So it's that time of year again, Zutara Week 2010 is here! I'm exited to participate once again. This drabble is very short but I like how it turned out. Please enjoy and review.

Family was not a term Zuko was used too. To him family only included his Uncle Iroh and his mother before she left, he didn't count Ozai or Azula as apart of his family. Family members didn't order their son's banishment or try to kill him on multiple occasions like his sister and father did. Thus when he joined the Avatar's group he was surprised to see how they all acted around each other. They treated each other with kindness and love. The way that they all looked after every member in their own way, Katara taking care of all the cooking, cleaning and comforting. Whereas Sokka eased everyone's fears when things got too serious with his intended and sometimes unintended puns. Aang gave them all hope that they would live to see the end of this godforsaken war. At first glance it would seem like Toph did not contribute to this family but she did, she had not only her outer strength, but also an inner one that showed them that they could overcome impossible odds. Suki was like Katara in the fact that she helped run things at the camp but she also was teaching the style of the Kyoshi Warriors to the rest of the group in case they couldn't rely on their bending. This group Zuko came to be accepted by treated each other like a second family and Zuko was proud to be accepted into it. In his later years of life his family expanded to include his two sons and daughter whom he all cherished greatly. They were his redemption for how his father treated him, not that their mother would ever allow that to happen. No she never allowed him to compare himself to Ozai, if she ever thought he was doing so than she would waterwhip him into oblivion.

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