Chapter 4: Dr. Fate's Healing Powers

Harry, Ron and Hermonie were in quite a race to escape the Death Eaters carrying on the Batcycle, a wounded Dark Knight barely hanging on. The Death Eaters were obviously following them typically in their dark cloud form, carefully tailing them from right behind.

"I can't lose them!" cried Hermonie as she was steering the Batcycle.

"When did you learn to drive a hunk of junk like this?" asked Ron.

"Just do something to stop the Death Eaters from following us" replied Hermonie as she kept her eyes on the road.

Both Ron and Harry took out their wands and began firing at the dark clouds that were chasing right after them. Although this for the time being kept the Death Eaters whom were following them at bay, it wasn't long before a dark cloud raced right in front of them revealing to be none other than Lord Voldemort's right-hand man Wormtail. Wormtail immediately appears right in front of the trio and the Dark Knight which Hermonie ends up crashing the Batcycle to the side of the curb of the street.

"There goes my pay on this one" sighed Batman in a weak voice as he was trying to get up.

"Ah, yes, the Dark Lord will be pleased that I will have finished you three off all at once, and the muggle known as the Batman as an added bonus" laughed Wormtail.

But before Wormtail could raise his wand at the four, a bright light appeared blinding him, and a fist came right out of nowhere knocking him out cold. The fist belonged to Dr. Fate who had managed to recover with his encounter from Snape.

"Quickly, come with me" said Dr. Fate, "I'll be able to help heal Batman and get you three to safety."

As Harry, Ron and Hermonie helping Batman toward Dr. Fate, Dr. Fate used his teleportation powers and transported them back to the Batcave. Meanwhile, a few minutes later, Wormtail managed to recover from the surprise attack. As the Death Eaters landed in their normal human forms instead of their dark cloud forms they wondered what happened to the Dark Knight along with Harry and his friends.

"Where are they?" asked one of the Death Eaters whom was quite eager to face off with the trio.

"They escaped" replied Wormtail.

"What?" cried Lord Voldemort who had just arrived on the scene as well.

"Please, My Lord" said Wormtail as he began groveling, "they had an ally with him."

"Who, who was with that renegade muggle and Harry Potter and his two friends?" asked Lord Voldemort.

"Dr. Fate" replied Wormtail who suddenly realized whose fist had struck him.

"Bah, that renegade magician, he should know better, I thought I sent Snape to finish him off" said Lord Voldemort.

"He must have lied" uttered one of the Death Eaters.

"No, he couldn't have lied" continued Lord Voldemort, "he's one of my best agents. He even managed to penetrate Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic itself."

"Then Dr. Fate has held a few tricks up his sleeve" added another Death Eater.

"Of course, it's no wonder this Batman has him as an ally, he couldn't have gone far" said Lord Voldemort, "there must be a way we can find out where this Batman resides, and uproot it for good."

"I've heard talk on the muggle street that he might reside in a cave" said one of the Death Eaters.

"Interesting, I'll ensure this renegade muggle won't be a threat to us no more" continued Lord Voldemort, "we'll continue spreading destruction to the muggles in Gotham. While the rest of my dear Death Eaters will do that job, I want Snape to lead a team to find the lair of the Batman and destroy this renegade muggle for good."

But while Lord Voldemort was obviously making adjustments to his plans, Dr. Fate was busy using his healing powers to heal Batman's wounds. As Batman was on a doctor's-like table being healed by Dr. Fate, Alfred had no other choice but to help the trio out.

"Alfred, don't bother reporting them" said Batman, "we got bigger problems to deal with."

"As you wish sir" said Alfred.

But as the Dark Knight was being healed by Dr. Fate, Harry felt bad for the Dark Knight and wanted to go above in Gotham to stop Lord Voldemort.

"This should be our chance to stop him" said Harry.

"It's too dangerous, just look at what Lord Voldemort did to the Batman" said Hermonie.

"Yeah, she's right" added Ron.

"But you suggested we go find him" continued Harry.

"Yeah, I thought he had some cool powers, not being able to not outwit someone like Voldemort" replied Ron.

"Having a problem?" asked Alfred as he approached the trio, "Is there anything I can do to make your lives more comfortable here?"

The trio simply shook their heads as a no, to the butler.

"Very good then, I'll be on my way" continued Alfred.

Back on the surface, things were getting quite hairy in Gotham. Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters were having a field day robbing banks, to destroying police stations by leveling them off their foundation with their magic.

"This is fun!" cried one of the Death Eaters with joy who was using his wand to lift up a police station from its foundation.

Suddenly, a van which the Joker was driving noticed the ongoing chaos in Gotham.

"What's a guy have to do in order to be the first one to get to the crime scene!" cried the Joker, "I wanted to do something like that to these dirty cops!"

"Hey, it's that clown of a criminal we ran into earlier" said a Death Eater as they noticed the Joker in his car.

"Well, that's my cue to make run for it" said the Joker as he started to drive the van in the other direction.

The Death Eaters simply then turned into the dark clouds like before and gave chase to the Joker.

"So, you want to play rough?" asked the Joker, "What are you supposedly trying to do? Make me choke to death with deadly poison gas?"

The Joker then immediately hits the peddle of the van quite hard, obviously going quite fast at a fast speed.

"Yippiee, I'm on top of the world!" laughed the Joker.

Knowing the Joker himself couldn't take the Death Eaters on, he immediately leaped right out of the van itself, which the Death Eaters continued onward following the van until it was likely going to crash into a nearby wall about three blocks away.

"That should buy me enough time, where in the ding dong is the Batman?" asked the Joker, "Oh, did I just say that?"