"Fairly Odd Parents"


"Tootie meets Tootie!"

10-year old Tootie Delise was standing in the bus stop when all of a sudden, she spots a hot 23-year old girl who looked just like her.

"HELLO!" the woman said to Tootie.

"ACK!" This gave Tootie a shock...a hot girl talking to her?

"And just who the heck are you?" she replied back.

"I'm you, Tootie!" the woman said. "Well, the live-action version of you!"

Toon Tootie was in shock. That's me in 13 years?

"Since when am I a hot babe?" she asked pointing at her live-action counterpart.

Live-action Tootie looked at herself in her compact mirror.

"Oh? Since when am I a geeky nerd?" she retorted back.

There was a brief staredown between the two Tooties, then Toon Tootie icily said,

"I don't like you." as she pointed at Live-action Tootie with her finger.


(Tootie belongs to Butch Hartman.)