Time...for the final chapter!

Fang's POV...

We both glared at each other. Blade naturally had me beat in size and type and viciousness. But I had the training. I wasn't going to let the pest few days go to waist. Before I could think of a strategy she flew right at me...another thing she had me beat in: flight.

"Drill Peck!" she screamed, her beak spinning like a drill thinking she was going to kill me with 1 easy blow. That was the last thing that was going to happen. I jumped as she flew past me and I landed on her back. "Get off pest!"

"Oh I will...eventually. Fire Fang!" I screamed, letting me flaming hatchet of an overbite mark itself on her steel back. She screamed in pain as she did a barrel roll and I fell off. My teeth hurt from biting metal, but I bet it hurt her more. "Ready to just simply call a truce?" I asked, still too lazy to fight. She just started cackling.

"I'll call a truce in hell! Extreme Speed." she called out as she lashed at me so fast I couldn't even blink before the attack made impact on me forcing me back, then again hitting me from the left and again on the right. This pattern went on for a while until she was in the air laughing. "HA! See? No rodent, let alone a Rattata, can defeat me!" she screamed as she was closing in on me. Time to finish you off! Gigi Impact!" she shouted as her entire body was covered in purple and orange light.

"Flame Wheel!" I screamed as my body was covered in flames as I rolled over the steel bird's body, burning her body as she missed me by an inches.

"Ah!" she screamed as she flew into the air, the trail of fire after my attack permanently streamed on her body as she glared at me. "You will pay for this! Steel Wing!" she yelled as she flew past me, her wing in turn slashing my face, leaving a permanent gash as it bled. The rest of my body ached as I flew from the ground I stood at from the attack nearly sending me off the volcano and down the fiery mountain to my death.

I constantly heard Star and the Pinsir Bros. chanting me on, trying to encourage me to get up...wait they didn't know was that I can, but just waiting for the perfect time.

"Time to end you! Flash Cannon!" she screamed as, from the corner of my eye, saw her gather lite in front of her beak. "Say good-bye!" she screamed as she shot the blast at me.

"Flamethrower!" I screamed, blasting the ground where I lied with fire shooting me into the air like a rocket. At first she looked confused when she didn't see my body...until she looked up.

"What?" she cried seeing me in the air. "Rattata don't fly!"

"I'm not, but this is your end! Overheat!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, blasting the concentrated blast of fire from my mouth at the steel bird, shocked like everyone else that I shot such a powerful move at her, and hit dead-on!

Once the blasted ended, and I fell on me side, somehow still conscious, I saw her fall over, unconscious. They couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it. I did it and I couldn't believe it.

"WOO-HOO!" shouted Star, purposely to annoy the Skarmory...who didn't take it well. They immediately took to the air, all eying us.

"This was a mistake."

"No, a trick! It's impossible for a Rattata to defeat a Skarmory, especially our leader."

"If we kill them, nobody will know!" they all said as the hundreds of them charged at us. Before they did they heard a fierce "STOP!" All eyes turning to see Blade, now standing.

"He has defeated me honorably. Even if we do take their lives, we would dishonor ourselves." she said as she walked over to us, Star helping me to my feet. "As you requested, we will leave the Pinsir and Rattata live in peace. If we hunt, we hunt all Rattata and Pinsir or all Pokemon of the food chain and not just your homes." she said we all nodded. This was what we wanted: to be stop targeted.

1 week later...

It's been exactly 1 week from the events, the Rattata of my people still treating me like a hero. We all went back to our routines with just 1 small change...I'm engaged to Star.

I know what your thinking 'We all saw it coming' but that's just how it is.

"Hey Fang! You up yet? We're going to Wasabi's remember?" she called at me like I forgot. She's bossing me around and we're not married yet...oh well.

Corny ending I know...thanks for reading!