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Previously. . . .

"I'm guessing carrot-top over their isn't a big fan of rain, eh Eddie." Emmet joked while nudging Edward. Everyone else could only roll her eyes in annoyance before climbing into either Rosalie's porche or Edward's Volvo leaving him standing in the rain to be soaked.

"What?!" he called back

"Sweetie just get your pale ass in the car before I decide to leave you." Rosalie called as she rolled down the window. Making everyone else snicker.

"Yes ma'am" He answered back in a sulking tone while trudging into the passenger side all the while mumbling on about how no one had a sense of humor in his family.


The drive back to their home was spent in comfortable silence with the occasional pattering from the rain. Tohru, Uo and Hana all sat in the back chatting about the day's events while Kyo sat with his forehead pressed against the window while trying to evade his splitting head ache from the rain.

After arriving back at the house everyone immediately jumped out of the crowded car before rushing into the house to escape the now down pouring of rain.

"What does everyone want for dinner?" Asked Tohru while brushing some of the rain off of her coat.

"I'm in the mood for something saucy." Began Shigure while he flapped his head back and forth to rid his hair of the rain before he used the base of his thumb to scratch the back of his ear.

"Hey look at that; he's just like a puppy after a bath." Snickered Uo while nudging Tohru who could only do her best to smile while beads of sweat trickled down the side of her neck.

"Uhm how about we have some Danburi?" Tohru bursted out in order to divert attention. It had, apparently, worked as the others nodded in response and went towards the living room to start on homework and wait for dinner.


First to flow into the Cullen home was the ever excited Alice who was no exception today as she skipped into the house humming a tune while her messy blonde haired love, Jasper watched her with a content smile. Following the dancing pixie was Rosalie dragging in a still brooding Emmet.

"Come off it Em, " Rosalie sighed "brooding does you no good."

"Besides the only brooder we have here is Edward and we sure as hell don't need another." Alice sing-songed before zooming upstairs to deposit her bag before Edward could retort at her comment.

"Hey I resent that! No one could ever match my brooding face." Edward quipped with a flick of his nose in the air before realizing the actual words said. "HEY!"

"Oh, enough" Esme cut in, coming around the corner wiping her hands on a dish towel. " Bella would you like to stay for dinner?" She asked with her usual warming smile.

"Oh yes please. Mrs. Cull- Esme." She quickly corrected after a playful glower Esme had began to give Bella when she had started to call her by the name she couldn't help but detest.

"Great! " She responded with a warm smile "Dinner will be ready soon."

"Well, while we wait you can come to my room." Alice sing-songed after suddenly appearing beside a now startled brunette. 'Oh jeez, I guess that will still take some getting used to.' Her thoughts weren't able to continue due to Alice's constant bouncing up and down however.


"OK LET'S GO!" Before she could respond Alice grabbed the poor girl's hand and dragged her up the stairs at as human speed as possible. Quick enough, though, before Edward could voice an objection that would stop her.

"That's rough man." Emmett tried to comfort Edward while patting his shoulder in a brotherly manner.

"Hey, was that Bella I just heard?" Carlisle asked coming around the corner after Esme had already made her way back to the kitchen.

"Yup." Jasper responded while still only looking back at the stairs even after Alice had already long gone.

"Let me guess. Alice?"


"That's rough, son." The male doctor responded while putting a comforting hand on Edward's other shoulder who could only slouch his head further down. All while Rosalie tried to contain her laughter, before strutting of into the other room to go and watch TV.


"Alrighty then, I think that should be enough for today." Shigure grunted while putting a box away in a closet and making his way towards the sofa to rest.

"Hey you barely did anything!" Kyo shouted at the lazing dog that had already begin to doze off.

"Hm not true."He whined with his eyes still closed.

"Alright then, what did you supposedly do?!"

The dog did not answer for several moments before light snoring could be heard from the sofa.


"Hey shut it will you, we're trying to sleep in here!" Uo shouted at Kyo who immediately gritted his teeth and stomped off grumbling to himself about things that were incoherent to the others.

Sighing, Uo made her way back to the room she Hana and Tohru were temporarily sharing due to the guest bedrooms having not been clean out yet and were currently still full of boxes and a layer of dust. Coming into the room she saw the still sleeping Tohru with a curled up Hana also sleeping just as peacefully beside the brunette. Climbing back into bed with the two she reached over and turned off the lamp that resided on the box that functioned as a makeshift side table. Looking out the window to the already dark sky and couldn't help but wonder at what tomorrow would bring them especially that already strange group of teens of golden eyed known as the Cullen family.

Opening her eyes after the room was dark and the other two, Tohru couldn't help but talk to her mom in her mind.

Oh mom,

We made it through our first day at our new home, but it seems we still have some work to do before we adjust. But like you, I won't give up! I did meet some new people and though they seem to be a little strange and mysterious I just know something great will happen!


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