When you least expect it

Love comes at you

Full force



Alice threw my dress at me and then darted out of the room; probably back to June to finish up her makeup.

I sighed and pulled off my shorts and tank top, sliding the dress onto my bean pole body.

"Damn girl!" Paige exclaimed, slapping her thigh.

"What?" I asked, my arms tangling behind me trying to zip up the back of my blue dress. It was slim fitting, and it cut across my chest, making it look like there was actually something there. They'd even had me wear my contacts for this, I never wore contacts.

"You look hot," She grinned and walked over behind me, zipping my dress up for me.

"Thanks," I laughed, I looked in the huge mirror Alice had set in the room. She was right, I didn't look half bad.

My hair had decided to stop acting flat and boring and be a little wavy today.

Laurie and Rosalie strode into the room casually.

"Oh, Callie!" Laurie crooned, "You look so beautiful!

"I looked around.

"Is there like another Callie in here or something?" I responded, my eyes huge.

Laurie cracked up.

"That's what I love about you, you're so unlike June, but at the same time you're just like her," She giggled and then shook it off, starting to get dressed herself.

If only I were as pretty as June, or funny, maybe I'd get some attention from him.

That his I was thinking of was none other than the perfect Collin Hunt.

Collin was so gorgeous and almost every girl had a crush on him, except for people like Paige, who was like my best friend. Paige was convinced he was a shallow ass hole.

I'd started crushing hard on Collin when June and I were hanging out and Jess, Seth, and Collin came to chill with us.

I never really had given a second thought to him before that, but now he was all I could think about. He had been so cool when we'd hung out, and we hung out a few times after that, never really alone, sometimes with like just one other person.

He had the perfect smile, and when he smiled at you, it felt like he'd saved that particular smile just for you.

I sighed and listened as Laurie was telling some story about how she, June, Jess, and Laurie's boyfriend Pat and a few other kids had gotten into a huge water balloon fight in a hotel ballroom.

I started talking to the girl Maya, who was June's maid of honor. She seemed really cool.

June walked into the room and I couldn't help but gasp in awe. She was so beautiful it almost hurt, I mean this girl even maid Rosalie look a bit plain.

June had perfect bone structure, an angel face, and perfect blonde hair. I'm not like weird; I mean everyone thought June was super pretty.

Today her hair was in wild ringlets to her waist, the untamed curls looked so perfect on her. Her dress was strapless and had a long train; it cut across her torso making her look stick skinny, but curvy at the same time.

If I looked anything like June I'd have Collin's attention in a heartbeat.

I sighed again and kept talking to Maya, she was so excited about being the maid of honor in a wedding. I laughed at a few things she'd said.

Bella's phone rang.

She picked it up in a second and was talking in it before I could even blink.


She said a few things into the speaker and then hung up.

"The guys just got there and are getting in their positions. We have a tent for June to wait in until the procession starts. Jake's going to be walking you down." She said the last part to June. I was going to find out who I'd be walking down the aisle with.

I hoped it was Collin.

He was one of Jesse's best friends so of course he was a groomsman.

He'd probably be looking at June though. Even though she was marrying one of his good friends today, he was gonna be looking at her, like any other male specimen that was heterosexual would be.

We were all ushered to the waiting car outside, June got in first of course, her train taking up a good portion of the seat next to her. She asked me if I could put it on my lap and sit next to her just for the ride.

I smiled and nodded, hopping in next to her.

She looked nervous.

Beautifully Paranoid.

That'd be a great song.

"You look so gorgeous today," She smiled at me as Alice started driving towards the beach.

"Hun, I am nothing in compare to you, you're glowing." I emphasized the word. She laughed and rolled her eyes.

"I guess I'm just nervous." She shrugged; I could see the nerves building in her. I was actually pretty good friends with her nowadays.

"Hey, just remember, that person on the other end of the aisle, wouldn't be there if he didn't love you." I smiled encouragingly.

"Thanks, you know, that would make a great wedding day quote, you should be a writer. It'd fit you." She laughed lightly, and I could see her hands tensing together.

"Sweetie, don't be nervous. The chances are slim to none he'll leave you at the altar. And if he does I'm sure Alice would find him, kick his ass to a bloody pulp, and then burn the remains for you," I smiled charmingly.

Everyone in the car had stopped and listened to me, and cracked up once I'd finished.

"You know who'd be cute together?" June said to the whole car.

"Who?" Laurie asked from the driver's seat.

"Callie and Brady, I mean really, Brady is totally into girls like her." Now June was talking like I wasn't sitting right there.

I swallowed my pride.

She didn't think me and Collin would look good together. That's okay.

EW, Brady?

He's one of Collin's all time best friends, but I heard he dated around a lot and I wasn't risking having a broken heart.

I didn't want to have to put up with that while I was a teenager.

I wasn't really gonna start dating until college, then I'd already have a future set, so I wouldn't need to worry about that stuff.

I closed my eyes and ignored the chatter going on around me. I kept my thoughts on Collin and counted my few lucky stars, hoping I'd be paired with Collin.

I opened my eyes again when we reached the beach. I looked over to the crowd and could see Jesse at the altar/ archway thing. Seth I think was shielding Jesse's eyes so he wouldn't see June getting out of the car.

I picked up her train for her and held it as we walked to the tent.

She thanked me warmly and whispered something to Alice, who then announced the couple pairings.

All the groomsmen, including Seth who'd just run in, were in the tent as well, talking to each other. Laurie was over to Pat and gave him a big hug, her fingers twined with his. I sighed at the cuteness of them together.

Emmett slapped Rosalie in the butt, and she gave him a death glare, but you could tell she'd enjoyed it. Edward had his arms wrapped around Bella's waist and was whispering stuff in her ear, causing her to giggle.

Ness was talking to Jake, and she stood on her toes and pecked him on the lips. I followed her gaze, which had randomly shot at Edward. Edward was glaring at Jacob.

I laughed lightly.

Jasper was standing there all alone as Alice shouted out orders.

All of a sudden I heard the two names, "Brady and Callie behind Collin and Paige."

June had so paired me up with Brady on purpose. I can't believe I had to walk down the aisle with him and Paige got to walk down the aisle with Collin.

Damn her.

I sighed again and fixed my dress hem.

Brady sauntered over to me, he cleared his throat aiming to get my attention.

"Yes?" I said, not looking up at him.

"We gotta line up before Alice rips our heads off." He replied casually, as if it were an everyday kinda thing.

A small laugh escaped my lips, and I straightened my spine. Brady's arm slid through mine and we walked over to stand behind Collin and Paige.

I guess Brady was looking away when Paige turned her head and mouthed to me, 'Sorry!'

I could tell she was sincere due to the look in her eyes.

I nodded at her and the music started, I glanced back at June.

Her eyes were huge with fright and Jake was trying to soothe her.

I could see she clearly just wanted to be down the aisle right now. Or else she was scared she trip and kill herself in those shoes. I had to wear similar shoes, only like an inch shorter, and I'd worn heels before, so it wasn't a big deal.

"You ready?" Brady asked me, moments before we were due to walk.

"Yep, you?" I responded faintly.

"Yeah, hey are you alright? You sound a little sad." He told me. I guess he was more observant that I had assumed.

"I'm fine, I just feel bad for June. Those shoes are like her own personal hell." I grinned slyly, laughing.

"I wouldn't wear those shoes for a million bucks. Maybe two million though." He chuckled, I felt his arm tense and the couples started stepping out of the tent, Paige and Collin walked out and then it was our turn. I took in a huge breath as we emerged.

Everyone was looking at us and I walked smoothly, my thoughts on how tall Brady was. He towered over my small 5'7 frame.

We finally reached the end of the aisle and parted, Brady winked at me and I rolled my eyes. I went and stood behind Paige, basically clenching my flowers.

Seth and Maya appeared and then June came out, Jake in tow.

She surprisingly walked with grace, but ease down the walkway. I took this opportunity to look at Jess. His face was mixed with the emotions of happiness, shock, nerves, and excitement.

I sighed happily. Man, I sighed a lot.

I was happy that June got her fairy tale wedding, and she got to be with the one man who was truly right for her.

I looked up and saw Brady staring at me just as June reached Jesse.

I gave him a weird look and he looked away automatically. He seemed embarrassed to have me catch him looking at me.

Why was the man whore looking at me?

I forgot about it and watched June and Jess. June was giggling, and Jess was grinning. Her hand was intertwined with his. The priest kept talking, and I shifted my weight from one foot to the other.

My eyes would occasionally drift to where Collin was standing. He was talking to Seth in a light tone.

Seth's eyes were on Maya.

I looked at Maya without moving my head.

She was really pretty. She had light skin and long wavy hair. She had high cheek bones and a long nose. She was skinny, but she had shape. And more stuff up top.

Her dress fit her tightly, but well. Maya was super pretty. It looks like little Seth has a crush on her.

That's really cute; I kept watching Collin, his eyes landing on me. I looked away, pretending to have not been looking.

I wasn't caught.

I sighed in relief, it was a silent sigh. Man, I did sigh a lot.

I straightened my posture and started paying attention, June had just said I do and the priest had told Jesse to 'kiss his bride.' I clapped politely with the rest of the crowd and Jess snatched June's waist, pulling her into a kiss.

The kiss was so intense, but so sweet at the same time. He pulled back, and she raised a brow at him jokingly.

He laughed and held his hand out for her.

I smiled and awed as she took it, and he kissed her on to forehead.

She smiled, and I swore I saw tears watering in her eyes.

We were then allowed to walk off; Paige found me and wrapped her arm around my shoulder, ducking in so our conversation was private.

"Brady was totally staring at you the whole time!" She whispered frantically. My eyes went huge.

"What? Why? I thought Brady was with that girl Michelle?" I didn't like Brady at all.

He was a man whore.

She laughed and Alice was ushering everyone to the reception which was like a beach over and in some tents.

I saw June slipping out of her heels and sighing in relief.

I laughed and walked into the party. I was looking around, surveying the party, Paige's arm still linked with mine.

"Looks fun," I murmured and Paige silently agreed with me.

"Hey, Callie!" Someone called, my head darted up to see, ugh, Brady walking towards me, a grin on his lips.

I sighed and felt Paige's arm slip out of mine. I moaned internally as she left me, hating to have to talk to him.

"Hey," He smiled at me, as he finally reached where I was standing.

"Uhh, Hi?" I replied, my arms resting by my sides.

"So, I was wondering, uhm," He looked like he was about to do something risky, "How do you walk in those shoes?"

He had totally backtracked from what he was really going to ask me.

I laughed, "It's not that hard once you get practice, growing up Paige went through a few fashion designer phases and forced me to be her model," I shrugged casually. He chuckled and I laughed lightly, even though it wasn't that funny.

His eyes met mine, and then he froze. He didn't move even a fraction of an inch.

"Brady? Hellllloooo? You there?" I waved my hand in front of his eyes.

I ran over to where June was talking to Maya and Seth.

"June something's wrong with Brady, come help!" I cried, my fingers snagging her wrist.

She let me pull her and she looked at him for a second. "What happened?" She asked in a gentle tone.

I repositioned so I was staring right at him, our eyes locking. "Ok, so we were standing her talking and he just froze up like this."

She looked at him for a moment longer then slapped him on his cheek. It sounded like it hurt.

"Ow!" He half scream whispered. His hand cupping his cheek, his eyes looking hurt

"He's fine," She rolled her eyes and walked off.

"Hi, Callie," He said to me, a nervous tone in his voice.

"Uhh. Again, hello." I couldn't help but laugh at his innocence.

He was really cute, he had these big wide puppy dog brown eyes, really tan skin, and great bone structure. And he is super ripped.

He's a man whore! My mind screamed at me.

I chanted that over and over in my head as we kept talking. He was really nice though, and really sweet. And the way his eyes just melted into mine!

Eventually Paige pulled me away and Brady waved, a bit of sadness in his eyes as I left.

"Oh,my gosh! One of June's super cute brothers just asked me out!" She gushed, pointing to a really tall one; he was about 6'5 and really good looking.

"Oh, that's so cool!" I smiled at her, "Hey, did you see Seth? He totally like June's friend Maya! He was watching her the whole entire ceremony!"

I was attempting to change the subject so she wouldn't ask me about Brady.

"Oh, that's cool. How's Brady?" She sang his name, trying to annoy me.

She was succeeding.

"He's good." I growled.

"Aww what's the matter? It's totally obvious that he likes you, I heard him asking Collin if he liked you, just to clarify if he was allowed to ask you out." She giggled.

Paige was such an unrealistic girl, but she was like my sister.


We arrived at the beach in record time. Making fun of Jesse for a good portion of it, just cracking jokes about June, and he repeatedly told us to shut the hell up.

He was lucky, June was hot, really hot, and he was marrying her.

Damn him.

Everyone says I need to slow down and have a nice relationship with a nice girl. But ever since the whole wolf deal kicked in, it wasn't really my style. I mean, with the threat of imprinting always there.

What if I had met a girl, and she was really pretty, and really funny and cool, and I asked her out, and we got into a serious relationship, then I imprinted on someone else? I wouldn't want to break her heart, and I wouldn't want to break my own heart in the process.

Everybody also classifies me as a player, and I'm really not that much of a player. I just like to go on a few dates with some girls, make out with a few of 'em. I'm not looking for anything serious until I find the one.

And I will know when it's the one.

I cracked my knuckles and strolled to the tent where we'd be waiting for the wedding to start. Me and Collin were messing around with Seth, telling him he'd grow old alone and sad. Maybe pick up a few hundred cats along the way.

Jesse was told to go stand in his position at the end of the aisle, and Seth followed him, to cover his eyes probably when June would come into the tent from the car. Just so he wouldn't see her.

I leaned casually against Collin's shoulder, because I knew he hated when I did that.

He pushed me off and I laughed, then the girls walked into the tent. I wasn't really paying attention, Pat was telling us some story about him and his girlfriend Laurie, Jesse's sister.

Alice, the pixie looking chick, started to announce who would be walking down the aisle with whom.

I listened for my name, and who I'd be paired with.

"Callie and Brady behind Collin and Paige." She called out; I looked around for this supposed girl named Callie. I figured I'd see her because she was the only person in the wedding I had never seen before, I knew who she was though, and Collin hung out with her sometimes.

I couldn't really see her until I spotted a girl, about 5'7 or 5'8, standing by herself, looking around. I took in a deep breath, gasping it out.

This was the most gorgeous creature on the planet earth. She had flowing blonde hair the fell down her back, a perfect body that was greatly complimented by her dress, and a perfect face. She had huge blue eyes and red lips.

The whole world faded and the only thing I could see was this girl. The whole wedding was dumped from memory.

I couldn't even remember who I was, all I could think of how it felt as if I were being tied to her, and the rope was pulling me closer each second, like she was tying me here to this earth.

This did not just happen.