what she really wanted, she found herself on her laptop in the middle of the night.

She couldn't sleep, not when she could no longer dream. So she spent hours upon hours on the internet, anything to distract her tired brain.

On this day she was shifting through pages and pages of clothes. She had an almost unlimited choice after she received payment for the Fischer job. A new wardrobe appeared in her closet after a few days of web surfing. Now, jeans, dresses, shirts, pictures and pictures of them scrolled past the screen. Her cursor hovered above the next page button when her eye caught a white garment.

She enlarged the picture.

It was a wedding gown. Soft white, made of fabric that looked as if it'd feel like silk. It was long and off the shoulder. She followed the lines of the dress, imagining its folds on her body. She closed her eyes, twirling the cloth around herself in a quick spin, just like she used to do when she was small. Her hair was up, with curls cascading down her back. Whenever she moved, they bounced. She imagined…

Her eyes slid open and flicked back to the monitor. She opened another window, and began a search for shoes. Flats or high heels? Open toed or sling backs? Maybe both?

After that, makeup and accessory websites littered the screen. She didn't know how long she clicked through sites and search engines, seeking another piece of the puzzle. She slid down into her chair when she finished, shutting her weary eyes and let her thoughts wander around what she created.

In her mind's eye, she pictured herself as a beautiful bride, her smile so genuine, she couldn't recognize herself. Her dress lightly kissed the ground as she walked down the aisle. Her father walked beside her arm in arm and squeezed her hand between his. She passed her weeping mother as she listened to the church bells ringing above her. Her friends waved and smiled, which she returned in kind. The whole church seemed to hold their breath as she got closer to the end of her walk.

Ariadne finally brought her attention to the front where the priest smiled kindly at her. She shifted her eyes to the right of the priest, looked for the groom, and saw… Arthur.

She snapped awake, her chair tilted under the sudden movement and toppled. Sunlight shone across her face from the open window, and blinded her. She blinked and saw herself face to face with the man she had just dreamed about.

He helped her from the floor, asking if she was alright. He checked the back of her head and picked up the chair, pushing her down back into it. He went to the fridge at a brisk walk and returned with an ice pack. He held it for her, speaking softly as she stared at him. The man of her dreams.

The man she had seen dressed in a tuxedo, impeccably crisp as always. His eyes alight with happiness when he saw her walking toward him. His smile holding no pretense, not caring who saw the smile breakout on his ever stoic face.

The man waiting to marry her.

The man she realized, who she had fallen in love with.