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"You ready for this Nate?" Luke asked as we drove into Tree Hill. Brooke came down with Karen to see us last week after she got her license, and took my car home with her, so we were stuck with just Luke's car. It is our summer vacation and we were dropping all our stuff back home while everyone was in school. Then we were going to go see them and surprise them once again. We told Brooke we would be home tomorrow and she told everyone else.

"Why wouldn't I be ready?" I asked.

"Well let's see, you are about to see Haley again. And when you see her, you are going to know whether or not you want to be with her or move on with your life. So you've got a lot of pressure on your shoulders right now."

"Shut up man. I don't need you rubbing it in, I'm nervous enough already."

"Well don't be. If it's meant to be, you'll know. Besides, I'm excited to see Brooke, you should be too."

"I am. I'm excited to see all of them. Let's just hurry and get over there. I have a really good plan for how to surprise them by the way. I'll tell you about it on the way."

We moved all our stuff back home and went to the school. I had just finished telling him about my plan and we were about to put it in motion. I walked up to the lady in the front office to ask a huge favor.

"Hi, I'm Nathan Scott, I used to go here." I told her and gave her a big smile, which she returned. "This is Lucas Roe, he used to go here too. We need a big favor, do you think that you can pull these four students from their classes and tell them that they are needed in the office?" I asked, handing her a list with Brooke, Haley, Jake, and Peyton's names written on it.

"I don't know boys. What do you need them for?" She asked.

"Well Brooke is my sister and they are all really good friends of ours. We just drove home from college and every year we surprise them when we get home. We thought we would go a little bigger this year." I explained.

"I will let you do this, if, you tell me what you are going to do. I mean school only has 20 minutes left anyway." She said.

"Great, so the plan is, we get all of them in an empty room, where they think they are getting in trouble for something, and then we walk in and surprise them. They think we are getting home tomorrow so this is perfect." I explained.

"Ok, I get them out of their classes. You two can go wait in that room over there and I'll call when they are all in the waiting room over there." She said, and pointed to each room.

"Thank you." I said as we walked into our designated room. Waiting was horrible, two minutes felt like 10 and I was getting even more nervous by the second. Luke could tell that my nerves were getting the best of me because I was cracking my knuckles.

"Dude, could you stop? It's going to be fine, just relax." He finally said.

"That's easy for you to say." I scoffed and jumped when the phone rang. "Hello?"

"It's time." She said and I laughed at her spy like approach.

"Ok, thanks." I said, and hung the phone up. "Let's go." I said, leading the way to the room. As I began to open the door, I tried to change my voice. "I think you all know why you're here."

"Actually, we don't." I heard Jake say, so we walked all the way in. Brooke screamed and jumped up from her seat, running toward us. I caught her before she tackled me, then let her move onto Luke. "Well we do now." Jake continued and got up to shake my hand. "How are you doing Nate?"

"Oh, you know, not bad. You?"

"Can't complain."

"Scott, get over here and hug me." Peyton said, walking closer.

I hugged her and found my gaze drifting toward Haley. "Hey Sawyer, it's been too long."

"You bet, I'm glad you're home."

"Me too." Both of them moved on to greet Luke and I found myself walking over to Haley. "Hey Hales. You look good." I said, leaning down to hug her.

"You too. I missed you." She said, and we stayed there, hugging.

"I missed you too." I knew from the moment that I stepped into this room and locked eyes with her, that I would never move on from this girl, she is one of a kind and I was going to go for it.

"As soon as you two are done having a moment, can you come back to us?" Brooke said, breaking us apart. "We're going home now, let's go."

I walked out with Haley, my hand on her back, not wanting to let go of her. Brooke wanted to ride with Luke, so I took my car back home. She had decorated it though. There were scented things hanging from the mirror, seat covers, and little things all over the place. The only thing that didn't bother me was that she had pictures all over the dash. I found myself looking at one of her, Haley, and Peyton at one of the Ravens' games in the cheerleading uniforms. They looked so happy and it made me smile. I got home last and everyone was already in the kitchen, eating.

"Brooke, what did you do to my car?" I asked as I walked in the room.

"What? I wanted it to say 'Brooke' when you saw it." She explained.

"Well it definitely said 'Brooke', but you know what it should say, 'Nathan'." I told her.

"I guess, but it was mine for a week. You'll just have to take me to get my own car." She shrugged.

"Oh, you bet I will. Anyway, I'm kind of tired. I'm going to my room see you all later." I said and walked away.

I spent about an hour up there, watching tv and relaxing, when Haley knocked on the open door. I had kind of been hoping she would come up, so I left it open, waiting.

"Hey, so I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving soon. My parents are home, so I have to be there for dinner." She said and I stood up.

"Oh, ok. Do you want me to take you?"

"Nah, that's ok. Luke's gonna go soon too, so he offered to take me." She said and I nodded. "You know, when you were gone, I would come up her and just look around. It made me feel like you were still here with me sometimes. I know that seems weird, but it was nice, it made me feel like I was at home." She said, looking down the whole time. I stepped closer to her.

I pulled out my wallet and handed her the picture of the two of us kissing. "Whenever I was feeling alone or sad, I looked at this. It brought me back to that moment and for a few minutes, I felt how I did right then, like I was on top of the world." I told her and held onto her hand when she handed the picture back. She looked up at me and our eyes locked.

"I'm sorry, I have to go." She said and ran out of my room.

"What? Haley?" I yelled chasing after her. She had just gotten out the front door when I caught up and turned her around. We were standing in my front yard, staring at each other. "What was that?" I asked.

"You can't do that to me Nate."

"What can't I do?"

"Tell me that you think about the time you told me you love me for the first time, and then look at me the way you used to." She yelled.

"Why not?"

"Because, I'll get sucked in again, and then you'll leave me again. I don't want to go through that anymore. It hurt too much."

"Hales, I did that because I thought it was what you wanted. I just wanted you to be happy."

"I was happy Nathan. I was happy with you."

I didn't know how to respond to that, so she took advantage of my momentary silence and broke away from me, walking further out of my yard. I chased after her once again.

"Haley, wait." I said and she turned around.

"What Nathan? What more could you" She started to say but was interrupted mid-sentence when I grabbed her face and pulled it to mine, doing my best to put all my feelings and passion into the kiss. At first, she just stood there, but after a minute, she kissed back with just as much feeling and passion. When we broke apart I was breathless, and leaned my forehead against hers.

"In case you couldn't tell, I want us to be us again Haley, and this time I'm not going to let geography stand between us." I smiled at her.

"Good, because if Brooke and Luke can make it work, so can we." She said and kissed me again.

"Do you really have to go home for dinner?" I mumbled between kisses.

"I can get out of it." She replied and smiled against my lips before I grabbed her hand and lead her back into the house.

When we entered the kitchen hand-in-hand, Brooke screamed and rushed over to hug both of us. "I knew it." She yelled.

Jake looked over at the clock. "Crap, it's before 5:00." He said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out $10 and handing it to Luke.

"Thank you." Luke said, collecting from both Jake and Peyton.

Haley just looked up at me and laughed. I smiled at her and put my arm around her before leaning on the counter.

"So, what's on the agenda for today?" I asked, looking around.

"Considering it's a Friday, I figured we could have a movie night, pig out on junk food, relax, hang out. You know, just stay in and have fun." Brooke said.

"Sounds good to me." I said.

"Are you kidding me? It sounds perfect." Haley said looking up at me and going to grab some candy and chips to take into the living room. I went to sit on one of the sofas and pick a movie before Brooke could. I quickly put Remember the Titans in the DVD player but put the case for one of her chick flicks out, hoping to trick her.

I was sitting down and waiting when they all walked into the room. "Aww Nate, you picked A Walk to Remember to watch." Brooke said.

"What can I say, I was feeling emotional." I tried to say with a straight face, but I don't think she noticed.

"Good. I'm glad. Now that everyone is seated, let's start this movie." She said and I pulled Haley closer to me before turning on the tv and pressing play. It took her a few minutes, but Brooke figured out that it wasn't in fact A Walk to Remember that we were watching.

"Nate, you are such a liar." Brooke said and threw some of her popcorn at me. I just laughed and picked up the pieces before eating them. Haley laughed at me and I kissed the top of her head. I looked over at everyone else and saw how happy they looked and knew that we looked just as happy if not more. This was a good day, I finally got Haley back and that wasn't about to change any time soon, I was back home with my sister, and I was spending a fun night with friends. What more could I ask for?