Chapter 5: Snape's Hunting Team

Snape had finally formed his team that included Draco along with also a number of Death Eaters. While the rest of the Death Eaters were out causing chaos in Gotham, Snape and his team headed toward the caverns underneath Gotham.

"You sure we're heading in the right direction?" asked one of the Death Eaters.

"Of course I'm sure, if a muggle like the Batman wants to pretend to be a bat, I say we go look where bats hang out" replied Snape.

"I guess that makes sense" replied Draco as they continued to walk in the dark cavern with lights on their wands lit.

"Of course it does you fool, why does the Batman, call himself the Batman?" asked Snape, "Come, we shouldn't be too far ahead. I can sense the renegade muggle might be near."

But while Snape and his team were deep within the caverns under Gotham, up above Gotham chaos reigned supreme as Lord Voldemort was quite happy, he couldn't remember any other time he was happy in his life other than become the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord was changing all the citizens of Gotham into animals with his powers along with the remaining Death Eaters.

"This city of muggles is ours for the taking!" laughed Lord Voldemort, "There will be no one to stop us, not even the renegade muggle known as the Batman."

The other Death Eaters agreed in making their own evil laughter and began to continue promoting chaos. This obviously annoyed the likes of the Joker who wanted in all the fun. So he got most of the stronger villains that the Dark Knight usually faced in one setting in one of his secret hideouts.

"So what's this all about?" asked Gentlemen Ghost.

"We're the ones who should rightfully own Gotham, not a bunch of outside magicians" said the Joker, "who's with me on ending their acts?"

"I'm in" said Gorilla Grodd.

"I'm in" added Sinestro.

"So am I" added the Scarecrow.

"Ditto for me" said Captain Cold.

"I'd like to solve some of their riddles" added the Riddler.

"Great, it's agreed then, we strike these renegades immediately" laughed the Joker.

While the Joker was making his plots, Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters continued with their mayhem. With no other superheroes around to stop them, they were unaware of the Joker being obsessed with having Gotham to himself. Suddenly a nerve gas grenade was thrown into the scene against some Death Eaters whom were turning people into animals. The nerve gas choked them for a bit, giving enough time for Gorilla Grodd to step knocking the Death Eaters out cold with one swipe of his paw.

"What the?" cried Lord Voldemort as he turned around.

"So, you're looking for a fight?" asked the Joker, "Well, I got news for you, this town isn't big enough for the two of us."

"Oh great more renegade muggles to deal with" said Lord Voldemort.

"Was that suppose to be an insult?" asked the Joker, "Because I'm not laughing, and neither are my friends."

Suddenly Gotham's most notorious villains reared their ugly faces from the fog.

"This city is ours, not yours, so we're asking you to make like a leaf and fly away" continued the Joker.

"Arrogant muggles, you don't know who you're dealing with" continued Lord Voldemort in a defiant mood.

"I beg to differ" said the Joker as he threw a laughing gas filled grenade.

"Quickly, flee to the safe house!" ordered Lord Voldemort as he and his Death Eaters turned into dark clouds.

"After them" ordered the Joker.

As the Joker and Gotham's most notorious villains began to gave chase to Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters, back in the Batcave, an alarm was going off signaling that some intruders were nearby.

"There seems to be too much going on, on the outside" said Dr. Fate as he noticed the messages coming out of Gotham.

"Intruders, we got company, they're deep within these caverns here" said Batman.

"You want us to help you?" asked Harry.

"It might be Lord Voldemort" added Hermonie.

"I think I can handle things on my own" said Batman as he got up and headed deeper into the old caverns.

While Batman was prepared to deal with whomever was intruding within the caverns, deeper within those caverns the Death Eaters with Snape and Draco were getting worried that they won't be able to face the Dark Knight up in front.

"Are you coming?" asked Snape as he turned toward the Death Eaters.

"This muggle, he seems too powerful" said one of the Death Eaters.

"I don't care, you will help Draco out in drawing out this renegade muggle" said Snape.

As Snape's team came closer, and closer to where the Batcave might possibly be, some rocks fell nearby one of the Death Eaters spooking him quite a bit.

"Oh, I wish I had better help these days" sighed Snape.

But as Snape turned around, the movements in the darkness were none other than the Dark Knight himself trying to get around Snape's team.

"Time to end this magic show" whispered the Batman to himself.

As two Death Eaters found themselves alone, it was time for the Dark Knight to swoop into action, quite literally knocking both of them out cold. This obviously brought the attention of Snape and Draco who moved quickly toward that area along with the remaining Death Eaters.

"It had to be him!" cried one of the remaining Death Eaters who was about to panic.

"Fool, don't be afraid of such a muggle who pretends what he is not" said Snape, "I can detect this Batman's movements, as he seems to be right over there!"

Snape with one swipe of his wand fires where the Dark Knight was hiding in the dark. The Dark Knight quickly maneuvers out of the way and dodges the attack. He fires a baterrang trying to knock Snape's wand right off of his hand, but Draco runs in his defense and fires a shot from his wand destroying the baterrang itself.

"My word, you are getting fast, time to finish off this renegade muggle once and for all" said Snape as he and his remaining team moved toward Batman with their wands aimed at him.

It seemed like it was the end for the Dark Knight, that is until Harry, Ron and Hermonie fired their wands from their hiding positions at Snape's team.

"Strategic retreat!" ordered Snape.

It was quite the obvious, that Harry, Ron and Hermonie were not alone, as Dr. Fate brought them to Batman's location.

"I thought you might need some extra help" said Dr. Fate.

While Snape's team was making a hasty retreat, where Snape was secretly protecting Harry, outside in Gotham things were pretty grim for Lord Voldemort as he and his Death Eaters had arrived at their safe house. So did the Joker and Gotham's villains.

"Impossible!" cried Lord Voldemort.

"Oh come on, it's not that hard to follow you guys anymore" laughed the Joker, "time to level this place!"

"Er, Dark Lord might I suggest we make a run for it?" asked Lucius who really didn't want to see what the Joker had in store for them.

"Bah, I suppose you're right" sighed Lord Voldemort.

With one swipe of the wand, Lord Voldemort instantly creates heavy thick fog, the right sort of fog which the Death Eaters could easily flee. As for Snape and his team, it was time for them to also leave. Snape and his team had turned all into dark clouds to flee just as Batman, Dr. Fate, Harry, Ron and Hermonie had finally caught up with them.

"Looks like they decided to run" said Dr. Fate.

"And I think it's time you three headed back home" added Batman as he turned to Harry, Ron and Hermonie, "don't worry, I'll provide you with the right connections to get home safely."