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You Have a Choice

Bella's POV

I was frozen in place after Rosalie left. I had no idea that that was how her life had ended. All of the things that could have been… ripped from her in an instant. I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I nearly jumped when I heard someone open the door. In a house full of vampires, even the tiny sounds were noted. I still wasn't used to it.

Maybe Rosalie came back for round two. I was tense but when I saw all of those perfect curls, I knew there was no reason to be worried.

"Hi Bella" The light sound came before she skipped in, in her happy way. The oldest of the Cullen daughters walked in: Olivia Cullen.

Ever since the first time I saw her, I had the impression of a real sized live doll. As all the Cullens were, Olivia was just as perfect. But that wasn't the mainly thing that attracted attention towards her, it was her personality. She was always happy, no matter what. Liv couldn't see the future like Alice, in fact she didn't have any special ability, but she always knew when things were going to turn out to be ok, she just knew. That's why she always makes me feel so light and easy whenever I was around her.

"Hi Liv" I greeted as she walked towards me with her bright dress and her sandals, each a different color. One time I asked her why she dressed up in so many colors and she told me: If you like all the colors of the rainbow, why wear only one? That was her philosophy with almost everything which I quickly understood and adopted, but to tell the truth, Olivia was the one Cullen that I knew absolutely nothing about. I once asked Edward about her transformation and he couldn't answer me. I dared to ask Esme the next day and she actually looked hurt with my bluntness and didn't answer either, instead she changed the subject. I decided to let it go after that.

"Sit here dear, I'm sure that humans can get tired when standing this as long as you have." She patted the couch and the sound of her bracelets clinking together echoed in the room.

"Yeah, thanks. Sorry, I'm just…" I trailed off. The talk with Rosalie had made me feel weird and I hadn't been able to digest yet.

"I know peachy pie." She tried to soothe. She was always coming up with the strangest nicknames that always made me laugh. "I know what Rose talked to you about" I felt a knot of dread form in my stomach in my stomach. Was she here to tell me the same thing? That I'd be running my life and any chances to be happy if I choose Edward? That it was all a mistake?

"Bella" She took my hands in hers. Her tone was soft, much like Esme's "I know what my sister has told you, and I understand her. Believe it or not, she wants what's best for you." I tried to swallow that lump in my throat and prepared for the worst.

"But I know that what's best for you is my brother. And you are the best thing that has ever happened to him." Her tone was still soft, like she was telling me a story, and to know that that was what she thought of me almost made me cry.

"Do you really think so?" I asked. She cast me her pearly white smile and I knew she wouldn't lie to me.

"Oh sweetie" She said hugging me tightly. I was used to their cold hugs. I loved each of them like they were my own family, and all of them had a special place in my heart. Liv let go of me to keep the tears away from my eyes. "I also know that it won't be easy once Edward bites you sweetie. But you have an advantage that almost no vampire has: A family to be there for you. And that is important."

I thought that her gift was to calm others, and sometimes I was almost positive that that really was her power. I asked Carlisle about that once and he just smiled and told me that this was "just his daughter's nature."

It won't be easy, I know. The needs to kill for blood will almost consume me if I let it, but it won't be forever. And Liv is right, I would have a family and they would be there for me.

"Are you feeling better now Bells?" She asked, her voice bringing me back. I decided to push my luck a little now

"Liv, can I ask you something?" She continued to smile and I wondered for how long she'd be continuing to do that after I got my question out.

"Anything sweetie." She replied.

"Do you remember anything about your human life?" I blurted out. The few sounds that came from the house stopped except for the sound of a loud crash and I guess something had just been broken, and everyone in the house had probably just heard what I had asked. Not a good reaction from everyone.

"It's ok" She called out, not looking at me, but to someone who wasn't there "Bella is family, and we don't keep secrets from family" Her face had lost any trace of her chipper and funny attitude that and for the first time, Olivia was scarring me. She didn't seem angry or violent, but her face was emotionless and that just wasn't normal.

"Yes, I remember my human life." The voice that came from her lips didn't sound like her own. It was cold and distant. "Some vampires have a few memories that slip away with time. Others don't have any memory of their human existence." Like Alice. Her first memory as human came back after Edward killed James. "But me? I remember everything" Her tone was so bitter, like this was some type of disease. I always thought it'd be good to have memories from my human life. Why was she upset about it?

"When I was born, women had absolutely no rights. If anyone dared to say anything in our favor, it'd be considered blasphemy and you would be executed." I put my hand in hers, but she didn't seem to notice. "I was married before, you know?" What? No one has ever told me that! "It was a business arrangement, to say the least. The man that I was married wasn't very… "Tender" with me" This time I heard a glass breaking somewhere followed by a growl, no doubt her mate who probably hated hearing this more than anyone else in the family.

"So, why did you get married then?" I asked, though I don't know why. She seemed so far away now that I was trying to light up the mood in anyway possible, like she always did, though my attempt was useless.

"Marriage was an obligation. Women were forced to be married even if they were just children themselves" She explained in a low growl. I was going to throw up! I couldn't imagine what it must've been for her.

"And, my husband didn't want me to have any children. His grandchildren were older than me, and he didn't want another mouth to feed." Absently, she started to rub her belly. Tears were starting to block my vision. "One day, after finding out he got me pregnant he beat me until I lost the baby and after I had the miscarriage he left me to die. And I was going to" I couldn't stop them now, the tears were flowing down my cheeks, I shouldn't have asked about this, no wonder no one wanted to tell me this story was painful just listening to it, what torture it must have been to live it. I was holding her hand so tight that if she wasn't a vampire, it'd be broke by now.

"But I didn't. A vampire in the area caught the scent of my blood and found me. He looked like a crazy man. I was so scared. Then again, I was almost dead, what could he do?" I never heard of a vampire talking like that about their maker. She must have sensed my doubt. "Not all vampires are like Carlisle, Bella. In fact, he might be considered unique in our world." I smiled, but she didn't "After I woke up as a newborn, I was still on the ground, with my clothes covered in blood and he was still there with that crazy look upon his face. When he started to speak to me…" She closed her eyes and shakes her head, like she was trying to gain some energy. "I snapped, Bella" When she opened her eyes, she was looking straight into mine "When I finished killing him, it was like something clicked in here" her finger was pointing to her head and her voice was starting to come back to normal. "I didn't want to live like that! Not after everything I went through as human" This time I smiled, and she smiled back "So I ran. And I ran straight as far as possible from that place, and didn't stop for three days." Her heels were clicking to add more effect and it was a miracle that the concrete didn't break.

"And then, I stopped. and I met him" She sighed, her expression had changed, she had a dreamy look on her face, she started giggling, like every time someone asked about her mate.

"He was like a dream from the first moment I laid my eyes on that perfect man standing there. I remember like it was yesterday. It was like he was waiting there for me." Her smile could light up a room. Of all the four Cullen sons, Henry Cullen was the one that most physically resembled to Carlisle. He was the completely opposite from his mate, they complimented each other in both looks and personality, maybe that was why they went so well together.

"It was love at first sight, wasn't it?" I asked she nodded and clapped her hands, her chipper mood finally returning to her, no surprise that Henry was the one to do that for her. "He was so serious when I met him. So, I got closer and asked "What is it like to be a monster?" When he finally fully turned around to look at me, I was speechless! I could never imagine someone as beautiful as him."Her look was of pure happiness. The same I most likely wear when I'm thinking of Edward.

"He wasn't as serious as before, or angry as I thought he would be. No, he was studying me, and then he said "I don't want to be a monster". So I looked into his eyes, and said "Neither do I". He offered me a hand that I took and we've been together ever since, the rest of the story you already know" She finished I was beyond amazed! I never could have imagined that Olivia had to go through all of that to become the woman that she was now.

"Bella, I know that this is not a nice story to hear, but it has a happy ending. I don't know who I would have become if I haven't met my Henry. He's everything to me! And we learnt a lot together, the same way that you and Edward will. Just remember, we all have obstacles to go through, but you are bigger than them. You have your loved ones here for you." She reminded me. I hugged her when I finally decided to stop crying, she helped me dry my tears on her bright colored dress. I did learn valuable lesson with Liv Cullen today. She got through her obstacles and came out happy, and it wasn't just cause she was a vampire, she had a family to support her and so would I. If she could do it, so could I.

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