A/N This is my first Fic ever! I hope you enjoy it!

I Do Not Own Glee…It Owns Me!

It was just another ordinary afternoon. I was standing on stage, setting up my drum kit for tonight's performance. Tonight would be the band's first gig in Los Angeles. Staples Center—man, I never thought it would happen. Well, that isn't exactly accurate. I kind of always knew my dream would come true. How? Because She believed in me; because She said it would happen. And there was never any arguing with Her. She was my rock and I missed the hell out of her right now…and them. Those four were my entire universe. And all of this—everything I was doing out here on the road—was for them.

From the front of the stage, I heard Puck whistle flirtatiously. There weren't any women on the crew, so the gesture stole my attention for a brief moment. Walking across the stage was an attractive, leggy blond in a form-fitting business dress and tall stilettos. She was most definitely Puck's type (but then again, who isn't?). All of the guys in the band and crew were gawking at her as though they had never laid eyes on a female in their entire lives; it was kind of pathetic after all of these years. Were they ever going to grow up? To Puck's dismay, the pretty woman walked right passed him with a knowing smirk, and walked directly over to me.

I was really confused. I usually am, but this time I had reason to be. I had never seen this woman before in my entire life and had no clue as to what she wanted with me. She stood in front of my drum kit and flashed a playful smile at me.

"Are you Finn Hudson?"

I glanced around to my band mates, who seemed just as baffled as I did. Puck looked pissed. There was nothing he hated more than when groupies passed him by for one of us.


The leggy blonde's flashy smile was replaced with a contemptuous sneer.

"Mr. Hudson, you've been served," she reported with a wink. Then, she walked away, in the same direction that she came.

Served? What the hell does that mean? I glanced down at the large, thick manila envelope in my hands. The return address on the front read Murphy, Brennan, and Falchuk; New York City, NY.

I sure as hell didn't know anyone in New York. Not now, anyhow. Puck had made his way over to where I was standing. He always was a nosey, little bastard!

"Dude, that chick was hella fine. Why do the hot chicks always want you? I mean, you're my boy and all, but I just don't get it. No offense."

"None taken, bro" I replied distractedly. At the moment, I was a bit more concerned with what the hell was in this freakin' envelope. I ripped it open very ungraciously; it happens when you have gigantic hands like mine. Inside, there was a stack of papers with a whole bunch of legal garbage that I couldn't understand at all. The only words that made any sense to me at all were Finn Cody Hudson and Her name. I was bewildered.

"Oh hey, divorce papers!" Puck exclaimed.

"Excuse me?" I asked. There's no way I could have heard him properly.

"Divorce papers. That's what those are. That hot blond just served you."

"That's impossible. How do you know?" I demanded impatiently.

"Cause Quinn's served me twice, dude. Try to keep up, Finn."

"No freakin' way, dude. Why would She want a divorce? We're married."

"That seems like reason enough to me, bro. Tough luck, dude." How could Puck be so insensitive in a moment like this? He was my best friend. Wasn't he supposed to be offering me some words of comfort or support or some shit like that? This was not fucking happening to me. She loves me. We have a family; babies. I'm a freakin' rock star, for crying out loud!

I thought back on the last few months. How many times had I been home to Lima to see them, to see Her? I honestly couldn't recall. I spent every day on the road with my band, Love in Vein. A different city and different hotel every night; different groupies with the same, unremarkable face who only wanted one thing from me. I admit, I wasn't the best husband. There were a couple of times where I slipped up; let the alcohol and the girls get the best of me. But I always told Her right away and She always forgave me right away. But the douchiest thing I ever did was miss that one, rainy night six months ago. That was unforgivable, but She was amazing and forgave me anyway.

Now, here I am on some cold stage, a million miles away from Her and them, with papers in hand, feeling my heart being ripped from my chest; stealing the breath from my lungs. I was here, living out my dream, because She believed I could. And here I was, living out my dream, stealing Hers. I deserved this. She deserved better. I never thought I would get married, yet alone divorced.

With my world shattering around me, the only thing I could think of was the cool, Autumn night ten years ago that changed me forever…