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This story is set after Sectionals

Rachel and Jesse have known each other and been best friends since they were little.

I am going to keep some of the Glee story line for after Sectionals, but most of it will be my own.

Jamiexh and I have joint custody over the names of Rachel's dads (Jackson and Elias) I did not steal them.

Some of the things that I am going to make happen in the story have been inspired by other authors; please don't think that I am stealing your ideas I only have respect for what you have done.

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UNWRITTEN: Chapter 1

"A real friend walks in, when the rest of the world walks out."

Author's Note: I am assuming that Sectionals are in December,


Quinn could honestly say that the beginning half of her sophomore year of high school sucked. Not only was she pregnant; but she also slept with her boyfriend's best friend; resulting in said pregnancy, was forced out of her childhood home by her obsessive father, kicked of the Cheerios, and now she was also homeless, for the second time in two months. Of course, she couldn't really blame Finn, for kicking her out once he found out that the baby girl that he believed was his, was actual his best friend's. Yeah Quinn's life really sucked at the moment.

Rachel was on her way home from her vocal lessons. She was thinking about New Directions win at Sectional's, when suddenly her cell phone started to ring, recognizing the ringtone instantly she quickly answered her phone.

"What do you want Jesse?" she asked, with a smile in her voice. Jesse St. James was Rachel's best friend for as long as she could remember. They both had big aspirations to be stars on Broadway. When they first met through their parents, Jesse was just approaching two years of age and Rachel was five months old. They have been inseparable ever since.

"So, I was thinking that I would take you out for a victory dinner; seeing as at Regional's you are going to be taking me out to a victory dinner?" Rachel could only laugh; yes, she knew that there was a very high percentage that Vocal Adrenalin would beat New Directions at Regional's but, only Jesse would be thinking about it six months in advance.

"Oh, I don't know you see I am so tired because I had to walk to school today because both Dad and Daddy had to leave early for work, and then after a long tiring day of school where, I was slushied by the hokey team I might add, I also had a two hour dance class, voice lessons, and now I have to walk all the way home. So as you can imagine I am quite tired and…" she didn't get to finish her sentence.

"Would you just turn around already?" Rachel knew that voice and, smiled when she realized it was not coming from the phone currently pressed against her ear. Ending the call and slipping her phone back into her bag; Rachel turned around and jumped into her best-friends awaiting arms. "Congratulations," he said with a kiss to her forehead. She smiled in return as Jesse took her bag and led his petite best friend to his Range Rover.

Just as Jesse was driving on the main stretch of road in Lima, Rachel's phone rang again. Searching for her phone in her bag she finally grasped it and was shocked to see who was calling. "Quinn?"

"Yea, look Rachel I know we aren't that close or anything, but on Monday in the bathroom, you said I could come to you if I ever needed help. Well, I need help. Now, please know that I completely understand if this is too much to ask seeing as our past hasn't exactly been rainbows and Daffodils, but Finn asked me to leave. He gave me until next Friday to find somewhere to stay and get my stuff together, but I already burdened him and Mrs. Hudson so much. So, I was wondering… Wait no; forget it I will just ask Santana or Brittany."

"Quinn, where are you I will come and pick you up. My dads already know about your situation and have been harassing me to get you live with us." Jesse slightly nudged Rachel and asked where he should play chaffer to, she held up her index finger indicating that she would tell him in a minute. "No, Rachel you really don't have to I have been nothing but a bitch towards you."

"You're too late Quinn I already have a friend driving me, so just give me the address." Jesse waited a few more seconds as Rachel said goodbye, and then started to drive off into the direction that she had told him to go.

Two hours later, after getting all of Quinn's stuff from Finn's house Jesse, Rachel, and Quinn had finally moved all of the belongings Quinn was able to grab in the thirty minutes her father allowed her. Jesse was impressed by how much the pregnant blonde was able to pack in thirty minutes, considering the amount of pressure she was most likely under while she was packing up her room. She had filled three dresser drawers with undergarments and socks, had a drawer that had about seven pairs of pajamas, and the closet had at least fifteen baby-doll dresses hanging neatly on hangers inside. She also had a few assorted tee-shirts and jeans that just filled a fifth dresser drawer.

Rachel was looking around the room and let out a breath, "Well this will have to do for now, tomorrow we can go to the mall and get you some more stuff that you will need until we need to start getting stuff that will fit you throughout your pregnancy."

As Rachel was leaving the room Quinn stopped her, "Rachel I don't have any money how the hell do you expect me to get more stuff, it's not like people are gonna take sympathy on me." Quinn exasperated.

Rachel turned on her heal and smiled, "Daddy gave me his credit card and told me to get you whatever you needed for your pregnancy. He said that he and dad want to pay for it because they didn't have to buy anything maternity related for me. I am going to head downstairs to start dinner. Jesse I assume you are staying to eat?" Before Jesse could even reply, Rachel was on her way downstairs and into the kitchen.

Quinn turned to Jesse, "Is she always like that?" she questioned. "Yea pretty much, you will get use to it." He replied. Quinn was watching Jesse and was curious as to how he knew the tiny brunette. "So are you and Rachel like together or something?"

Jesse laughed, "Nah, Rae and I are best friends, have been since we were little, and I am gay, and pretty much think of her has a little sister." Quinn nodded, "So what's your story?" Jesse contemplated whether or not to tell Quinn that he was part New Directions rival teal for Regionals and, decided that in this case honesty was the best policy. "Well, I am a senior at Carmel High and the male lead of Vocal Adrenalin," Jesse saw the look on Quinn's face. "I am not spying on your team don't worry, Rachel and I have nothing but respect for each other and, we both refuse to let the feud between our two teams come in between our friendship."

"She sounds like a great friend." Quinn said with a sad smile, suddenly feeling guiltier for treating Rachel worse then something you would find on the bottom of your shoes.

"Well, I don't for settle for anything less than the best, and she is my best friend. Okay, I am going to head down and help with dinner, feel free to do whatever you want. Just don't go into Rae's room without her knowing, I swear she will somehow find out that you were in there, it's like she has hidden cameras or something." Jesse turned and left the bedroom leaving Quinn alone with her thoughts.

Fifteen minutes later, Quinn decided that being alone in a bedroom when there were to people she was interested in getting to know was pretty stupid. Not to mention that the only time she actually like to be alone in a bedroom was when she was sleeping, and even sometimes she enjoyed some company like the mini sleepover she and her older sister use to have, 'I wonder if Rachel is up for a mini slumber party tonight?' she thought to herself, as she walked from the spacious living room to the gourmet kitchen. Quinn made a mental note to ask Rachel what her fathers did for a living that allowed them to live in such a nice house. She assumed that it was in the same price range as the house she grew up in, but unlike that house the Berry household didn't look stiff; it looked lived in, where as her old home looked like it was set up in a studio for a photo shoot. When Quinn got into the kitchen she saw Jesse throwing small pieces of bread at Rachel and she stirred something in a pot.

Rachel turned to throw something at Jesse when she saw Quinn, "Oh, hi Quinn. I am making lasagna for dinner and a vegan lasagna for myself are you okay with regular lasagna or do you want me to make more of the vegan one for you?" she questioned as Jesse hit her ear with another piece of bread. "Jesse, if you keep throwing the bread at me there won't be any left for the garlic bread!" Rachel jokingly yelled

"I am just taking out the insides liked you asked me too, and then I realized that throwing them out would be a waste of food, so I decided to recycle them." Jesse smirked.

"By what playing Hit Rachel with Breadcrumbs?" Rachel asked, while pulling small pieces of bread out of our hair with Quinn's assistance.

"Well, that was the original name of the game, but it was too long so I changed it to Bread Body."

While the verbal sprawl was going on between the two friends, no one noticed that Rachel's fathers entered the kitchen. "Oh look Eli, our kids are making dinner for us and the kitchen does not look like a hurricane hit."

Jackson joked as he set his briefcase down on the counter and gave Rachel a hug and a kiss. Rachel hugged Jackson and replied, "Hi, Daddy" before moving over to Elias and greeted him with a hug and a kiss, "Hi, Dad" Rachel then turned her attention to Quinn, "Daddy Dad this is Quinn. We just finished moving her things into the spare room upstairs; and Quinn this is my Daddy Jackson he's a judge, but don't let that intimidate you, he really is a big softy and this is my Dad Elias, he is a CFO for an advertising company in Columbus."

Quinn smiled shyly at the two men. "Thank you, for letting me stay here, I promise as soon as I have the baby I will get a job and pay you back." "Nonsense," Elias replied wrapping Quinn in a hug. "Sometimes, we all need a little help along the way. You can call me Eli or Elias, which ever you prefer and Jackson obviously goes by Jackson or Jack. Jackson then wrapped Quinn in a hug that was so different than any hug she received from her own father. She felt safe in his arms; like that his arms possessed some sort of magically ability to erase away all the pain. "You will do no such thing as pay us back. I assume Rachel told you about the credit card?"

Rachel decided to answer for Quinn. "Yes I did Daddy, now you and Dad go upstairs and get changed; dinner will be ready in ten minutes.

Around nine o'clock Jesse had to go home. He hugged Quinn, shook Jackson and Elias's hand and gave Rachel a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek, "See you tomorrow star." As Jesse's car pulled out of the driveway, Rachel headed up the stairs, "I need to take a shower after that game of Bread Body and then I am headed to bed, Quinn if you would like you can take a shower too. Good night Daddy. Good night Dad" Quinn just nodded and thanked Elias and Jackson again, before heading upstairs for a much needed hot shower. However, before she could get into her room Rachel pulled her into her room. "After you get out of the shower call Santana and Brittany, I am sure they will want to know where you are staying and that you are okay and then invite them over. It will be a much easier first night with your best friends with you.

Quinn smiled and replied, "only if you join us." Rachel nodded and turned towards her bathroom. Quinn left the bedroom for the hot shower that was calling her name.

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