UNWRITTEN: Chapter 2-Thank you for being a Friend

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After Quinn got out of the shower, she decided she better call Santana and Brittany. The blonde figured asking Brittany first, would be the only way she would be the only way she would get Santana to come to Rachel's house. Quinn knew that Brittany loved sleepovers, and she also knew that Brittany really didn't have a problem with Rachel, she only pretended to for Santana and herself. Taking out her cell phone she called Brittany

"Hello, Quinn is that you? Are you okay?" Quinn's bubbly best friend asked with rapid fire.

"Yes, Britt it's me, and I am fine, so please don't worry. I do however, have to ask you a question." It's funny how Brittany can be, she may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but she is always calm in the face of drama.

"Sure Q, what do you want?"

"Well, Rachel let me move into her house, after Finn asked me to leave. Then she cornered me before my shower and told me to invite you and S over for the night to make my first night easier. I know you guys aren't close with Rachel, but, I would really appreciate it, if you guys could come and spend the night."

"A slumber party, of course I will be there, and don't worry about S, if she says no text me and I will make her say yes."

"Britt you can't do anything here, Rachel does not know about you and Santana, and you know how Santana is about keeping things off the radar." Okay, it was no secret to Quinn that Brittany and Santana were officially and item, but Rachel didn't know and Quinn had it under high authority that Santana did not want people to know yet.

"I know that Quinn, I meant before and after the sleepover. So call S and tell her she has to come. If she says no I will take care of it don't worry. Let me know what she says. OK bye." Brittany went off to pack an overnight bag to take to Rachel's for the sleepover.

Quinn went on to call Santana. It took awhile for Santana to agree, Quinn also made her promise that she wouldn't call Rachel any names; like RuPaul, Treasure Trail, Man Hands, or anything else that the Latina might come up with. Quinn was hoping that the night would not end in a total disaster forcing her out of Rachel's house, she liked it here and had a feeling the Rachel at home, was very different from Rachel at school. She really started to see Rachel as a good friend.

Meanwhile, Rachel was in her bedroom after her shower. She had to admit, that she was a little afraid of what was going to happen tonight. Rachel did not have a problem with Quinn obviously, she didn't even have a problem with Brittany but, Santana was another story. Rachel didn't really understand why Santana still had a problem with her, when it was pretty clear the both Brittany and Quinn did not. Moving on past that thought, Rachel went on to the next order of business, which needed to be taken care of. She had to call Noah; she knew it would not be fair to him if he didn't know where Quinn was staying. Rachel sighed, and went through her contacts until she got to Noah's number and pressed send.

"What do you want Berry, I am in the middle of something here," was Puck's simple reply.

"Hello to you too Noah, I am doing fine thanks for asking. How are you? Rachel was really not up for Puck's attitude tonight.

"You called me Berry, not the other way around."

Rachel could tell that he was frustrated, but she had to tell him. "Noah, I just wanted to let you know that Quinn, the mother of your child; is staying at my house, so she is not out in the freezing cold winters' night. I will let you get back to whatever you were doing." Rachel said rather aggressively.

Quickly coming to his senses, Puck stopped her before she could hang up. "Wait Rachel, I'm sorry, I am just upset right now. I didn't mean to take it out on you." Well, he did but it would have been the same if anyone else called him. "Is she okay? Is the baby okay?

Rachel listened to Puck, before answering. "She seems to be doing fine Noah, I told her to invite Brittany and Santana over for the night so she was more comfortable, so I am sure you will be able to get more info out of them tomorrow. I am sorry, but I really have to go, Quinn said the only way she would invite them over was if I joined them."

Puck chuckled over the phone. "And you agreed, to that? Well, anyway thank you so much for letting her live with you, I know you guys aren't best friends, it really means a lot to me. I will let you go have fun." With that Puck hung up his phone.

As soon as Rachel hung up the phone, Quinn knocked and walked in to her room. "Brittany and Santana are going to come over; they said they would be here in half an hour. Are you sure you are okay with this, I mean first me and now the girls?" Quinn asked, concerned laced in her voice.

" I am fine I would not have asked you to invite them, if I wasn't okay with it. I will admit I was surprised you asked me to join; I figured you would want to spend time with Santana and Brittany." Rachel said, as she was getting ready for the night.

"Well, we are friends now; at least I think we are. Plus you are letting me at your house, I had to do something." Quinn really wanted all the girls to be friends; there really was no reason for all the hostility that happened in the past.

" No, we are friends and, Brittany is fun and everything, it is just Santana I am worried bout. Do you want to sleep in here or in your room?"

"Santana will be fine, and once you get to know her she really is nice, well nice for Santana anyway." Quinn laughed a little at this because it was so true, Santana wasn't exactly nice, but she was a really good friend. "And here is fine, you have a TV and stuff we can watch movies or something. You do have movies that aren't musicals right?" Quinn asked because, if Rachel only had musicals, she would have to ask B and S to bring over movies.

"Yes, I have a wide variety of movies, some are up here and some are downstairs you can look through them if you want and pick out anything that you want." Just as Rachel finished her sentence the doorbell rang.

"I can't believe you made me come here. I mean seriously B, Berry's" Santana complained to her girlfriend of five months.

"Come on S it will be fun." Brittany said while tugging on Santana's arm. "Besides Quinn wants us here and Rachel isn't that bad, you just have to get to know here and stop making fun of her." She gave her girlfriend a quick kiss before they rang the doorbell.

Santana was not happy with the kiss, but she knew that if she behaved to night and didn't make fun of RuPa… Rachel, she and Brittany would be doing much more than kissing. Santana quickly shook her head, before her thoughts went any further. Quinn knew about their relationship, but Rachel didn't and Santana wanted to keep it that way, she figured once Rachel found out she would be blabbing to the whole school.

A little while after the doorbell rang Quinn answered the door, since Rachel was taking her contacts out and getting changed. "Come in, we are gonna hang out upstairs in Rachel's room. She has air mattresses and stuff, so we won't need to sleep on the floor. I also found some good movies and we made lots of snacks and have lots of stuff to drink, so we are not following any diet rules tonight."

When they entered Rachel's bedroom Santana was surprised that her room normal, with pictures, and posters; granted most were from musicals, but still. Maybe Rachel really wasn't that bad. As the girls got settled into the bedroom, they realized that there were only two air mattresses on the floor, one queen sized and one full sized.

"Berry, how are four people going to sleep in here if there are only three beds?" Santana asked getting frustrated.

Rachel looked at Santana with confusion. "Well, I just figured that since you and Brittany were together you would prefer to sleep in the same bed, if you don't I can get another mattress." Rachel rambled nervously.

"Wait how did you we're together?" Santana started to panic. She turned to Quinn, "Did you tell her?" Santana asked accusingly.

Before Quinn could replay Rachel answered. "Quinn didn't tell me. I just assumed, and then a few days ago I saw the two of you go into one of the stock closets" Rachel said with rapid speed, hoping she or Quinn wasn't in trouble for something.

Santana walked up to Rachel. "Don't tell anyone, and if you do I can guarantee you will regret it," she seethed at Rachel, and then walked away once Rachel nodded her head and said "I promise."

Quinn brought her pillow in from her room and walked over to the full sized air mattress, but before she could get there Rachel threw her own pillow and blanket onto the air mattress, along with a "Wish Bear" Care Bear.

Rachel looked up at Quinn. "What, there is no way you are sleeping on an air mattress while you are pregnant." Rachel said as she finished setting up the mattress on the floor.

As the night went on the girls actually started to have fun and enjoyed being around each other. Quinn, Santana, and Brittany really started to see Rachel in a new light. Sure; she still talked quite a bit and used words that you would only find in a SAT prep book, but she really wasn't that bad. She was much more down to earth than she appeared to be at school. She also had a music collection worth envying, and it wasn't just musicals either she had all sorts of music. They watched movies, talked about the rumors going around the school, particularly one that started recently about Jacob Ben Israel leaving the school, after Sue Sylvester found him hiding out in Cheerio practices, and also in the locker rooms with his video camera, and ate junk food and had a pretty good time. All in all it was a pretty fun night.

Around two in the morning the girls decided they should probably go to sleep. Half an hour later the girls were all settled, in their pajamas, and ready for bed. They decided to watch a movie before they went to sleep and decided on finally decided on The Blindside. It was only about forty-five minutes into the movie when all the girls fell asleep. As the girls were falling asleep, they all had the same thought in mind; maybe this night was the beginning of a new friendship. A friendship, that none of the four girls expected.

When Rachel woke up the next morning, she looked at the clock on her phone and was surprised to see that it was 9:30; she rarely sleeps past eight o'clock even on the weekends. As she got out of bed and stretched she looked around her room; it wasn't a dream all three girls were still sleeping soundly in her room. Quinn was on Rachel's bed somewhat tangled in the sheets, but otherwise resting peacefully. When she looked over at Santana and Brittany, she couldn't help but laugh, Brittany was curled up in a tight ball snuggling with Santana, and Santana's body formed perfectly around Brittany, with her arm stretched around her girlfriend holding her as close to her as possible.

Rachel went downstairs to make breakfast for the girls and herself, her fathers both had things to finish up at their office this weekend, so they were going to be busy. She looked around the kitchen to see what she could make for everyone and decided on waffles, as she was making the batter she decided to add some chocolate chips to the waffles. Around 10:30 Rachel was just finishing up and, Quinn, Brittany, and Santana were coming down the stairs.

"Good Morning, I made breakfast. There are chocolate chip waffles, fresh fruit, coffee, hot chocolate and orange juice." Rachel said as she finished putting all the food on the table.

They sat down, and ate breakfast together. Around noon, after the kitchen was cleaned Santana and Brittany said they had to go home. Since it was only Saturday, Brittany asked Rachel and Quinn if they wanted to go to the mall on Sunday with her and Santana. School was almost breaking for the winter and the girls needed to finish shopping for gifts, so they agreed to go. After deciding to meet up at one and have a quick lunch, Santana and Brittany were on their way out.

Rachel closed the door behind them. "I give them five minutes." She said turning to Quinn.

"No, I think they will wait till they get to Britt's house, I mean they do have some control, well Brittany does anyway." Quinn said while heading upstairs to get changed, with Rachel following her.

"Yeah, Brittany has some control, but the only think stopping Santana last night, and this morning was the fact that the two of us were there. I am going to go start some of my homework so I don't have to do it all tomorrow, feel free to join if you want.

"I am gonna finishing organizing my room, but once I'm done I might join you, if I am not too tired.

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