Fang's POV...

My name is Fang. I am a creature of the Nezumi Village: a village of Rattatas who work together. The village is in the Viridian Forest, as the humans would call it, by a lake. I am different than the rest of the villagers: my fur is red with black stripes because my father is a Growlithe, but I'm not treated like an outcast, seeing as the village needs all the help it can get. This village has 1 problem larger than anything else-

"CAAAAAAW! Caw Caw!"

And that would be it. My village is the hunting ground of The Harpies: a vicious group of Skarmory. The large, steel Pokemon attack this village for food, resources, and if we're unlucky, prey. So currently, I'm running to hut, which is just the cover of the dens in the village, but none of us are fast enough to get into any once their close.

"Hello my prey." cooed a Skarmory with a brown body and green feathers [their called The HARPIES so yeah, they're all female] known as Blade, the leader of The Harpies. "I hope you enjoy our visit." she told us and as soon as she did, we ran for shelter as the twisted birds of prey rose to the sky so they can come back down and get us.

(Of all villages with Mice Pokemon, they hunt down this one) I thought as I ran for my hut.

"Air Cutter!" one of The Harpies cried as she flapped her wings, causing blade like winds to slash through almost everything, exposing the dens we were going to hide in, not like it makes a difference seeing as their too big to go after us.

"Ah! Help me!" shouted a female, squeaky voice. I turned my head to see a Rattata under the claw of a Skarmory. This Rattata had yellow fur and a star shaped scar on her forehead. It was Star! Star is my best friend ever since we were little...or littler.

"Finally! A meal." the Skarmory crushing her laughed as she flung her into the air, this was the dreadful part! Rattatas aren't all that movable in the air, so if someone doesn't do something, which they won't out of fear, then who will?

"AH!" I heard Star scream once again, and I knew what I had to do.

"Flame Wheel!" he shouted as fire came around me as I curled into a ball and stroke the Skarmory across the face hard, badly burning the metal bird and causing Star to safety, but painfully, fall on her stomach.

"You bastard!" she screamed at me [remember, T rating] as I landed on my 2 feet. She was about to attack until a "CAW!" pierced the air. We all looked to see Blade calling them back as she took off into the sky. The others followed, but the 1 I attacked glared at my. "You haven't heard the last of Silver, pest." she told me as she flew off.

After they all flew away, I heard cheering. All the Rattatas were cheering for me. I was soon surrounded by Rattatas that were congratulating me.

"Congratulations man!"

"You were so brave!"

"Your inherited move Flame Wheel came in handy."

"Thanks, but they'll be back." I told them as I tried to escape the crowd.

"Young Fang is correct." Said an old brittle voice. They all turned away from me to see a wrinkly old Rattata with a Focus Sash like a headband: the village elder by the name a Scrappy. "The Harpies will return soon. They will come in greater numbers. We must prepare ourselves for their arrival." Scrappy warned us.

"But Elder Scrappy, how do we prepare for such an enemy. Fang is the only 1 that can use fire attacks." Star asked him.

"Indeed. Which is why I will take Fang to Smog at the hot springs to train Fang personally." he announced. The Rattata all remained quite, unknown whether to be glad or not.

"But Elder Scrappy," I said as the old Rattata looked to me, "with all due respect, the only fire move in my arsenal his Flame Wheel, and that is because of genetics. How can I learn more fire attacks?" I asked worriedly.

"Believe me, you will. It's in your blood. I should know because I knew your father." he told me. I nodded. I walked back to my den to prepare for my training.

Out of Fang's POV...

The Harpies were flying back to their nest on Cinnabar Island [I know, it's really far away, but they are fast!] their island.

"Why did we have to retreat?" snapped Silver, the Skarmory crushing Star from before.

"Simple. To give them a false sense of security. No point in not letting them have some faith before we destroy everything." Blade explained as they flew towards their nest. "Trust me my faithful followers, they will all fall soon!" she announced as she and the rest of them all laughed as they approached the nests.

What do y'all think? Do you think it's good? Bad? Review pls! Also, the reason Fang's fur is like a Growlithe is because if a Rattata Breeds with a Growlithe, the Rattata can use Flame Wheel, so why not change the fur color?