Chapter 2: Meet the Death Eaters

Lucius Malfoy and his fellow Death Eaters stood with some shock as they had never seen this Batman up in close and personal before.

"This must be the muggle known as the Batman, am I right?" asked Lucius as he turned to his fellow Death Eaters whom nodded a yes, "Well then Mr. Batman, it looks like your days are numbered."

Lucius and the other Death Eaters began to fire their wands at the Batman whom quickly was able to dodge the oncoming attacks. The Dark Knight then responded by firing some of his baterrangs at some of the wands the Death Eaters were holding knocking the wands right out of their hands. As Batman kept on dodging Lucius' attacks, one of Lucius' attacks managed to strike the cargo crates where Harry, Ron and Hermonie were hiding which evidently revealed their hiding places to Lucius.

"Ah, there you are Potter, stop this hide and seek game and come with us!" laughed Lucius as he signaled his Death Eaters to apprehend the trio.

"I'm not going to let you initiate a disappearing act on these three" said Batman as he stood right in the way.

"Poor, poor muggle, you don't know what you're up against" laughed Lucius.

Lucius with one caste of a spell, fired right where Batman was, yet the Dark Knight easily dodged it, and grabbed the trio out of Lucius' range as well.

"Did you see that?" asked Yaxley who was a bit amazed of the Batman's skills.

"Yes, I saw it, I'm not blind you know" added Lucius who was a bit rude.

The Dark Knight then began to fire more baterrangs at the Death Eaters whom were coming his way. He then got out a remote and pressed the button which the Batmobile itself rolled right up.

"Quick, get in!" ordered Batman as he was keeping the Death Eaters at bay.

"You're telling us to ride this hunk of junk?" asked Ron.

"Do as he says!" added Hermonie as she pushed Ron and Harry into the Batmobile.

As Batman started to step back a bit, he eventually too managed to go into the Batmobile and ride off.

"Follow them!" ordered Lucius.

The Death Eaters then turned into black smoke and began to follow the Batmobile.

"We're safe now" said Batman.

"Not for long, those Death Eaters can change into black clouds" added Hermonie.

"I think we're being followed" added Harry as he noticed in the mirror some black clouds were following the Batmobile.

"Hang on, this is going to be a bumpy ride" said Batman as he then pressed some buttons.

The Batmobile itself then transformed into creating wings for the Batmobile, nor the Batplane as it was flying right over Gotham's busy traffic. Yet the black clouds persisted in following Batman and the trio he was helping.

"We'll lose them in the subway" said Batman as he then pressed some buttons on his now Batplane making the wings smaller so that it could fit into the tunnel.

"I don't know if this is such a good idea!" cried Ron as he noticed an oncoming subway train heading right toward them.

"Easy, I got this one" said Batman as he steered the Batplane to the edge before doing it again as another subway train was on the other side of the tracks.

As the Batplane managed to make it through the other end of the tunnel, the black clouds stopped within the subway as it was quite the obvious they had lost where the Batman had fled to, and promptly headed back. As the Death Eaters retreated, Batman wanted to know why the trio were in Gotham of all places.

"So what are a couple of kids like you doing in a place like Gotham?" asked Batman as he continued to fly the Batplane.

"You're asking us?" asked Ron, "It wasn't mine idea for sure."

"It was actually mine idea, I know who you are under the mask and the muggle behind the Batman" replied Harry which obvious spooked the Dark Knight a bit.

"Well, that makes sense, I've been researching your own story as I was searching for what cargo crates from England you would be coming in" said Batman, "you lost your parents to this Lord Voldemort, am I right?"

"Absolutely" added Harry, "but Voldemot has returned."

"And you need my help to face him?" asked Batman.

The trio nodded to the Dark Knight.

"Very well, I'll see what I can do" said Batman as he was landing the Batplane in a secret location in a forest area of Gotham, where a platform opened up and it lowered itself to the Batcave.

Back in a safe house in Gotham for Lord Voldemort, the Dark Lord himself had arrived on the scene hoping his Death Eaters had accomplished the deed in finding Harry Potter and his two friends. As Lucius Malfoy entered the scene, Lucius came up empty handed.

"You incompetent morons!" roared Lord Voldemort as he hissed at his failed Death Eaters, "I gave you an easy task! That Harry Potter was going to find the whereabouts of the Batman, a so-called mighty muggle that managed to outwit you all?"

"Please Dark Lord" said Lucius, "you can't underestimate the Batman as he's referred to."

"You should have already have killed this Batman already and have Potter and his two friends with you by now!" continued Lord Voldemort as he continued to rant and hiss.

"Dark Lord, may I suggest one thing" said Yaxley, "we could assign Draco, Lucius' son to the task of putting the demise of the Batman."

"An excellent suggestion" said Lord Voldemort, "that boy will indeed follow in his father's footsteps in becoming a Death Eater, what a better way than taking out Gotham's most precious muggle! Oh, and we may need to get this muggle out and the open."

"Does that mean we can target muggles here in Gotham?" added Yaxley who was a bit anxious for revenge.

"Sure, why not" added Lord Voldemort, "it would be quite a happy spree for us anyway. I'll setup by taking over Gotham, then this Batman will have no other choice but to show his face to us."