UNWRITTEN: CHAPTER 6-That's How You Know

"Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know it's the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who's standing next to you?" Peyton Sawyer One Tree Hill

MARCH 2010

It has been about two weeks since the sleepover at Brittany's hose, and Rachel has yet to approach Quinn about her feelings, and she was starting to get annoyed with herself. She was thinking about the conversation she had with her dads, at that point she was sure that she would be able to talk to Quinn right away, but obviously that did not happen. She thought back to the conversation she had with her dads the Monday after the sleepover, hoping it would give her some kind of inspiration or courage

Rachel walked downstairs in her pajamas to look for her dads. She found them in the living room watching some news station. She knew that she had to talk to her dads while Quinn was out of the house, and since Quinn was spending her day with her older sister Chelsea she knew now would be the perfect time.

"Dad…Daddy… Can I talk to you about something kind of important" Rachel asked quietly, as she sat down on the couch between her fathers.

Jackson looked over at Elias with a worried look; was something wrong with their daughter that they didn't know about. "Sure Pumpkin, what's up is everything okay, you're not in trouble are you" Elias questioned, watching is daughter rest her head on his husbands shoulder and sunk further into the couch.

"No, there is nothing wrong; at least I don't think there is." Rachel sighed, as Jackson ran his fingers down her hair, so she would relax. "I sort of have a crush on someone and I don't really know how to approach said person about this crush."

"Well Honey, I think the best thing to do is to just be honest with the person." Jackson's voice sounded. That's how Jackson was he was the voice of reason; and he always refused to beat around the bush, he said t was a waste of time that no one wanted to waste. "Do we know this person? Is it a boy or a girl? Jackson asked.

Rachel closed her eyes before she answered, she sometimes hated that her daddy always wanted to get to the point of a conversation; she liked to stall talks she didn't want to have, but he just liked to get things over with. She knew she had to answer so she opened her eyes and collected her thoughts before she spoke. "It's a girl Daddy; and yes you know her."

"Well Ray, I don't really understand how this is a problem unless the girl is involved with someone else. Or if she is straight" Elias reasoned, he was hoping that Rachel was not interested in someone who was straight, he believed it would be much more crushing towards Rachel if the girl she liked was straight as oppose to just in a relationship.

Rachel knew the look in her dads eyes, and she understood it too, which is why she was nervous about talking to them. "Umm… I do not know if she is interested in girls, I was hoping her friends would be able to help me there, and she is not in a relationship. I know for a fact that she is single." She stopped for a minute, debating on whether or not she should just tell her dad. "It's Quinn." She whispered, just loudly enough so that her dads heard her.

"Wait, Quinn. As in the Quinn who lives in our house? That is the girl you like?" Jackson asked, shocked. Sure, he knew his daughter was bisexual; so the fact that she liked a girl was no surprise to him, but the fact that she like Quinn was definitely a shocker. His mind started racing a mile a minute and, he could tell by the look on Elias's face that his was too. They were wondering what this would lead to and how many potential problems could arise from this; both if they pursued a relationship or not.

"I know what you are thinking." Rachel assured them. "I promise that I will not say anything to Quinn until I know for a fact that she would be interested in dating a girl; so please do not worry about that aspect. As for if a relationship does form from this I don't know what to say about that. All I know is that I like her and if she likes me I would like to try a relationship with her." Rachel finished, she looked up at her dads to let them know she said what she wanted to say.

"Okay, well we do not know exactly how to respond to this, but if you really like her; we are not going to tell you to not try it out. However let me make myself very clear; if this does work and the two of you decide to enter a relationship, the rules around the house will change." Elias told his daughter.

"Sweet Pea" Jackson said, turning Rachel's body so she was facing him. "You have to realize that there are a lot of what ifs in this situation; Quinn is pregnant for one, she also may not be interested in girls, and even if she in interested in girls she lives in our house; it will be hard to get away from each other if you need time alone." He warned, Jackson looked to his daughter, who nodded her head saying she understood. He should have known this after all; she was his daughter she was probably researching this for days. "Just do what you think is best" he stated, and then kissed his daughter.

Rachel got off of the couch. "I know all of this daddy. I am going to go get ready Jesse and I are going out. I will be back for dinner." Rachel said, while going upstairs.

By Wednesday, Quinn was getting restless and tired of school; she really wished that it was Friday, so that she wouldn't have to spend two more days in school. She thought back to her weekend and smiled. She had so much fun at the sleepover at Brittany's, and waking up with her arm around Rachel was something she could definitely get used to. She also got to spend time with her older sister Chelsea. Chelsea was livid when she found out what her parents did to her baby sister; she wanted Quinn to move in with her and her husband straight away, but they lived out of the McKinley school district and she knew Quinn didn't want to leave school. She would send Quinn checks and letters to keep in touch with her. When Quinn told Chelsea about her long weekend; Chelsea came into town and spent all of Monday morning with Quinn. Chelsea bought Quinn loads of maternity clothes; she knew that Berry's had already bought Quinn some, but she wanted to do something for her little sister and at this point in time the only thing she could do was but clothes. Quinn smiled as she thought about the morning with her sister; it made her happy to know that she was not mad at her like her parents were.

Quinn was in Honor's Chemistry, sitting next to Rachel who was diligently taking notes, but she could not focus on what the teacher had on the board; instead her mind was on the conversation she had with Jackson and Elias last night while Rachel was at her voice lessons.

Quinn doubled check Rachel's room; she wanted to make sure that the tiny brunette was out of the house, before she pursued her endeavor of talking to Jackson and Elias. At first she wasn't sure if she wanted to talk to the Berry's or not. She did view them as her parental figures and she knew they saw her as their daughter, but she still felt a little weird talking to them about it. What if they told Rachel about it; she would be humiliated. She tried talking to Chelsea about it; hoping her Psychology degree would help her, but instead her sister said she should try the Berry's because they were a successful same sex couple; and they would be able to tell her about all the positives and negatives of her situation. So after triple checking that Rachel was in fact gone, Quinn made her way to the kitchen where Jackson and Elias were preparing dinner.

She pulled herself up onto a stool, "Jackson Elias can I ask you a sort of personal question." Quinn murmured.

Elias looked at Jackson, "Of course sweetie; I mean I hope it is not too personal because there are just some things we have to keep secret from you and Ray." Elias answered, as he drained the stringbeans.

Quinn was wide eyed, she didn't know who else she could talk to, if they thought her question was too private. "Oh… um… I wanted to know how you knew you were g-g-gay," Quinn stuttered.

Jackson must have noticed how nervous she was, because the next thing she knew he was rubbing her shoulders, before he started to speak. "Well, I think it just comes with experience, I think I always had a feeling, when I was old enough to date I would go out with girls, but I would always find myself having a less than stellar time. When I got to college I started to go out with guys, even if it was more platonic I always felt more comfortable and more like myself then I did with any girl I dated. When I met Elias in my junior year and his senior year, I knew I was attracted to him and I knew I could see him by my side for the rest of my life." Jackson told Quinn, nodding at Elias so he could tell his story to Quinn.

Elias sat on the stool next to Quinn and began his story. "My story is slightly different then Jackson's, I tried dating boys right away in high school, I also tried dating girls too, but I knew I was more attracted to boys more. During my freshman year of college I met a boy Thomas, and I fell in love. We were together throughout college. The night I met Jackson I was a wreck; I had just found out that he was cheating on me from the beginning. It hurt so much to know that he was lying to me, later on that night I discovered that not only was he with other guys while we were together, but he was also sleeping around with all different girls too. Jackson and I started to talk and I just felt better. I didn't know if I was attracted to him, but I was so comfortable talking to him; that we just started to spend more and more time together. Eventually it turned to love, and I can easily say that the day I met him started out as the worst day of y life and turned into one of the best days of my life." After finishing his story Elias kissed Jackson, "I ran into John a few years ago while we were in Florida, and I couldn't even remember what I saw in him." Elias finished.

Quinn smiled at their stories, she thought they sounded like fairy tales, "I think I may like a girl." Quinn whispered.

"And you are not sure on whether or not it is more than platonic," Jackson guessed.

Elias watched as Quinn nodded, "Unfortunately, you need to figure that out yourself." Elias told Quinn with a kiss on her head.

"I am gonna head upstairs and get cleaned up for dinner, thank you so much for listening to me, you have no idea how much you helped me." With that Quinn was on her way upstairs.

Elias and Jackson both stayed home on Wednesday so they could talk about the revelations of both Rachel and Quinn.

"What do we do," Jackson asked

"Hope that the girl Quinn is crushing on in Ray, and that it is not just a fling," was Elias' response.

"Eli I am serious," Jackson scolded. "Can we tell them about what the other said… of course not what am I thinking?" Jackson argued with himself.

"Jack, we just have to let it play its course, deal with whatever happens, and hope it turns out for the best.

It was finally Friday, and Rachel was very antsy. She was going to ask Quinn out on a real official date. She wasn't planning anything too crazy, just dinner, but still she was nervous. Santana and Brittany told her that Quinn was interested in possibly dating girls, and that made Rachel slightly less nervous, but she was still paranoid, she had no clue if Quinn liked her like that or not.

Quinn was not doing much better. She wanted to ask Rachel out; honestly she did but, in the back of her mind she could still see her parents lecturing her and Chelsea, on how homosexuality was wrong, and how anybody who practiced it or believed in it were damned to hell. Quinn, by no means believed any of this anymore, but it wasn't exactly easy to erase sixteen year of brainwashing out of your mind. It was times like this where she wished that she was little again; and the definition of nervous was what you got on a spelling test.

Both girls haven't seen each other since this morning, before homeroom, but that was all going to end now, because it was lunch time and the four girls were sitting together. Quinn was at her locker, when Rachel approached her.

"Quinn, can I talk to you, before we go to lunch?"

"Sure Ray what's up," Quinn said calmly. Never let 'em see you sweat, she thought to herself.

" ," she mumbled, quickly.

"I'm sorry. Can you repeat that," Quinn asked, closing her locker.

Rachel sighed and took a deep breath before continuing "Would you like to go on a date with me on Saturday"? She closed her eyes afraid of the reaction that Quinn might have

Quinn was taken back, "You mean like an actual date, not like friends…" she paused and smiled. I can believe this is happening to me, she thought with a smile. "I would really love that Rachel." She finally said to the anxiously waiting girl.

"Really! Thank you so much I was so afraid you would get mad at me or something," Rachel laughed.

"No, I think a date would be nice," Quinn smiled, taking Rachel arm and looping it with her's.

On Saturday morning Quinn woke up with a smile on her face. Tonight she was going on a date with Rachel; it still never failed to shock her how just the name of the tiny brunette could bring a smile to her face. She knew that Rachel just wanted to make the night simple; she knew they were just going out for dinner, and then they were going to rent a movie and get dessert from the only ice cream parlor in a five mile radius that served rice milk ice cream. Quinn always wondered how someone could be a vegan; especially if they live in a small town like Lima; when she asked Rachel how she managed, the answer surprised her. Rachel was not exactly a vegan by choice; she was allergic to both dairy and eggs; after that she decided to just become a vegan. Quinn was shaking the thoughts out of her head and stepped into the shower to get ready for tonight.

Rachel woke up at eight o'clock on Saturday morning and went straight into her regular morning exercise routine. By the time she was done with her elliptical, shower, and various other morning odds and ends it was ten o'clock and she was getting hungry. She went down stairs and started to make breakfast for everyone. She was in a good mood this morning; she knew a lot of it if not all of it, had to do with her date with Quinn tonight. She was surprised that she was not nervous for this date; she thought back to her first "date" with Finn and she remembered that she was nervous the whole day; from the time she woke up, till when she got home. But right now, she was calm as calm could be, she was taking that as a good sign. She decided on making French Toast for breakfast and went to work. By the time the French Toast was finished cooking she heard footsteps.

"Which one of you girls is up cooking breakfast on a Saturday morning," Jackson asked as he walked into the kitchen. He looked up at his daughter and smiled, "Good Morning Ray. How are you? You excited about tonight?" He kissed his daughter on her cheek and went to check if the newspaper had arrived before waiting for Rachel to answer,

Rachel poured her daddy a cup of coffee for when he got back, and set it on the kitchen counter. When Jackson entered the room Rachel motioned to the coffee with her head and Jackson sat down. Rachel poured herself a cup of coffee and joined her daddy.

"Yes Daddy, I am very excited about tonight. It's funny I am not even nervous, I'm taking that as a good sign." Rachel said, with excitement in her voice.

I am sure it is a good thing that you are not nervous, it will definitely make the night easier for the two of you. What are you going to do tonight?" Jackson was curious, because both he and Elias had big out of town meetings this weekend and they wanted to make sure that the girls were going to be okay. He trusted both Rachel and Quinn immensely, but they were his little girls, and he was very concerned about their safety.

Rachel knew her dads would be nervous with her going out at night; in the winter; while they weren't home. She knew that both of them had heard and seen what could happen to young girls out at night by themselves and being that it was winter it got dark very early. "We aren't doing much Daddy, just dinner and then we are going to rent a movie. We are going to take Quinn's car since you just got her new tires."Rachel said, and could tell by the look on Jackson's face that he was as okay, as he was going to be with them going out tonight. "Don't worry Daddy, we will be fine, and I will even call you from the house phone when we get home from dinner, so you know that we are safe and sound." Rachel got up off the stool and gave Jackson a warm hug letting him know that he really had nothing to worry about.

"I was going to tell you to do that anyway, but make sure you call your dad too; we are staying at different hotels." With that Jackson got off the stool and began to plate breakfast while Rachel went upstairs to tell Quinn and Elias that breakfast was ready.

Breakfast was a normal event for the family; and later that afternoon Jackson and Elias left to leave for their respected business trips. Finally, around 5:30 Rachel went outside Quinn's room and sent a text message saying ding dong. When Quinn opened the door she just looked at Rachel like she was crazy "Did you just send me a doorbell message," she laughed.

"Well, what was I suppose to do? It's not like you have a doorbell outside your door, and it would be silly to go outside and ring the doorbell." Rachel said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Quinn laughed and looked at Rachel form head to toe; she was wearing a burgundy colored off the shoulder long sleeved shirt with a milk chocolate colored flowy skirt that ended right before her knees. "You look really pretty," she smiled. She was still nervous and was hoping that it wasn't too noticeable.

Rachel blushed, and looked down at her outfit. "Thanks so do you," Rachel nodded towards her purple knee length cotton dress and grey cardigan.

"Thanks, umm should we go, I am actually kind of hungry."

At the restaurant the girls were talking about their childhoods. Quinn talked about growing up with her parents. She said that her parents didn't really get too crazy until she was abut twelve years old, when her sister brought home Lucas, her now husband. She was telling Rachel that her dad just got obsessed with celibacy. When she was little Quinn wanted to please her parents in every possible way, so when she was a freshman, she tried out for the Cheerios, and founded both the Celibacy Club and Christ Crusaders. Rachel talked about what it was like growing up with two dads, and how awkward and embarrassing it was when got her first period. She also told Quinn about things like musicals she would like to be in, and how lonely she was growing up because, other parents wouldn't let her play with their children because of her dads. She remarked that most of her friends were imaginary until her dads found a group for kids with gay and bisexual parents, and then got her second group of friends when she was old enough to go to a Broadway sleep away camp. Jesse was also another topic of conversation; they met through Jesse's aunt and her wife, who brought Jesse and her son to the Berry's house when Rachel was born. They were having such a great time that they were completely oblivious to what was going on around them; they didn't even notice that it started to pour outside.

Meanwhile, at a table not too far away Santana and Brittany were out for dinner with Sue. They managed to convince Sue to go to the same restaurant so that they could spy on Rachel and Quinn. Santana convinced Brittany that Quinn and Rachel did not screw up on their first date. Santana was facing the girls so that she could keep an eye on them, because she knew that if Brittany was watching them she would get distracted by something trivial like a picture on the wall or something; and so that Sue, wouldn't be able to see exactly why the girls picked this particular restaurant.

"S, what do you think the ducks do when it is raining? Do you think they like it, I hope s because it is raining really hard outside." Brittany was staring out the window, while talking to Santana

Santana rolled her eyes at her girl friend, but answered her anyway. "I am sure that they like the rain Britt, they do spend all their time in the water anyway," she said comfortingly. "Don't forget Britt we need to make sure Q and Ray are having a good time. You remember what you're supposed to do right," Santana questioned.

Brittany smiled, her curls bouncing while she nodded her head, driving the Latina crazy. Yup S, I am suppose to go over and flirt with Ray to make Quinn jealous, but I am not suppose to kiss her unless you text me," Brittany said knowing her mission as she liked to call it.

Sue was in the restroom, when Santana noticed that the date had started to stall. Both Rachel and Quinn had finished their dinners and were waiting for the check. It was always the awkward time for a first date, because both people were trying to figure out who should pay for the dinner. Santana nudged Brittany's leg a little and the blond went into action.

Brittany bounced over to Rachel and Quinn's table, "Hey, what are you to doing here," She asked bubbly

"Oh… uh… Quinn and I were just waiting for our check Britt what are you doing here," Rachel asked, still slightly jumpy from when Brittany joined them at the table.

Brittany looked over at Quinn and started to play with Rachel's hair completely ignoring her question. Wow, Rachel your hair is so soft, like a puppy's, it is really shiny too, it is very pretty do you like your hair cause I do." Brittany smiled, and then began to rub her hand up and down Rachel's arm.

"Thanks…I guess, um Brittany what are you doing?" Rachel responded, somewhat confused.

"Nothing just noticing how pretty you are, you know I never made-out with you, we should try it sometime. Oh, maybe tomorrow, if I really like it maybe you can join me and Santana sometime." Brittany said in all seriousness, as the check was placed on the table. "I better go Santana is going to think I got lost on my way to the bathroom, I do that a lot here, because of the fish tanks they are just so pretty." With that Brittany was off, knowing she had completed her mission to get the Quinn jealous. The look on the Quinn's face was just like the ones she use to get when Finn would talk to Rachel. She skipped back over to her table and lightly kicked Santana, who was laying down so Quinn and Rachel would not be able to see her. She turned her head and saw Quinn grab Rachel's hand then turned back to her girlfriend, "Mission completed," she smiled as Sue came back to the table.

Out of the restaurant Quinn was frustrated, "What was she ding she knew this was a date, I know she is not that dense," Quinn growled.

"Quinn please relax it really isn't that bad, I didn't like it, it's not like I am going to run off and have sex with Brittany and Santana," Rachel reasoned. It was just then that Rachel noticed it was pouring.

"That's not the point, the point is that she knew I liked you, and he knew I was nervous about tonight, and goes ahead and flirts with you. It's annoying, that she just can't…." Quinn was cut off by Rachel's lips smashing onto hers'; she did what was natural and started to kiss her back. They stayed like this for about five minutes, until Quinn noticed it was raining, "Well, this is a bit of a cliché isn't it," Quinn laughed, and pulled Rachel into her arms.

On their way home they stopped at a video rental store and got "Coyote Ugly." As they were setting up for the movie, Rachel called her dads on three way, to let her know that they were home. Both of her dads were happy that she and Quinn had a good time; they could hear the smile in her voice, and it made them happy to know that Rachel had found someone she cared about. After reminding her to lock all the windows and doors, and telling her and Quinn that they loved them Jackson and Elias both said good night and told the girls they would see them the next afternoon.

Rachel got comfortable on the couch, and turned to Quinn, "So was that a good first date," she asked.

"Awesome, well except for Brittany offering you a threesome with her and Santana, but otherwise it was perfect. Want to do it again, but this time we won't tell Britt or San or anyone really where we are going to go," Quinn asked, moving herself closer to Rachel.

"I like the sound of that," Rachel agreed.

Before long both girls were asleep, with smiles on their faces.

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