This conversation between Edward and my OC Henry Cullen (Armie Hammer) takes place during"twilight" ,when Edward is away for a while with the Denali's.

Henry was a viking,so the italics are in swedish.

You Deserve to be Happy

Edward's POV

Funny, I stopped long ago to notice the weather. But, ever since I came to stay with the Denali cousins, the days seems all so cloudy. It's not that I don't enjoy the family hospitality, but everything seems so brim now. I had to get away, from my parents, my siblings…

From her

Isabella Swan, the name that brought the monster back that I managed so hard to keep it hidden. And yet, with one simple movement from me, all that we fought so hard to built, my family and I, would be gone. Because of my reckless attitude.

I didn't want to leave my family, it was the hardest choice for me, but it was for the best. I can't forget the look on my sisters Alice face when I told her my decision. She knew before me, but it hurt her more than I could ever think.

Rosalie threw a fit, calling me weak and pathetic, and Emmett had to restrain her from destroying the recently fixed furniture. Jasper was too busy comforting Esme and Alice to try to calm Rosalie down.

What surprised me the most was the reaction of my older sister, Olivia. She's always the one with an opinion, always. But at that moment, she remained frozen in the arms of her mate, Henry. You didn't have to be a mind reader to see their connection; he was just waiting for her response, otherwise he'd remain still, respecting her silence.

From all of the couples in our family, Henry and Olivia were the ones who always intrigued me most. Henry's consistent persona was a contrast with Liv's free and caring attitude. From the day we've met them, and even though they have so different personalities, anyone could see that they were inseparable. Maybe that's why they let me go without saying anything on the matter.

"Edward, we're going hunting" Tanya's voice came from the other room. I didn't want to be disturbed, and they respect my decision more than I could ask for "Would you like to join us?" I didn't feel the need to move from my spot. I knew I had to feed, but I had so many questions in my head, and no one to help me find the answers to not one of them.

"No, thank you, Tanya"

If I go back now, then all will be lost. I don't have that kind of control in me. I don't want to jeopardize my family. This wasn't any helpful. I can't seem to find a solution for this! Damn this human for crossing my path! Everything was fine until she came along.

I could be playing chess with Jasper now, or helping Carlisle with his work, or even helping Alice with her shopping bags, but instead I'm trapped away from them all.

Suddenly, a form begins to take place beside me. If I was a poor human, I'd think it's a ghost, but knowing my family, I knew exactly who it was : My brother Henry.

Not all our family has powers: Alice is the only female with powers, she can see the future, but that doesn't make Esme, Rosalie or Liv any less especial than they already are. I can read minds, Jasper can control emotions and Henry can hide from the world. But not only becoming invisible, he's the only vampire in the world that Demetri can't track. And I can't see when he's coming. I told him once that this was annoying, and his only reply was "Well brother, now you know how we all feel when you read our minds".

"Brother, what are you doing here?" I wasn't angry at him; I could never be angry with my older brother. Other than Carlisle, he and Liv were my models to our vegetarian lifestyle. In fact, I was happy to see him again.

"Our cousins let me in. You didn't think I'd let you go without say goodbye, did you brother?" I was happy to see one of my siblings again, I truly were .I needed to talk to someone after my period of exile.

"Really? I thought Liv sent you here" I don't think I was trying to be serious, but that's how it must come out.

"We both agreed it'd be best if I come to see you." His permanent smile when he talked about his wife was there, and it made me jealous .I've admired them as a couple ever since we first met; their dedication and love to each other was truly something to be envious.

"I've always wanted to have what you two have, and look what I've got: The danger to kill a human girl" I was devastated, broken. How could I fix this? I could put on jeopardy my whole family because of my own mistake. "It's not fair" My brother stood still, and it wasn't needed a mind reader to know what was on his mind.

"This dilemma you're suffering. I understand it brother" The house was in complete silence .I noticed then that the family left and we were the only one's left ,for privacy reasons .Henry must have a strong reason for ask such a thing from them.

"I never asked you this, but, what happened?" My older brother was a legend .Long before Carlisle was made; Heming was a name to be feared.

In respect, we never asked about his years as the cruel vampire. Even some of the Volturi guards are still afraid of them, but that doesn't mean they admit it.

What did change his mind? His thoughts are always determinate on not looking back on those days, and I wouldn't be the one to bring it back to him. Nonetheless, curiosity always got the best of me.

"I was ready to give up" He was facing the window, where the only thing we could see miles and miles away was pure nature .It truly was a sight.

"What do you mean?"

"To end my existence" Suicide? But, my brother, Olvir, the Viking, would never do that! I can't picture that" My brother is the oldest and fearless vampire I've ever known.

"Why would you do that?" As I felt a tinge of despair in my, I could see torment in his eyes.

"Because, I saw no point in going on, bror. Run, hide, kill; Run, hide, kill, everyday, all the time. And for what? For immortality?" His tone was flat, but his eyes, were angry.

"So, I decided to do it. Any nomad would do .Maybe, if I was lucky, I'd find a werewolf to end things quicker. I really couldn't care less" He gave an unnecessary sigh, and I didn't know I was holding my own breath "I just wanted things to stop"

"What made you change your mind?" No sound could be heard miles in distance .we never talked much about our previous lives, and Henry was the most private of us.

"Your sister" And then, just like that, a smile appeared in his face. I should have known.

"You should have seen her face when I first laid my eyes upon her .I could tell from a distance that she was a newborn .I could smell her from afar. And I was ready…"His face held a determination in them, and I found myself as a young boy, waiting to hear the end of the story.

"And then…?"I was eager. Yes, it was true. We never heard Henry's side of the story before. It was private, and we respected that.

"And then…I saw her face" He smiled at me "Everything changed" He turned to me, but I couldn't look him in the eye anymore. I've abandoned my family, all because of a human who made me feel…different.

"I couldn't speak either .so; my high almighty Viking skills made no good for me .I couldn't look at her! Do you know how difficult that is for me? To be scared of a vampire half your size?" I snorted, even Liv being tall for a woman, Henry is still taller than us. The situation must've been funny.

"I was scare to admit my feelings, Edward .Just like you are now" I look up, and I know what he meant.

"Just because you don't understand something, it doesn't mean it'll be bad for you. Who knows, maybe this girl will do you some good. Just like Olivia does to me" I'm not sure if I believed in him at first, but something in his voice gave me hope.

"Do you really think so, brother?"I could try. Who knows?

Olivia and Henry are, after all, THE example.

"I know so"

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