How a teenage girl misinterprets everything

Is but a mystery to me

~Seth Lenore (A dear friend of mine)


"ARE YOU AN IDIOT! OH, WAIT, WHY SHOULD I ASK, I ALREADY KNNOW THE ANSWER!" Someone hissed slash screamed in my ear as I was pulled outside the moment I had stepped back into the tent.

"A happy hello to you too?" I responded, turning to face a very upset looking Paige.

"I told her you were a good guy, I told her that you just were confused and weren't a man whore, but you just like to lie don't you? Were you going to come onto me too?" She screeched, her voice still under a whisper.

"What're you talking about?" I asked with a very confused expression adapting onto my face.

"Oh, you know what I'm talking about. I told Callie that you weren't what everyone says you are, but you just seem to prove that you are. She was going to go talk to you again, give you a chance to make your move, BUT YOU WERE HITTING ON ANOTHER GIRL!"She screamed the last part in my ear, making me almost fall to the ground her voice was so high.

"I wasn't hitting on any other girl! The only girl I've talked to since I asked you to tell her I was a good guy was my cousin Allison, she just came back from Georgia for a few days to see me, and I wanted to talk to her, it was just a misunderstanding." I shrugged.

"You have got to be kidding me! That is seriously one of the only things about Callie that drives me crazy, she misinterprets stuff like crazy. God, she'll never believe me." Paige sighed heavily, her shoulders drooping as if being weighed down by the world burdens.

"I'm sorry to do this to you, Paige. But you're the only person who can let her know I won't hurt her, she only trusts you." I told her in my most soft, kind voice.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." She rolled her eyes, "I'll talk to her for you, ok?"

"Thank you." I whispered, and nodded goodbye as Colin slapped me on the arm, telling me it was time for the groomsmen to escort June to the car, where she'd meet Jess.

"Hey! Brady!" Someone called me name, I turned around to see Laurie running up to me, "I need you to go find Callie, I have to help organize the members, and we can't find her anywhere, can you please? Maya said she thought she saw her near the wedding tents."

"Yeah, I got it." I smiled and nodded, jogging off towards the tents.

I peered into the large white tent, which stood out against the ink black sky.

"Callie?" I asked aloud, not sure if she was in here or not. My sensitive ears picked up on a small sobbing sound.

I darted into the tent, and looked around for the source of the noise, only to find Callie, looking small and defenseless curled up in a small ball. Tears were drawn from her eyes, which were red-rimmed.

"What do you want, Brady?" She spat, her tone full of venom and hate.

"I came to find you, they don't want you to miss June and Jess leaving, what happened?" I ran over to her, kneeling by her side.

"It's not like you care, I'll tell you, you'll pretend to feel bad for me, then you'll leave me be and go off to find some other woman to lead on. Just, leave me alone, ok?" Her voice was raspy; and heavy, as thought she'd been crying for a while now, and it looked like she had.

"Just, please tell me what happened, I can't bear to see you like this!" I begged her, my voice becoming louder, and more pleading.

"My parents are taking my little sister away from us to live with them! Ok? That's not good, they will abuse her! They will make her childhood a living hell like they made mine and Caleb's! I've done everything in my power to protect her from them; I even had my aunt issue a restraining order for all of us! But they are threatening to take me to court over this, and my aunt has had this checked, they have every right to take her back, because no one ever proved that the house was unstable for a child. So, when the inspector came, my mother cleaned it up nice and tidy, pulled of a whole fucking charade for him, and now they get to take her away from me and my aunt!" She burst into another round of sobs, and fell into my arms. I held her close to me, keeping silent.

After she finished, I whispered, "I'm so sorry, Callie. But, you can take this to court on your own account and win to have Cady stay. You're aunt apparently is a pretty amazing lawyer. If she can prove them of child abuse, they could be locked up. You just have to let her deal this, ok? Trust me."

"No!" She jumped to her feet, her expression becoming vicious. "I am not letting anyone else push me around! I've had enough that as a kid! Just leave me alone, Brady! I hate you! I always have! Why don't you get that? I've tried to get to know you, and you were doing well, but you tell me best friend to tell me that you're a good guy, then you hit on another girl! Do you have ANY respect for yourself? If you ever want me to not hate you, you better change you're act, because right about now, I don't want to be anywhere near you! Just leave me the hell alone, and I am going to storm out in a dramatic exit right now, I swear if you follow me, I will kick you so hard I will ruin any chance you ever had of having children, do you hear me?"She screeched, before running out of the tent. I turned, and ran to the opening flap of the tent, watching her as she sprinted off into the darkness, towards the woods. I could hear her sobbing from here.

A sudden feeling of anger over rid me, and I started to shake violently.

"BRADY! NO!" Someone shouted, and soon I was engulfed with people. Someone's fist came in contact with my jaw.

"OW! FUCK!" I shouted loudly, my tone venomous and angry. I was still shaking insanely, anger filtering through my veins. My eyes sorted out where the punch came from, and my eyes settled on Jesse.

"WHAT THE FUCK, MAN!" I screamed at him and he raised a brow.

"Brady, this is my wedding day, alright? I don't need you having a fucking spaz attack, now is not the time. You need to stop being selfish, and put other people in your mind. Like I said this is my wedding day, and June's, you're ruining it for her. Yes, there is drama with Callie, but that can be put off until later, no one is dying, so calm the hell down, slap a smile on your face, and walk my wife to the car," He hissed through his teeth, the most pissed off expression on his face.

Colin and Seth were next to him, there expressions matching his. They both had their arms crossed, and I could see hostility in their eyes.

"What if someone tried to hurt June; or Maya?" I shot at them, "What if someone came back from their past to hurt them, and not just emotionally, but physically too?" I growled, and I could see a hurt expression on Seth's face, and Jesse's harsh expression only grew.

Once again, someone's fist collided into my face again, this time with so much force, and a strong blow I was literally knocked onto my ass.

I looked up to see Jesse shaking dangerously.

"Don't you dare bring up that ass hole James," He roared at me, "You know what he did to her!"

I'd done it. I'd brought up the dude from June's past who had like raped her or something. Yeah, I felt bad, but he should know what it's like to have something you love being hurt, and there's nothing you can do about it because she hates you!

I took one more look at the disappointment in their eyes, and hung my head in shame. I trudged to the mouth of the beach that led to the road, and put on a smile as I watched Jesse and June run off to start their fucking perfect marriage together.