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It was storming outside and inside. Outside lightning danced across the sky with thunder and rain keeping the rhythm of the dance. While inside emotions danced, aggression and passion released out through fighting words; anger driving all actions.

"I can't do this anymore! It's like we don't exist. All you do all day is work and work! What about me? What about your son? You don't think about us, no it's all about your duty! Well I'm tired of this! You can't keep running off without telling me! Without saying goodbye to your son! Your son who asks me where you are and why he never sees you! What am I supposed to say to him? I don't know where you are! I'm sick, tired and most of all I'm done!" Katara yelled at her husband as she grabbed her and her son's bags that she had placed by the door. She wasn't staying here anymore, she was done.

This marriage couldn't be saved, she had tried to save it too many times and nothing seemed to work. He would be great for a few weeks tops then revert back to his old ways. Even her three year old son could see something was wrong with their life. She couldn't live like this, couldn't let her son continue to grow up in this environment. He needed to live in an environment where his parents loved each other, which his hadn't for sometime. Katara had thought having a baby would help fix their marriage when she had found out she was pregnant. That having their own child would make her husband grow up, become an adult, but it hadn't. It was over, Katara was though and she was taking her son with her. Tenzin was waiting outside the door for her, his stuffed flying-bison tucked under his arm as he looked up at her.

"Momma, where are we going?" He asked as he looked up at his mother the question shining in his gray eyes.

"We're going to go see Uncle Sokka and Aunt Suki after the storm passes. After that, I can't say. I'm so sorry baby. This isn't the life I would wish on you." Katara said as she pulled her son into a hug. Tenzin wrapped his arms around his mother and tucked his head into the crock of her neck.

"I love you mamma," her son whispered to her as he yawned and fell asleep against her shoulder. Katara sighed and struggled to pick up their bags; she managed though and dragged them into an empty room of the air temple that they never used. The next day when Aang woke up both his wife and son were gone. Katara had left him a note, it didn't say were they were going, but that they had taken Appa and she was going to file for divorce. He lay on his bed and wondered how everything had come to this.


Katara had been living the revived Southern Water Tribe for a year with her son. Aang visited sometimes, but rarely and when he did so it was for short amounts. The divorce had been finalized a few months after she had arrived with Tenzin. No one questioned why the marriage had ended, though rumors surfaced. That she had met someone else, that Tenzin wasn't Aang's or that he had met another airbender and she was jealous. No one bothered to consider that it was Aang's fault that their marriage failed, though it was the case. But the truth was rarely considerer to truly be the truth.

Then a letter came from Zuko. Mai was pregnant with their second child and was having trouble. Zuko only wanted the best for his wife and unborn child so he sent for her. She of course left for the Fire Nation with Tenzin as soon as she got the letter. Mai and her had never been close, but didn't hate her and couldn't imagine what would happen if Zuko lost his child and Mai. When Katara arrived it was reveled that Mai had gone into labor a few hours earlier and she was almost a month and a half early. When Katara reached Mai she knew it was too late, while Katara could have saved her had she arrived earlier, Mai had lost too much blood.

The healers the palace had on hand had made a fatal mistake. They had given Mai an herb that had speed up the bleeding. A mistake that was later determined to be deliberate; a successful attempt on the Fire Lady's life. Katara though was able to save the baby girl and for that Zuko had been grateful, though he had blamed her for Mai's death until the truth about the assassination had come out. Katara didn't blame him; she still saw Mai's eyes in her dreams accusing her that she could have saved her if she had got there sooner. Her fault that Zuko lost his wife, his two children a mother and a nation a Fire Lady.


On their first date while walking home it started to drizzle, they paid no attention to it. Then within a few seconds it started to pour and they were drenched. He had scrunched his face up in disgust at getting so wet, while she smiled at being surrounded in her element. She laughed and grabbed his arms wrapping them around her waist and lead him in a dance which only she heard the beat too. He laughed along with her, the first time he had truly laughed in a long time.

When they got married, their second marriage for both, they were enjoying their first dance as husband and wife under the stars when lightning lit up the sky. Then the rain started. A storm had started, but neither really cared. This was their second chance at happiness, their second chance at being Zuko and Katara together. It was their chance and not even a storm could ruin it.


Alright, so there's my final entry. I didn't mean for it to turn out this way when I started writing but I just let my muse take me. With the fact out that Aang and Katara have a son this is what I hope could happen. That is, Katara leaves Aang, Mai dies and Zutara happens. I hope the ending worked, I'm not sure I like how it turned out. Let me know though a review! I will see everyone again next year for next year's Zutara week. Please review!