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10 Years Earlier…

I can't believe this was it. The last day of high school; our final day at William McKinley High School. Wow! You spend thirteen years waiting to get the hell out of school, and then when the day comes, you're not ready to say goodbye.

Principal Figgins asked Rachel to perform a song at the ceremony. The song choice was hers alone and she kept it a tightly-guarded secret…even from me. She left especially early this morning so that she could rehearse in complete privacy. The rest of us agreed to meet in the end zone of the football field right after we tossed those caps. I was numb.

My mom was a mess all morning long and she was making me even more anxious than I already was. What if I tripped walking across the stage? It's quite possible for someone as tall and awkward as me.

Principal Figgins, Mr. Schuester and Mrs., Pillsbury-Howell helped line us up alphabetically. Apparently, after all these years, we still couldn't be counted on to know our ABC's. I took my place amongst the H's, but Rachel was nowhere to be found.

The Graduation March began without her by my side. As we made our way out of the hallway and out onto the football field, I was blinded by the sunlight shining down from up above. Luckily, we all made it to our seats without any major interruptions.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the Graduating Class of Two Thousand and Twelve!" Principal Figgins announced us.

As we took our seats, I found Rachel. She was sitting beside Mr. Schuester on the stage with the most spellbinding smile on her face. Somehow, in a sea of red caps and gowns, she managed to find me. When our eyes met, I knew this was the real beginning of our never-ending future together. After today, nothing would ever be the same.

"Seniors, your fellow classmate Rachel Hudson has selected a song that she feels embodies the spirit of McKinley's Class of Two Thousand and Twelve and she will perform it for you now. Mrs. Hudson?"

"Thank you Principal Figgins. Seniors…especially my fellow Glee club members…this one if for you."

"Five hundred twenty five thousand
six hundred minutes.
Five hundred twenty five thousand
moments so dear.
Five hundred twenty five thousand
six hundred minutes.
How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylight, in sunsets, in midnights,
in cups of coffee. In inches, in miles
in laughter in strife.

In Five hundred twenty five thousand
six hundred minutes,
How do you measure a year in the life?

How about love?
How about love?
How about love?
Measure in love.
Seasons of love.
Seasons of love.

Five hundred twenty five thousand
six hundred minutes.
Five hundred twenty five thousand
journeys to plan.
Five hundred twenty five thousand
six hundred minutes.
How do you measure the life of a woman
or a man?

In truth that she learned
or in times that he cried?
In the bridges he burned
or the way that she died?

Its time now to sing out
though the story never ends.
Lets celebrate remember a year
in the life of friends.

How about Love?
How about love?
How about love?
Measure in love.
Seasons of love.
Seasons of love."

It may have taken eighteen years, but this was the moment Rachel had waited her entire life for. This was the moment she received her first standing ovation; even the douche bags who slushied her repeatedly throughout the years showed their appreciation of her amazing talent. She cried.

Making her way down the stairs and through the large maze of graduating students, she took her rightful place next to me. I had never been more proud of my girl.

The ceremony seemed to go on and on; I wasn't really paying any attention. I scanned the crowd, searching for the faces of the best friends a guy could ask for. I would miss the hell out of them. They each played a part in making me the man I am today and I will carry a piece of them everywhere I go.

Then it was time.

"Graduating Seniors, please rise."

One by one, our names were announced with pride and acknowledgement.

Arthur Lee Abrams

Michael Ethan Chang

Tina Violet Cohen-Chang

Samuel Brett Evans

Quinn Rose Fabray

Finn Cody Hudson

Rachel Barbra Hudson

Kurt Wayne Hummel

Mercedes Charity Jones

Santana Jade Lopez

Brittany Susan Pierce

Noah David Puckerman

We did it! We fucking did it!

Just as we promised, we all gathered near the goal post. All of the girls were in tears and I think the guys wanted to cry just as much. We all talked about special moments we've shared over the past year; inside jokes. We apologized for the things we did that hurt one another; made promises that we weren't sure we'd be able to keep. This was a very bittersweet moment.

The crowd began to thin as students and parents began trickling out of the parking lot. I think we were the last ones standing. We didn't want to let this feeling go just yet.

"Party at my place tonight, yo!" Puck proclaimed.

"Oh, it's on bitches," Kurt yelled in excitement, as we all laughed together.

Later that night, we all met up at Puck's place and it was most definitely a party. Nearly the entire senior class was there, it seemed. Of course, we all stayed to close to one another. Who knew how many more moments like these we'd have?

The night rolled on with each of us becoming drunker by the moment. And then we were watching the sunrise together. It was the last time we were all together.

A month later, Rachel and I were New York-bound. We rented the tiniest apartment in Brooklyn, which cost an arm, a leg, and the promise of our first-born child. Luckily, Rachel's dad's offered to cover the majority of the rent while we searched for jobs and got comfortable with city living.

Our place was small, but it was just enough for the two of us. For a month or so, we decorated it the place, making it ours. It was a combination of Rachel's quirky personality and my masculine nature.

It took us no time at all to "break in" the apartment. There wasn't a room, shower, or flat surface we didn't christen. We had true freedom for the first time since we married and we were damn sure going to take full advantage of it.

We walked around naked whenever we damn well pleased; spent rainy day after rainy day making love. They were the two greatest months of my life. September came and reality kicked in.

Rachel began her freshmen year at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in Theatre, of course. While she spent her days in class, I hit the pavement, searching high and low for any job I could get my hands on. I was lucky, I guess. I didn't have to search for very long when I found a job doing construction in the city. It paid pretty well, too, which was awesome. I didn't get to see Rachel much after that. After being in school all day, she worked as a waitress at some fancy-schmancy restaurant in Manhattan. The moments we did get to see one another, though, were beautiful. I would never get enough of this woman.

We tried to keep in touch with our friends as much as possible, mostly through Facebook. Puck and Quinn had their daughter; they named her Elizabeth Caroline, but called her Beth for short. She was beautiful, just like her mama. Everyone else was off at different colleges all over the country.

Rachel's first semester flew by faster than I imagined it would and we were sharing our first New York Christmas together. Even though it snows in Ohio, there was absolutely nothing like a New York winter. The snow, Rockefeller Center, Central Park—everything about this place was magical. Rachel and I would take long, romantic walks as often as possible, bundled up together and madly in love. I offered to take her on a dreamy, horse-drawn carriage ride, but she was opposed to the idea, which was fine just by me. She said just being with me was perfect enough and I knew the feeling. Just being in the same universe with Rachel was perfect enough for a lifetime.

After a year or so, we had saved enough to where we could afford a much larger apartment; one with a second bedroom! Things were amazing; I never thought my life could turn out this way, but it did and I would be forever grateful for every second God allowed me with my amazing wife.

We had just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and Rachel was halfway through her senior year. She even began auditioning for roles on and off Broadway, and got a couple of small roles. But she always said "There are no small roles, only small actors." Whatever that meant!

Everything was perfect.

It was December. It was a cold, very snowy night and Rachel was puking her guts out for hours on end. I could not figure out what was wrong with her to save my life. I thought she had appendicitis and needed to be rushed to the emergency room. But she assured me though the bathroom door that that was completely unnecessary or overly dramatic.

She was in the bathroom for so long that eventually I fell asleep on the floor near the door. When I awoke, she was sitting beside me with the most beautiful smile on her face.

"I thought you were dying…or really fucking sick. Why are you smiling, Rach?"

"No, Finn. I'm not either of those things. Here…see for yourself."

She tossed something at me. I was really confused.

"What the hell is this, Rach? A thermometer?"

She laughed louder and harder than I had ever heard her before.

"It's not a thermometer, Finn. It's a pregnancy test."

"Say what?"

"Congratulations, Finn. You're going to be a daddy."


"You're serious, Rachel?"

"Are you very angry, Finn? I thought this would be a happy moment."

The idea of being a father had always scared the hell out of me, if I'm being honest. But in that moment, I wasn't. I wasn't scared or angry or confused. I was just…happy. Pure, unadulterated glee filled my entire being.

"I'm going to be a dad? You're gonna be a mom?"


Without another word, I pulled her down into my arms and squeezed her as hard as I could. Then, I remembered that she was pregnant and stopped squeezing so hard.

Rachel and I had created a life together; a tiny little creature that was, both, her and me. I was never happier than in that moment. It seemed as though every new experience I shared with Rachel made me happier than the last.

After her first trimester passed, we announced it to the world. Everyone was beyond ecstatic for us. I was ecstatic, too. But I was beyond stressed out about money and diapers and bottles and all of the little things that come with being a parent. She never said so, but apparently Rachel was stressed out too.

Just into her second trimester, she went into pre-term labor. Although doctors were able to stop her labor and released her from the hospital, I demanded that she drop out of school and stay at home on bed rest until the baby was born.

Needless to say, she was not happy with me or the idea. Rachel was the most independent and strong-willed person I've ever known. She fought me tooth and nail, but after reading her hundreds of horror stories about preemie babies, she reluctantly agreed. She was not thrilled with me and made no secret about it.

To make her feel better about the entire situation, I promised her, that not only would I continue working my construction job, but that Puck would drive to New York as much as he could and we would put together the band we always planned to. I told her that we would start auditioning for gigs at local bars and that all of the money would go to taking care of her and our unborn child.

That seemed to appease her for the time being.

And Puck kept his promise. He and Quinn drove up her as much as they possibly could. We decided to call our little band "Love in Vein", because that pretty much summed up the relationship we each shared with our wives. We got good; really good. And fast, too. Before I knew it, we were auditioning for and landing well-paying gigs and just as promised, the money went to taking care of our child, as well as Puck and Quinn's.

On August sixth, Two Thousand Sixteen, Journey Celine Hudson came into this world.

Two years later, our son Dylan Christopher was born.

Three and half years after that, Diem Lyric joined our little family.

Rachel took such wonderful care of all of us. Puck and I worked our asses off and were reaping the benefits. We were starting to gain notoriety, respect from our peers, and we even had fans. Fucking fans!

We were blissful. We were complete.