Mixed Match

Chapter 1: Confusing Letter

"Oh dear, come downstairs for a moment!" Her mother chimed, where she was located in the kitchen, no doubt, making or baking something delicious and donning an apron.

"What?" A blue-haired teenaged girl asked from her room, wondering what the hell her mother was asking her to do.

"Jeez, it won't take much time, a letter came with your name...or at least I think it is, since it looks like...Natsuki..or something..and um, it was raining but it only affected the envelope and not the letter itself—well, maybe it affected some but just hurry on down!" Her mother, Saeko Kuga, clapped her hands together, signalling that if she didn't, one of her stuff would be tooken away and she would have to earn it again, which was a big pain and she didn't like her stuff gone because of not listening so she rushed downstairs.

A few minutes before her mother could clap her hands again, a huffing, irate emerald-eyed girl leaned against the wall by where the inanimate iron refridgerator was placed by the oven, and scowled. "Where is it?" She crossed her arms across her chest.

"Natsuki!" She reprimanded with a warning tone but continued, "Just wait, I'll go get it since you're too darn lazy to walk to the table..." Saeko grumbled with a teasing tone half-heartedly, stalking off to the round table and grabbing the formal-looking letter that had a stamp that looked something of royalty, the red-rimmed seal planted on the overlapping folds to keep whatever it contained the neatly folded letter.

"Now, here it is, and read, 'cause I'm anxious!" Her mother, in Natsuki's mind, was suddenly like a child gushing out from her ears in excitement, which, some children do. "Okay, yeesh, just chill..." The bluenette mumbled, carefully ripping the top of the letter in a straight line to perserve it if it was supposed to be directed to someone else. Her slender fingers gripped onto a slim paper, and before it would slip, she hastily unfolded it and sat on a chair nearby the table, with her childish mother behind her and looking over her shoulder in prodding curiousity for her to hurry and read it.

Natsuki blinked, then proceeded to read what the piece of paper with the graceful handwriting it held. It looks like it's from the medieval times or something... She mentally rolled her eyes, some people were still stuck in the olden days it seems, so without further ado—and for her mother—she closed her sight on the beginning of the formal letter.

Dear—"Um, mom, sorry, but I can't even see the name but whatever..." Natsuki interrupted softly, glancing at the woman who lost the hopeful gleam in her light blue eyes. "Aww...that's too bad, I really wanted to know who it was directed to so I could return it to the correct person." Saeko pouted but leaned to see the words more clearly.

Anyways, continuing on.. Natsuki slipped past the smeared unknown name or word.

Dear—whoever, Natsuki supplied in her mind, me and my family are holding a gala, or ball, this ball (gala) is our parents' idea, so in my regards, I hope to meet you, my intended— a gasp broke out from both of them. "My...I believe this is not for you..." Saeko commented wryly, but gestured her to continue. —I thought over our arranged marriage and wondered what you looked like, what's your name, who you are.

So when the time comes for us to marry, our children—as out families said, would be the most powerfulest to claim head clan in history, in sincerity, when I'm fertile—the two reading blushed heavily but still read onwards—remember, this is just for children, but I hope we stay good parents, no matter what and that is where and when the 'in sincerity' part come in.

Even if we hate each other, now...the important topic, I don't care what gender you are, we have high-tech—even though it's to be discarded, our family brought it—to make sure we perceived the heir, but..we have to give a drop of blood and...um, our...lubricant then pass it in a...dildo then fill the space with our..lubricant and when we strap it on, one of us will have to get pregnant.

I nominate myself, I always wanted to birth the child or children, so, the strap is..inside us...when our..muscles squeeze, the lubricant will then be mixed with a special toxin—and this toxin is made for the person to be impregnanted, so it won't hurt me but it will be mixed with your sperm or...wetness, so it depends on how much you spurt into me that will decide if we are to have babies—and whilst it spurts into...my womb, it will start on the process of making the baby. The birthing cycle will take the same as regular procedure when a woman and man...do it; 9 months is what it will take, see? Regular.


But puttting those aside, please come, I do wish to meet you...soon. Don't disregard my pleas, you won't regret it, and hopefully not either of us, so, my prince, I will be awaiting.

Affront from my anonymous greetings, I am quite nervous and embarrassed though, I'm not sure if our clans care enough to think about our happiness, ne? So, I'll tell you something, the ball (gala) will be held here: it's a land far from any city, called Windbloom, even though we are in the modern era, it's sometimes nice to reenact the history.

It's located by the water (pacific ocean), by Kyoto, but one kilometer south-west and past a forest and some plains. Our city does carry some modern stuff, enough food to last us all our lifetimes together, but..maybe, we will fall in love?

As thanks, when we meet, you'll be given a cabin with enough space, and food to start off with some money. Thoroughly, my knowledge of you stated that you are loyal, brave, cute or handsome, and a retired warrior (I think you aren't that old, are you?) with no history of any wives or arrests. Please take care of me, ookini, when we meet.

Farewell, and sincerely,


(P.S: Check the back of this letter for the real way to our kingdom, and to your cabin, our family will then meet you in a week when you are comfortable, and since you're reading this, you now have no choice but to come or the seal will be located and your family will be murdered or hunted, assassinated, whichever you think fits better and just for your information, this is no prank.)

Silence reigned for five minutes before Saeko fainted with a resounding dull 'thud', Natsuki cringed then carried her mother to the couch and laid her down while the bluenette sat on the floor beside the couch, because she felt dizzy and a nosebleed coming on.

"Man, hmm..." She decided to think over it, the shock still hadn't been delivered to her mind yet, and Natsuki was grateful, for she didn't want to faint. So this letter was mistakingly sent to her doorstep, in the rain, her mother picked it up. Then...called her down to read it over the words. Some were downright embarrassing, and blunt, indeed, blunt which was an interesting trait for this..Viola...heir, assuming from the word 'clan', since she was to be married, and it was arranged no less.

Natsuki was gaping and deathly pale, now...she has no choice but to abide to this...person's rules or her family, which was just her mom (her father got into an accident) but she wasn't that selfish to...she scowled, damn letter. I knew this letter was bad news... She grumbled mentally and leaned against the couch, her back slouched.

Sighing, she knew that this was far from over, how was she going to get by this now? Perhaps recorrecting the address and telling them this was by a fault? No, that wouldn't do, it showed up on their doorstep without an explanation or any signs of it showing up, just mysteriously (and maybe coincidentially) landing there, though...this letter wasn't magic right?

Ha! As if! She agreed. there was no such thing as letter poofing right on you doorstep without any witness of how it even got there in the first place, so...the only theory Natsuki could figure out was this was a prank but...the writing said it was 'no prank', and when she did turn it over. It showed like what it showed on an atlas, but far more detailed than anything she ever seen. Showing which secret paths or roads to take, and she didn't even know they existed, but for her mothers sake and herself, she would meet this person when she arrives into this 'Windbloom city' or town..village?

She hazarded another theory and guess, that there was another side of this world that existed on this one, even if it was dangerous. The though of her and her mother who cared and loved her endlessly being hunted all because of not attending to this event and meeting the 'Viola heir', sent fear into her heart and shivers down her spine.

Noting a groan rising into the air, she turned to her mother who was rubbing her eyes. "Was that a dream?" Saeko softly questioned, sitting upright to look around the room, only to freeze tensely when her gaze locked onto the white paper with the kanji and some hirigana that was writted gracefully and atop of the table.

Natsuki heaved a tired sigh, the shock had not yet arrived to her mind, maybe it would knock in when she met the heir of the 'Viola clan'. "Nope, not a dream but the wishful and hopeful thinking just flew out the window when you awoke and the letter that lays on the small table in the living room with us. But, we can still be dreaming..." Natsuki said, her lips twisting in a dry smile and her blue-hued hair messy from shaking her head at the 'wishful and hopeful thinking' part.

"Well," Saeko broke the silence, "shall we pack then?" The woman swung her feet on the ground and begin to stand up while rubbing the back of her head where she hit it when she fainted. "That bad, huh?" She muttered to herself.

You have no idea, mom. Natsuki thought pointedly, a frown marring her charming features but she went to her room to pack for this sudden travel and life-changing event. And, during their trip to see this 'Viola heir' she wanted to take the letter and envelope as proof.

So, while they took Natsuki's Ducati, she was alarmed, sliding past automobiles and the stuck cars in the heavy traffic. Ha! Ahh...the advantages of having something small and slim and fast to go past cars. She though smugly, her arrogancy stuck on her face before her mother said she was hungry. And Natsuki headed to the nearest restaurant to eat, she informed her mom that they should head to a hotel for the night so they would be energized.

"Aww...my, don't they grow up so fast?" Saeko whispered to no one in a sad and happy tone, sad because her daughter was maturing so fastly and happy since that means she could make good decisions. Natsuki flushed, embarrassed, "Mom!" She chided her emotional mother, moms. They are so weird yet loving.

Saeko smiled, "I'm just teasing you, I love you and am so proud of you, my little 'suki."

The bluenette hummed, parking by the door and put the alarm on her exclusive motorcycle and waited when her mother got off and walked into the restaurant behind her, but opened the door for her, after all, her mother taught her manners and respect your elders (even if her mother was in her early thirties) and also to be chivalric, though...chivalry wasn't dead in her books.

"I love you too, mom." She whispered softly, before heading to the counter to order their favoured foods and drinks while Saeko watched in pride when Natsuki acted maturely. Oh, it was like yesterday... Saeko though dreamily, her mind slipping into past memories.

"Mama! Look what I found!" A small and cute 6 year-old Natsuki ran up to her mother, her chubby hands clasped as she was holding something only for the 24 year-old Saeko to see.

The mother crouched down, awaiting patiently for Natsuki to show her what she discovered. She giggled lightly when it revealed a tadpole and a koi fish, "Sweetie, these need water, the salt on your hands are going to suck up the moisture residing on their skin, so come, we'll put them back in the pond in our backyard, okay?" She looked down lovingly, seeing Natsuki take a hesitant look at the fish and the ribbiting frog. So innocent and childish! She practically mentally praised her baby girl, who turned six three days ago.

"Mom! Mom!"

Saeko blinked rapidly, "Huh?" She looked at the tray planted in front of her, "Oh! My favourite! Takoyaki!" She used her chopsticks to pin the small round and delicious takoyaki into her awaiting mouth. Now...just need some teriyaki sauce and some wasabi to the side...Her shaded blue eyes gazed around, landing where the groups of sauces and spices stood on a small islanding counter.

"I'm just going to get some sauce for my takoyaki and wasabu, okay?"

Natsuki hummed, knowing where her mother was going and continued to eat her chicken balls and some fortune cookies. She sighed, picking up her soft drink and staring out the window, seeing the highway and a gas-stop beside this store. Maybe they had enough money to fill up her tank, but last time she checked the meter, it was still full, all because of some fix-ups and tunings. Now, she was grateful for her intelligent cranium.

Her little wistful stupor was broken when her mother seated herself (once again) and poured some...Natsuki saw it as: teriyaki sauce or soy sauce or maybe béchamel sauce for her teriyaki. Or some bread sauce. But whatever her mother sauced up, sure looked good now...she shook her head, man, her hunger came back, thankfully, she ordered enough for her stomach to handle.

Both of them gobbled their food up—but they were also modest and humble while eating—and payed the needed amount then headed off south-bound of the highway.

Their hair whipped wildly behind them, carefree and happy. "So this is how you feel everytime you ride your 'precious' ducati, ne?" Her mother inquiered softly, a grin wide on her face as she felt butterflies flutter in her stomach and a light emotion claim her mind, her blood was rushing to a point where it was erratic. Natsuki nodded, her helmet bobbing up and down as she focused on ahead, her grip tightening as they increased speed.

"Woo!" Saeko yelled past the roar of the wind rushing in her ears and how she felt! So...fast, like light, but that wouldn't be possible, to reach the speed of sound, was possible but light? No, that was asking too much. She felt rebellic, invincible and mighty on this motorcycle!

Natsuki smiled gently, ignoring the cold streams of wind biting her earlobes, she was used to this. The speed and the sounds, especially when you turned by curves, drifting lowly and almost touching the gravel road, oh yes, she loved driving her ducati, feeling the revs and purrs it emitted from the powerful engine or combustors.

She gazed straight ahead, smiling as her mother "woo"ed and gripped a bit tighter onto her mid-driff. Her light aquamarine tinted glass protected her eyes from UV rays and wind, she chuckled, revving more. They wouldn't get caught speeding, they speed limit was 160mph to 180mph. So far, they were on 140mph, which felt fast to both of them, but she wanted to go faster but held back cause her mother would probably fly off or get cardiac arrest. She was glad that she took the letter, for it had a map to direct them to Windbloom city...or town...or village.

Such a letter it was, altering her life with it.

Why the hell did I listen to my mom? She vowed not to read any letters her mom wanted her to read...ever.

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