UNWRITTEN: CHAPTER 5-I Want Something I Want

Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's called falling in love, because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall. Unknown


It was the Thursday before Presidents Day weekend, and the girls were once again having a sleepover but this it was going to be at Brittany's house because her dad, step-mom and little sister were going on a trip for the long weekend. Since, McKinley was going to be closed on both Friday and Monday Brittany told the other girls to come over Friday afternoon and then they could spend two nights at her house. Rachel and Quinn were both exploring their feelings towards each other, but they were both doing it in secret so as not to let the other girl know what was going on. They went out a few times together a pseudo dates; they were having a lot of fun together. Neither girl looked at their outings as dates; they merely viewed them as friends spending time together. It was no surprise to Elias and Jackson that the girls were spending more time alone together as oppose to having Jesse, Santana, and Brittany with them. Rachel told them that she thought she was Bi-Sexual in the beginning of her freshman year, and neither missed the subtle looks Quinn would give Rachel when she was not looking. They knew that they should let the girls approach them on their own time, but they wanted to take precautions so they talked to Brittany and Santana and Jesse to confirm what they were thinking.

During dinner on Thursday night Jackson and Elias were talking to Rachel and Quinn about the sleepover this weekend.

"There are not going to be any boys right" Jackson asked his daughter as he was sitting down at the head of the table.

"No, Daddy it is just going to be Brittany, Santana, Quinn, and myself." Rachel explained, getting slightly frustrated; between both of her father she must have answered this question about one hundred times since Monday.

Elias then decided to bring up another topic that has been a reoccurring question in the berry household. "I know that Brittany's parents are not going to be home and that there will probably be alcohol; Rachel…" he stated, addressing his daughter if you drink please be responsible. Quinn I would tell you to be responsible, but I do not think that drinking will be a problem for you, so just do us a favor and make sure Ray doesn't drink too much." Elias finished, as he took a sip of wine.

Quinn smiled, "Elias Jackson don't worry; there is definitely going to be some drinking, but I can assure you that it will be very light, you really have nothing to worry about." Quinn really liked how protective of their daughter the Berry's were. They were not obsessive, but it was more out of care, and she was beginning to see how much of that care they shared with her too; Quinn smiled at this she was very happy to feel like she belonged to a family that loved and cared for her again.

On Friday morning Santana woke up with an amazing idea. Around 11 o'clock she called Jesse and Brittany on three-way call. "I have the greatest idea ever" she said, to the two of them.

"Should I be concerned or worried about this idea, because last you had the greatest idea ever all three of almost ended up naked." Jessed reminded, the Latina of the truth or dare game on New Year's Eve.

"One bad decision and suddenly I can't be trusted, but no this idea is actually good, and no one will end up naked by the end of the night… well not if they don't want to. I was thinking that we should take Q and Ray on a group date tonight, but not tell them it is a date; just let them think it is the four of us going out as friends." Santana said

"Oh oh oh fun, we get to play match-maker, I am super excited." Brittany said, bouncing around her room.

Jesse was confused. "I think that is a good idea, but how does this involve me?"

"Oh, I just wanted to know if you think Rachel will say yes, and if she does will she catch on to the fact that it is a double date? Oh, and I was wondering if you wanted to come with us you could bring your boyfriend make it seem more like a group outing, it may take them longer to figure it out that way" Santana told Jesse

"She will agree to go no doubt, she will probably figure it out at some point during the night, but don't let that stop you I think is a great idea, and I think it will help them be more comfortable with the idea. Sure, I'll call him and see if he is up for it, he hasn't met Rachel yet so he will probably agree to coming. Keep me updated." Jesse told the girl, "I am sorry, but I have to go; tell me how tonight works out." With that Jesse hung up his phone.

"Santana, you should come here early so that we can plan what we can do tonight, to make it perfect for Quinn and Ray, plus my parents have already left so we have the whole house including the Jacuzzi." Brittany said with a smile

Santana didn't have to be told twice. "I'll be there in ten minutes."

Later, that day after Brittany and Santana had their fun they started to plan what they would do that night at dinner. It was decided that they would go outside of Lima so they don't attract an audience. Jesse suggested a diner near Carmel High. He said that a diner was casual enough for everyone to be comfortable, but it still had a restaurant quality to it to make it more date appropriate. The girls agreed and the three of them finished their plans for "Operation Faberrry"

Later on that night the four girls were on their way to "Keebler's Diner"

Santana was driving because Brittany was afraid to drive at night; she said it was because she didn't want to hurt any of the ducks that might be sleeping. On their way to the diner Santana told them that they were going to meet Jesse and Kyle, Jesses' boyfriend at the diner to eat dinner.

"Why did you guys invite Jesse?" Rachel asked

Brittany turned around in the passenger seat. "Because he is fun and if four girls go out some creepy guy may try to hit on us and I don't wanna have to make-out with him to make him stop." Brittany explained.

Rachel looked at Quinn with a confused smile "OK Britt" Rachel told the blonde

Once they got to the diner and were seated introductions were made. Kyle was somewhat afraid of Rachel; Jesse filled him in on what was going on tonight, but he also knew that Rachel and Jesse were best friends and that they were both very critical of whom the other on dated.

Rachel seemed to notice this. "Don't worry I am not going to harass you or anything." She said, with a smile.

"That's a relief, I was kind of afraid." Kyle laughed

"Relax, it's not like I can do anything tonight anyway; there are too many witnesses." Rachel turned back to the conversation she was having with Quinn.

The dinner was going well, Rachel and Quinn were having a great time, and they were sort of flirting with each other. It was easy to keep the conversation flowing between the six teenagers and every now and then you would see either Rachel or Quinn, look at the other and would give each other small smiles. Jesse was the first to notice this so he lightly kicked Santana under the table and nodded his head in the direction of the two girls. It made Santana happy to see Quinn so relaxed. She was so crazy with the pregnancy, that sometimes the girl would goes without smiling, she was happy that Rachel allowed her to relax. She saw a different side of Rachel too. Rachel outside of school was much less intense, she was even funny. She didn't go on and on about musicals or completions she won. However, the thing that made Santana laugh the most was her fashion sense. Outsides of school Rachel had an amazing fashion sense; it was still unique because she mixed and matched different thing but she owned normal clothes. The reason it made her laugh was because Brittany once told her she didn't think Rachel could wear jeans and t-shirts because she was allergic to regular clothes, and yes that was her exact phrase and she was dead serious' so serious in fact; that when they went to the mall after their first sleepover, Brittany was sure to bring Benadryl in case Rachel broke out in a rash.

The girls went back to Brittany's house after dinner. It was only 6:30 when the girls got back, but since it was winter it was dark already, the girls got changed into their pajamas and headed to the finished basement where they would be sleeping. The room was very spacious and there were all sorts of couches, chairs, beanbags, among other things to lunge on for the girls to use.

"We only have two queen sized mattresses out third one popped is it okay if you guys share. I would say sleep on one of the couches, but they aren't as cozy as the mattress." Brittany said while Santana set up the mattresses.

"I'm okay with it is Quinn is." Rachel said, and turned towards Quinn.

"Yeah, I don't care" Quinn stated, and helped Santana get the mattresses ready

"Perfect" Brittany and Santana smiled at each other.

As the night went on Quinn and Rachel got closer and closer to each other. They were finishing up "The Shining" and Rachel was curled up into the tiniest ball ever with her head on Quinn's lap while the blonde stroked her hair. Rachel was not scared of the movie; in fact out of the four girls she was the least jumpy. She was just tired she had three dance classes that day; each one lasting an hour, and then she had to teach to dance classes to the younger girls. When the movie finished up they decided to move onto a funny movie. It was in the middle of "Miss. Congeniality" that Santana noticed that Quinn and Rachel were sporadically touching each other's hands; she couldn't tell if they were doing it on purpose or not but, she took it as a good sign.

In the middle of the night Brittany got up to go to the bathroom, she had a hard time untangling herself from Santana but, once she did she got out of the bed. As she was walking to the door, she looked over towards the bed that Quinn and Rachel were sharing and saw that the tiny brunette was curled up into Quinn and the blonde had her harm wrapped around Rachel's middle. Instead of heading to the bathroom Brittany ran back over to the bed and shook Santana awake.

"San…San…SAN, wake up" Brittany was shaking the girl but it was not proving to be successful. Brittany was getting frustrated so she started to wake her up in a different way. She climbed on top of Santana and straddled her waist; she started to work slow kisses up the Latina's stomach until she finally got to her lips. When Santana started to kiss her back, Brittany quickly pulled away.

"B, that was mean, get back here" Santana wined, starting to wake up more.

"In a minute S, come look and Ray and Q" Brittany whispered while pulling Santana out of the bad.

When Santana saw the two girls cuddled into each other she smiled. She quickly got her phone and snapped a quick picture to send to Jesse later. After a quick make-out session; Brittany and Santana were both fast asleep again, each very happy with the success they were having in "Operation Faberry"

The sun was shining through the window and danced across Rachel's face. She opened her eyes and, was about to get up in order to close the curtains so she could sleep more. She tried to sit up; only to realize that there was a weight across her stomach. Rachel looked down to see Quinn's arm draped across her, she looked at the sleeping girl and had a huge smile on her face. She had a feeling in her stomach that she couldn't explain; it wasn't a bad feeling it was just something that made her happy. She didn't want to wake Quinn, so she laid back down, snuggled into Quinn, and tried to fall asleep again; eventually she feel into a peaceful slumber.

Eventually, Sunday came and Quinn and Rachel had to go back to the Berry home. Rachel still kept mum, why she was so happy. She knew she liked Quinn, bt waking up in her arms was something she loved, it made her feel safe and loved in a way no one has ever made her feel before. Once, they got to the Berry house they unpacked their bags and showered. Later that night, after dinner Rachel decided that she needed to talk to Quinn about what she was feeling. She knew it was not fair to Quinn or herself to keep these felling inside; she wanted to talk to her dads first; she wanted to make sure she was making the right decision. Rachel was scared that if she told Quinn and she reacted badly she may want to leave the house and that was not something Rachel was going to let happen. That night Rachel went to sleep with thoughts oh how to talk to her dads in her head; little did she know that across the hall Quinn was doing the exact same thing.

In Part 6, Rachel confronts Quinn about what she has been feeling and, the girls go on their first official date.