Hey everyone, it's been a while. Finally found some motivation to write.
I've recently fallen in love with Degrassi - or more specifically, the Eli x Clare pairing (Eclare). Here's a quick little story I threw together, based on the Eclare scene from the Shark in the Water promo that I love so much.

"The Empress, huh? Looks like you will be seeing a woman who could change everything for you. A relative, presumably," Madame Clare gave her client a mysterious smile, gathering the cards in a neat stack.

"If you say so," the client laughed disbelievingly. He stood and reached into the waist pocket of his black vest, pulling out three tokens. He laid them on the table with a curt smile before exiting the tent, shouting a quick word of thanks over his shoulder.

Madame Clare sighed quietly. Why have one's fortune told if they weren't prepared to accept it? She gathered the tokens into a silk pouch, then straightened the row of silver bangles adorning her left arm.

"Come in," the fortune teller called to her next client.

The heavy fabric split apart, and a darkly dressed young man entered. "Impressive. Did you see me coming?" he asked as he lowered himself into the clients' chair. She couldn't help noticing how very near his fingers were to her own when he casually leaned back and stretched an arm on the table.

There was a stagnant moment before Madame Clare responded. She couldn't recall a time where a client's eyes were so piercing that it seemed as if her own future was being read.

"N-no, I heard you," she said hurriedly, turning her attention from his eyes to one of the many rings decorating her fingers, twisting it as though it were vital for divination. Madame Clare took in a silent breath before continuing.

"The uh… the top stair is… c-creaky." She bobbed her head as she spoke, a habit of hers when she was nervous. Her chandelier earrings jingled noisily.

The client was staring intently at her when she looked up. Very seriously he said, "You have pretty eyes."

A small smile bloomed on Madame Clare's face. She ducked her head, and again fiddled with her rings.

"Thanks." Trying to swallow – although failing because of a dry mouth – Madame Clare attempted to recompose herself. "So, uh… shall we begin?"

She raised her head and found his lip curling up into a knowing smirk. "Guess we should."

Nodding, Madame Clare began shuffling the cards. She zipped them again and again, occasionally twisting a portion of the deck. The client watched silently.

When offered the deck to divide, he did so smoothly, taking the cards without question.

"Alright," Madame Clare said once the cards were aligned. "Let's begin."

The first card revealed The Lovers. She glanced up to gauge the boy's reaction and saw a satisfied glint in his eyes, his brow raised approvingly. He pulled his lip into another sly smile. Embarrassed yet thrilled, the fortune teller recuperated with a shy smile of her own.

Feeling more confident, Madame Clare revealed the next card. Upon its sight, however, she froze.


When she looked at the client, his relaxed, undaunted expression unsettled her even more.

Madame Clare stared in dismay, the realization dawning on her that this boy was truly like no other.

Man, I feel so rusty haha Hope you all enjoyed!